What is your opinion on communism?

  1. Can work in small settings, like worker co-ops and isolated communities where people are held accountable by each other to contribute to their ability and take what they need.

  2. Thank you. My very conservative/Republican grandpa used to explain it like this: “ Communism, on paper works very well. In practice, it doesn’t take human greed into account.”

  3. One of the biggest problems is you need buy-in by everyone. The reason why Mennonite communes work is because there is total buy-in. Everyone contributes and everyone benefits because God is watching. Most government run Communes take excess production and leave little or no incentive to be productive. In Marxist theory, that was not necessarily true (but is open to interpretation).

  4. TL:DR version: In theory communism is great, but will never work because too many people are pieces of shit.

  5. But government regulation can be repealed and workers unions busted. Or quarantined so they dont spread into larger workers movements that would give us workers actual power.

  6. Communism should only come into play in a society, after capitalism is developed to a very advanced degree, not before, not to skip capitalism totally either, according to Carl Marx. This is to solve the greed induced problems in capitalism.

  7. Came here for input from someone who actually lived under communism, or to say my opinion doesn’t matter - I look to people I’ve met who came from the former USSR, China, Cuba etc

  8. The only people I've ever seen in support of it are people whose family benefitted directly from it or who have never seen it's impact

  9. The propaganda campaigns against and for communism mean intelligent conversations about it are hard. Lot of myths floating around here.

  10. I think that's the case with a lot of forms of government. Anarchy? on paper, pretty cool if that's what you're into. In reality? Nothing to keep people under control, and there will undoubtedly be a rise for power. Communism? On paper, everybody shares everything and we're all happy. In reality? A totalitarian-esque government, and insufficient resources for the general population.

  11. On paper it could work-but in practice the human element sends it crashing everytime. For any form of societal governing to begin, SOMEONE has to be granted more than the rest...and no matter who they think are, what if you need more? We always need more

  12. If around 1/3 of the U.S. population could look up what it actually means before accusing others of being communist, that would be great.

  13. Looks great on paper, but 1000% believe it could never be implemented with a group of more than 10 people (who would all have to be very good friends to begin with). The strive for human competition is too deeply engrained in us.

  14. People tend to take unrealistic assumptions just to make it look it can work like saying if everyone is honest and works together for betterment of all ,i mean if people were so good then captialistic problems won't exist then

  15. Pretty much the same as my opinion on capitalism. They're ideals, based on humans being basically decent. They are both destroyed by the same thing. Scumbag humans with indecent greed for money, power, fame...whatever.

  16. Because of Soviets and CCP, the word has a negative connotation. However, those countries were ruled by fascist dictators, not avid supporters for the poor and the working class, and they never followed the ideology of Marx. Communism is an idealist system, but it looks like with automation in the workforce, capitalism will no longer be viable, so i’m in favor of a more socialist economy. Those are my thoughts

  17. Communism as an idea was supposed to be a utopian society. Communism in practise is corrupt bullshit that props up the elite and shits on the lower class. Corruption is an impossible variable to ignore and communism heavily favors the corrupt.

  18. iirc communism was supposed to be a stepping stone toward a more egalitarian society, not the end-all-be-all

  19. The stated principles of communism, nice in theory, terrible in practice. Even tiny communes can't survive human egos and human nature.

  20. I forgot what Communism says about personal vs private property. Most economic theory is pretty on board with personal property. For example, no one wants to share toothbrushes. I though Communism was good with personal property.

  21. I was born in East Germany in the early 80s so...my opinion is not very good. Furthermore, I live in the States now so whenever I see someone with their communism rulz merchandise, my blood boils. I simply don't care about some "AcTUUAAALLY" details, to me I see a fool supporting a horrific system of murderous gray misery in an ultimate display of privileged ignorance.

  22. My parents first ate real butter on their honeymoon, and met in a public library because it was the one place guaranteed to have heating (AKA be above the freezing point of water) in winter. They were both there trying to teach themselves using the battered, outdated, heavily censored government textbooks. If you saw a queue you joined it in the hopes there would be something good like toilet paper, or bread, at the other end. Most of the time the other people in the queue wouldn't even know what they were queuing for. Of course, my mum doesn't like to talk about that time as much as my dad does because some of her family were disappeared by the the government over the years, and that's not even counting the time that her people were the target of a government organised genocide. As for my dad the only time I've ever seen him truly, honest to God, someone-is-going-to-die-in-the-next-five-seconds levels of mad is when my brother's dumbass friend turned up at our house wearing a Che shirt. The moment the wall fell my parents instantly fled to come West, yet even with access to quality modern healthcare my grandfather's lingering cough that he got from staying in damp, mouldy, government housing stuck with him for the rest of his life. The only positive thing to come of this was the sheer frugality and repair skills they learnt from it, because in a communist land with chronic supply shortages if you couldn't make do and mend you were shit out of luck.

  23. What's wrong with pensions, health care, university paid by everyone and rich people even more ? Isnt that socialism ?

  24. Stalin deported both of my grandparents from my mother's side to Siberian labour camps. If someone tried to argue in favour of communism to my face I would not hesitate to slap them.

  25. 65 Million in China, 20 Million in the Soviet Union, 2 Million in Cambodia, 2 Million in N. Korea, 1.7M communist Ethiopia, additional 1M in the eastern bloc, wherever communism goes, death follows.

  26. Good idea on paper, won’t work in reality. Greed and corruption have always existed, and some people just seem to be born to destroy nice things for others.

  27. Has all the same problems as capitalism in terms of corruption but also requires incredibly bloated bureaucracy which is inefficient. Communisms hearts in the right place but it will never work.

  28. Nicely put. And all the "variations" basically are an over complicated way of saying : "But if we give everyone a million dollars everyone will be a millionair" !

  29. Contrary to what a lot of Reddit believes, it was very very bad and destroyed or badly affected billions of lives.

  30. I used to think that until I listened to a podcast about how humanity is not sustainable on any level. They quoted a study by MIT that said that even with unlimited resources, and if we stopped all fossil fuel use today, humanity would experience collapse by around 2060. Collapse meaning that around 90% of the population would die off. They presented a very sensible case, which made it hard to cast off as doom conspiracy theory. I'm still skeptical, but I can't imagine we'll ever experience a communists utopia.

  31. The consensus answer that has been drummed into everyone’s head is “Good in theory, but doesn’t work in reality.” But we know for sure that the US government has overtly and covertly destroyed any attempt at communism. So we don’t really know if it could work in reality if it was left on its own. But we do know that the US will never allow it to work anywhere in the world.

  32. My prospective on it is that it does sound good but in reality it sucks for 90% of the population while 10% have their every whim fulfilled. I spent 20 years in the military and most of was spent in countries with some sort of socialist type government. The common people were always paying the price while the elite benefited greatly. If you go to a few communist countries and see it for yourself you will have a better perspective and most likely it wont be favorable. Most everyone that is for communism has seen it in action for themselves, think it will work better in their country, or was one of the elite that benefitted.

  33. Tends to look as something good for those who didn't read Karl Marx, but in reality we all know how communist countries are. Mostly (if not all) are dictatorships because of greed

  34. Just read Atlas Shrugged. It’s long, it’s preachy, it’s very drawn out… But the events and sentiments are 100% what will happen, every time. Archetypes from it are very real.

  35. TL/DR: Violent revolutions usually lead to dictatorship. The more far-reaching the revolution, the more likely you get dictatorship in the end.

  36. I think eventually when automation takes all the jobs its going to be necessary. For the moment i don't think it's the best economic system though.

  37. If you want communism just join a Co:op. Most people don’t want to be equal. It’s human nature. Communism will only work if you force people to do it with military might.

  38. I see the appeal, but only in idealistic fantasies or very small settings will it work in practice. People get greedy especially people in power. Also communism is basically against individualism and personal autonomy so f that

  39. While I feel that some form of anarchocommunism could work, it's going to be hard to find somebody so ideologically committed to the cause that s/he'd value their labour as a doctor equally valuable as someone else's labour as an artist when there's outside communities that value labour as a doctor significantly higher.

  40. I'd have a clearer opinion if communists would start talking about communism a little bit. All they talk about is capitalism!

  41. Central banks are Marxist and communism. Did they create a central bank to bail you out or subsidized your losses. Under Capitalism banks failed all the time, Now they have a backstop that can create a trillions of fiat currency in a few seconds on a computer and price fix it. Keeping zombie companies and banks of their choice from bankruptcy. The most potent weapon of an oppressor is the minds of the oppressed. There were reasons why central banks were dissolved in the past.

  42. If prestige and power weren’t such a strong currency, it would potentially work well. As it is, however, we are human…and someone will always be on the top as much as the people on the bottom.

  43. I always have found interesting how most people asume that capitalism works. It actually does work, but only for a few percentage of people over the world with some wealth standard. Just think about poverty over the world as the rule of living. 85% of the people lives with less than 30 dollars a day. Is that a working social and economic system?

  44. collectively my politic opinions are pretty neutral. A lot of that i attribute to reading and fully researching both sides of the political spectrum. I once read a book called "Marx was right", it spoke about karl marx and how there was a transition that needed to occur from capitalist, to socialism, to communism. And the transition was a key part of the equation.

  45. The idea of communism/socialism looks good, but once powers start to practice it, it will go out of hand.

  46. I think the impetus behind it is based on very valid criticisms of the long historical abuses of the feudal and capitalist systems. Unfortunately, like many system shifts it swings too far in the other direction, bankrupting average folks of their savings or accomplishments, while being unable to corral the venal impulses of whoever is in charge of enforcing it. This we’ve seen time after time versions of communism where only the powerless must pool their resources, while the powerful retain their wealth and status.

  47. As a person whose parents and grandparents had suffered greatly under a 50-year communist regime in Eastern Europe, yeah, no thanks.

  48. We haven't seen an example of communism that hasn't had malicious influence from outside consumerism, capitalist influence. Large societies/areas/population would obviously have a higher failure rate, as does pretty much every other system - it allows for greater corruption and less connected community, which would be essential for its success.

  49. I see a lot of “looks good on paper, awful in practice”. Well so does a lot of other forms of society. EXCEPT CAPITALISM, which sucks on paper and in practice!!

  50. Didn't care much for it or had a real opinion on it until I moved to country that was part of the Soviet union. Communism is shit, a lot of people who support it have no idea of what it is like to live in a communist country. I know that the soviets were imbeciles and that that specific case is ass but still, communism is terrible.

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