Which celebrity is considered beautiful but you just can't see it?

  1. A character on some show or game said the secret of celebrities is they're all actually strange looking or oddly ugly in some special way. I've always remembered that.

  2. I work in film and tv, and a big-time director once said to me (off-hand while we were both getting snacks in the office kitchen) "y'know, the most famous actors are short people with oversized heads -- it's just what looks best on camera"

  3. I could be wrong but I remember some study that did an analysis of celebrity faces and most of them fall inside the golden ratio of "average" - as in celebrities are all usually pretty "average" looking ie "conventionally attractive" . Models on the other hand tend to be uhh "unique" looking.

  4. I have to agree. I have a theory that to be truly gorgeous, you have to be viewed as almost ugly by some people (because you look so different). Theres “pretty” (ie that conventionally attractive person who nobody can call “ugly” but their look is also a bit boring and one note). But then there’s “stunning” and “gorgeous” people— these people are conventionally attractive, but also have at least one strange feature or something about their face that’s different and exotic. And people will either see that as ultra beautiful or ugly. These are the most attractive people tho, they stay in our head longer than the cookie cutter “pretty” . And that’s why these people usually become famous.

  5. There’s a certain type of celebrity that has a distinctive (some might call ugly) look combined with a magnetic sort of charisma that makes them hot. I’ve heard people call it ugly hot before. Good examples are Matt Smith and Benedict Cumberbatch. Matt Smith is ugly in pictures but hot in videos.

  6. My knowledge of celebrities ended around 1998. Is Claudia Schiffer still insanely hot? Is Leonardo DiCaprio still dating a 19 yo?

  7. Remember when Blake Shelton was named sexiest man alive and literally not a single person agreed.

  8. He reminds me SO MUCH of the old men that would come chat me up when I worked as a bartender at a pub years ago. Old men just soaking up the young bartender (who has no choice) attention.

  9. Cuz he pulled Gwen Stefani which made absolutely no sense. And indie girl and a country boy lol at that shit. He was only named that because he pulled Gwen Stefani and for no other reason.

  10. My mother called him “sexless”. Something about that coming from a 50-something year old sweetheart of a woman just seems even more harsh yet accurate to me

  11. I saw a video of a girl asking her mum about what she thinks of some celebs and when drake’s photo came on, her mum legit just laugh her ass off. I always thought that was funny. I couldn’t find the video but if anyone can help that completes it

  12. I learned about Drake in 8th grade when a friend had a poster of his face, and I thought it was David Schwimmer (Ross from Friends). They are twins to me

  13. He has the 90's/early 2000's teenage girl brows that have been plucked in the middle too much so they're waaay too far apart, except I don't think he plucks his.

  14. As with several not-really-hot men that become sex symbols, I think with these dudes it's less looks that led to adulation, more a certain charisma and the sense they'd be down to do some absolutely filthy things to you.

  15. I NEVER got the Mick Jagger appeal, although one of my favorite things about the early 2010s was when the word "swagger" got big and no one could think of anything to rhyme it with but "Jagger." What a time to be alive.

  16. This is back when musicians could be normal to slightly unattractive as long as they were talented. Now the pendulum has swung the other way. You can be slightly untalented if you’re attractive.

  17. Melania Trump. Chappelle said "she looks like the kind of chick that James Bond would smash but not trust." I disagree. Don't think Bond would do the former either.

  18. Chris Brown. Even before the Rihanna thing I never understood why people had the hots for him. After Rihanna? Even uglier

  19. Thankyou! I’ve never seen what everyone else sees. Even as a child. All my friends were drooling over him and he just was not attractive to me and still isn’t

  20. I agree, especially when he first started getting really popular. For whatever reason he always seemed kind of stubby and goofy to me. Like if some put a Jack-o-lantern head on a Teddy Gram.

  21. Not only does he have a skeevy aura about him (not even talking about the tattoos - though they look like the lovechild of a Chipotle bag and the New York Times), but dude's got no lips.

  22. Am I the only one who just doesn't see all the oohing and aahing over Jared Leto? He looks like he doesn't bathe and there are all the stories of his "method" acting.

  23. A girl in college said he went from boy to bulldog real quick and I can’t unsee it. Although I think a lot is due to the characters he has often played since The Departed. They were all tough no BS guy or crazy guy until he played the meek scientist in Don’t look up.

  24. For me it’s the social media/TikTok “hot” look. The pouty lips, tight ponytail, bog-standard posing and exaggerated dimensions. It’s all so artificial.

  25. Those TikToks where the girls have the Egirl makeup, have the camera tracked to their faces and do the weird smiles. (Like Belle Delphine)

  26. To me just a model and not a very recognizable one until she married John legend. She’s only known for swimsuit modeling she’s never done High Fashion or Couture.

  27. These procedures age everyone, because then women of all ages have the same over-filled features and stretched skin... So the publics eye is confused by the homogeny. Kylie already looks mid- 40's.

  28. I never understood how someone who so obviously became the poster child of plastic surgery of their generation is genuinely considered beautiful. I liked her natural thin lips- not everyone has to have wiener puffy lips to be considered attractive. A youthful face absolutely ruined before 21- so sad. She's already giving uncanny lizard vibes and she's not even 30.

  29. They kardashians have turned into their own race. I know so many girls where the only way to describe them is say “she’s one of those kardashian looking girls” which basically just means cartoonish big lips that could pop at any second, unnaturally huge ass that makes no biological sense, and they are always traveling and with rich ass dudes

  30. When I play the Sims, I take everything off of them so I can just start with a clean slate before I add any kind of features.

  31. If she wasnt a kardashian id feel bad for her because she went wayyyyy too far with the surgeries and just looks unfortunate. I can see the insecurities she must have dealt with (ex having really thin lips whole growing up around other kardashians), but at this point she has become more or less directly responsible (tho not even close to solely responsible) for the insecurities and botched surgeries of SOOOOOOO many men and women

  32. She looks like she wears her disposition on her face. Like if a nicer person inhabited her body, she'd be beautiful

  33. Yep, Nicole Kidman is almost completely unwatchable in movies now. She has no range of emotions with her facial features anymore and she just looks like a beekeeper who’s allergic to bees.

  34. people have definitely developed fetishes for that plastic surgery look that people get. that look where they have the weird cheek bones, tiny eyes, and bloated lips. where they look like human tiger hybrids with giant lips.

  35. If you look at pictures of her when she was like 14 she had a nose that clearly would make it impossible for her to be a model. When she was around 19 or 20 she looked beautiful. Fast forward about 5 or 6 years and she's had massive plastic surgery where her nose is now way too skinny and she looks like an alien. She looks far older than her age it's really sad. It's not because she aged five or six years all the plastic surgery has done way more harm than good.

  36. I agree he’s odd looking and I don’t find him visually attractive- with both him and Adam Driver there seems to be some charisma, some unusual magnetism they both have that draws attention and attraction to them. Maybe they saved a magic fish or rescued an old forest spirit from certain doom-something that granted them unexplainable and unnatural powers of attraction. I usually find myself attracted to people like that in my life- they don’t necessarily catch my eye as conventionally attractive, but something about their personality and (ugh) their energy starts to draw me to them until I find them irresistibly handsome.

  37. If you just look at the man, he’s strange (lol pun intended). But it’s his charisma. The man is damn fine when he’s acting. Especially in Sherlock.

  38. I remember in my Chemistry class we would have these stupid but fun discussions and one of them was about celebrities you hate and someone mentioned Pete Davidson and some girls were talking about how he’s “ugly hot”

  39. Do people really consider him beautiful though? I think he’s just the epitome of “girls like a guy with a sense of humour”

  40. He has "grade school funny guy, who is tall/masculine enough to not get bullied, and your parent's will hate if you bring him home" vibes which is exactly what a lot of girls are looking for. Also he seems pretty nice, like I have never heard that he's a prick or disrespectful outside of comedic situations.

  41. Fortunately for him, his personality is attractive though. Saw him on the actors round table thing and he came across very well, even in comparison to his peers.

  42. Bella Hadid. Nothing about her stands out in any way to me. She has a plain face and dead looking eyes and I feel like she’s only famous because of her parents like the Kardashians

  43. She was naturally very pretty…but then she got a lot of plastic surgery and has a face that’s indistinguishable from hundreds of Instagram influencers. I’m really baffled by that. Must be a lot of pressure being a celebrity I guess, even if you’re already really good looking.

  44. If you’re saying Hilary Swank isn’t hot then you’re saying that I’m not hot because obviously I’m not as hot as Hilary Swank 😭

  45. OK, I wasn't gonna dignify this discussion by getting involved... And I don't even get the discussion - "hot" is a temperature, people!... But, Kevin deserves to lose for what he said...so yes, she's hot - she's hot as heck.

  46. Yup. The film industry as a whole hates her guts. I once watched her force our Transpo team to swap out her trailer TWICE because she “didn’t like the inside.” One of them she complained the sink was too small. Wouldn’t even acknowledge you when you greeted her in passing. Absolute c-word.

  47. Mark Wahlberg; I absolutely refuse to watch any of his movies or anything he’s in. I have no good reason either other than his face and voice bug me that much.

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