Between Easter, Halloween, and Christmas, which holiday has the best candy selection and why?

  1. Well besides from all your usual candies just now in heart shape, they got candy hearts which kinda fall in the same realm as candy corn or jelly beans

  2. I'm a candy fanatic have been all my life valentines day candy is all the same hearts with I love u b mine Halloween and Christmas are my favorite candy holidays easter is all the same too . I love all the different Candy's at Christmas one of my absolutely favorite candies now is old time ribbons cut rock and I love candy Cannes too tbh I go to Walmart and get like ,4 or 5 boxes of candy canes and I'm in heaven

  3. Dozens of candy cane varieties, seasonal peppermint candies from all the major manufacturers, chocolate Santa's and snowmen, Reese's trees, chocolate oranges, peppermint bark, those giant candy cane tubes with different chocolate varieties, and tons of other stuff that I just can't think of right now

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