What degree do you have in terms of formal education?

  1. I know it's a stupid question, but I have to ask. Does having so many degrees help you in your career progression, or do you just like studying?

  2. Bachelor of Arts. Majored in English, minored in History. I was supposed to do a teaching degree afterwards but ended up landing my dream job with horses. I can always go back when I’m older 😝

  3. I had to take 2 semesters of chem in undergrad. I am in awe of people who did that and went "you know what? this was a good time I am going to keep going." All my other STEM flavor coursework I did well at, but I cannot fathom how you chem folks survive. Serious respect.

  4. Bachelors in Social & Behavioral Science - Law undergrad. I was a high school drop out, dropped out 2 weeks into my sophomore year. Sat around and got in some trouble then got my GED and technically graduated a year early. Then I did shit for 10 years got pregnant and went to community college. I got my associates, raised kids, got bored and went back to school 15 years later. I just got my bachelors this summer. I’m thinking I’m going to study for the LSAT and see how I do. I may just go all the way, who knows?!

  5. Bachelor's in Theatre, Masters in Education, Doctorate in Education, Teaching certification (English, drama, speech),

  6. working toward a BS in computer science and engineering! but at the moment i only have a high school diploma. womp womp.

  7. Damn, that's freaking impressive. Any advice for the AI curious (but definitely NOT qualified) when explaining to people that things like GPT-3 or the new Google AI are not in fact sentient? That one news article a few months ago about the Google employee claiming sentience has birthed so much misinformation it's crazy.

  8. BS in HR management with a minor in Psychology and finishing my MS in Global Studies and International Relations with a concentration in Public Diplomacy.

  9. Bachelor of Education (Primary Specialisation) 1/3 of the way through my engineering and physio degrees too.

  10. BS in Communication, have been in PR my entire career. Accepted to Grad School but got divorced and it messed up my plans.

  11. Bachelor of Arts in History; MA in Women’s and Gender Studies; MPhil Middle Eastern Studies; and left academia in the middle of my DPhil Middle Eastern Studies

  12. Bachelor's in Human Development Masters in Business Administration Masters in Management and Leadership

  13. Have an associate's in both science and arts. Then went on to try veterinary assisting education. No longer in the field since graduation

  14. I’ve got a BA in English—Writing, an MPhil in Creative Writing, an MA in Clinical Psychology, and a certificate in Drug and Alcohol Counseling.

  15. BS in Urban Planning, MS in Regional Planning and Territorial Development, PhD in Urban Studies (Metropolitan planning instruments).

  16. BS & MS in environmental engineering. I design public drinking water and wastewater facilities. Super glamorous stuff 😅

  17. UK here, Di* x2 and a Distinction in L3 BTEC Art and Design, after dropping out of Alevels, about to start my BA Hons in Fine art. Hoping to specialise in painting and photography, aiming for a 1st honary by the end of my 3 years so I need to make sure I don't burn out early. I'm taking tips xD

  18. Bachelor of Biological Science. Post Grad Dip in Forensic Medicine. PhD Genetics (Forensic Medicine) and way too many grey hairs for 35.

  19. Master Barber (1500hrs min)- I own a barbershop and intend to go back for instructor training/licensing so I can teach barbering in correctional facilities.

  20. Masters of Teaching and before that, I had a Bachelor of Arts majority in German. I'm hoping to go and study pharmaceutical science next year though.

  21. I’ve gratuated for studies in stage lighting and sound and one for camera operator/video editor. I’m currently doing a studies for photography. By the time that’s finished I hope to have a job

  22. AA Library and Information Science (i was planning to be a school librarian, but i realised i enjoyed the teaching part the most, so i continued perusing a path in teaching) BA in English Litetature, Educational Linguistics minor. MA English Language

  23. Bachelor Psychology, Bachelor Law, other degrees in Children's Services, Education, Community Welfare, Business Management, Professional Writing, and Photography. Learning is my happy place.

  24. Dropped out of college for medical reasons and did not go back. I work in IT and thankfully skills can supplement formal education.

  25. I have a BBA in Marketing which I’ve done next to nothing with over the years. I am in Seminary getting my Masters in Theological Studies and I am about to start a 3 year program for Spiritual Direction Certification. It took decades but I finally decided what I want to do when I grow up 😀

  26. Bachelor of Arts and Masters of Public Administration. Started off trying for a Masters of Social Work but I was too awkward, basically lol.

  27. BA in International Relations; M.Sc. in Economic Development (technically in one week when my diss is officially submitted but I finished the final draft today)

  28. BA Journalism Grad Cert Financial Theory Diplomas (college) in social media management, marketing, and culinary arts Also have a ton of career based designation courses/certificates

  29. AA and BS in Business Administration MS in Urban and Regional Planning Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

  30. I have an AAS in General business. Most of my classes were food service oriented, but I didn’t want to waste more money on the few classes required for the food service management designation when I wasn’t planning on staying in the field any longer. It took me 4 yrs of classes with a 4 yr break where I was working 60+ hr weeks to get that 2 yr degree lmao It always cracks me up to think it took me 8 years to get it… but here I am still working the same crappy job while scrambling to make ends meet, so it’s really not surprising that I lack motivation. The field I want to go into requires more schooling, time, money, licensing than I’m willing to put in at this time, not to mention that it’s competitive and there aren’t a lot of opportunities available in my area. I can’t just take my kid and move, so I’m tied to the area for the foreseeable future. My baby has spurred me to action though and I’m on the hunt for a new job. Wfh is looking really good, but plenty of those jobs expect a bachelor’s or higher which blows my mind! It might be time to go back to school

  31. Some college in Psychology and Media Studies, then Covid happened and I’m horrible with learning via videos. So I said f*ck it.

  32. Bachelor of Science in Agriculture. Graduated with honors. Majored in Animal Science, minored in Human Animal Interaction and Chemistry.

  33. AA in criminal justice. Bachelor's of Science in criminal justice with an emphasis on crime and criminal behavior. Certificate in Forensic Psychology.

  34. BA in Communications. I went back to school when my oldest was a year old and was pregnant with my second. My marriage was starting to show some cracks in it and that really motivated me to finish school. It took two years to finish and we ended up separating my last semester. That degree let me get a good job that helped support me and the kids when I was a single parent. It was the best choice I ever made.

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