Biggest train wreck of a comment section or thread?

  1. Shall we add today's "Staying awake at work is not emotional labor" comment section? The fact that Alison had to close comments and put up a blue box telling them that some of the comments about meetings are so out of sync with typical workplace norms that they’re actively harmful to people who are new to the workforce....

  2. I am probably being melodramatic but “closing comments on the sleepy employee post” feels like a noteworthy event in AAM history and thus the history of this sub

  3. Oh man, the comments about the dude sleeping at the office are wild. Everyone who was acting deliberately obtuse about why it might be a bad idea for a company to allow an employee to live in their office and why that might make other employees uncomfortable needs to touch grass.

  4. The comments were looney tunes, but I couldn’t help laughing at the update. LW asked if the COO knew what was happening, and the answer was, “Yes. Mind your own business.”

  5. Wtf is wrong with that Snark person, fiercely defending this dude LIVING IN THE OFFICE like it’s normal. And that it’s OP’s problem? Maybe she doesn’t want to work somewhere where a guy is literally squatting????

  6. The loud hotel sex LW got crucified. There was a sentence in her letter saying the sex was just the worse thing the employee in question did. Of course Alison and the commenters missed it. The LW went into the comments and reaffirmed that point but it was after a pretty bad dogpile.

  7. I remember one where the OP asked how to deal with a shitty coworker and the comments exploded with "she needs to go to therapy." Then the commenter showed up and asked everyone to stop saying that and they attacked her for stigmatizing therapy somehow. I think it was the "Ron and Zelda" letter. I just remember feeling bad for the LW because everyone was overfocusing on analyzing her behavior and ignoring the actual question.

  8. I could do without the phrase "crusty blood dried in pubic hair." I am all for normalizing periods, but seriously? It is hard to believe these are adults....don't most people grow out of the 'saying gross stuff for shock value' sometime in their teens?

  9. OMG. How did Ally Son leave this up on her site?! If anything should have been removed it should have been this comment string. Like how absurd.

  10. The AMA with someone who may or may not have worked with Cheap Ass Rolls stands out to me based on how quickly it descended into the bullying and toxicity they all claim to hate.

  11. Yeah, that one was pretty bad. On the bright side (if you can call it that) I think that whole fiasco kind of soured a lot of the AAM commenters on the original letter to where they no longer found it funny. Prior to the “update” I saw numerous commenters whose names were riffs on the story (e.g. Cheap-Ass Rolodex), but I haven’t seen those or any references to the letter since then.

  12. I guess i misses the court case comments but man am i curious what she really did to the employee because those updates were nuts

  13. I'll never not be shocked at the comments regarding how the victim is so full of her self for calling out the LW for treating her poorly based on her looks.

  14. I just remember people making all kinds of elaborate excuses and fawning over her repeatedly in the comments. That one, the one with the bird guy, and the one with the baby mama and ex wife boss. Those are just a trinity of horror to me.

  15. For me the biggest train wreck on her site was when someone wrote in about their co-worker dating a pedophile who visited her at work, which is in the same building as a daycare center. There were so many comments trashing the OP, or saying he was only a sex offender because he peed by a school or had a younger girlfriend when he was a teenager. Alison deleted most of them and pinned a blue box comment to the top of the comments telling the commentariot to stop it. However she didn't do this until the next day and only did it because so many others called on her to actually take a stand and moderate. She back dated her pinned comment to make it look like she took action sooner.

  16. The one where the OP was being bullied by someone at work, and suspected that the person had dumped out her water bottle and filled it from the toilet. The commenters went apeshit, telling her she was imagining everything and that’s not a thing people do. People murder each other, but putting toilet water in a bottle is simply Not Done, apparently.

  17. The fact that someone actually though PCBH was a moderator and Alison did not dispel that notion is absolutely sending me.

  18. Letters where the basic formula is “my [condition] made me do [bad idea].” Except [bad idea] isn’t something that is explainable by known symptoms of whatever illness they have.

  19. Holy shit the bird phobia one. I have a brother who's a grown adult now who's still so terrified of pigeons and seagulls he'll scream in public and run away from them and refuse to go places blah blah blah, but never has he ever shoved me or put me in danger. Most he's done is hide behind me carefully and pull on my arm, but lightly because that's all he needs to do as someone whose gender is biologically stronger than the majority of members of my own. Men should especially know how easy it is for them to physically overpower women, god damn. What an ass.

  20. I will never be over the bird phobia story. He pushed a woman into traffic! Her arm was complicatedly broken in multiple places! He didn't even try to help her afterwards! And then he quit therapy because...reasons...and the entire commentariat felt bad for HIM? If I was one of that guy's coworkers, I legitimately would not feel safe around him, and I think that demanding that he be fired was 100% fair. HE PUSHED A COLLEAGUE INTO MOVING TRAFFIC WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?!

  21. For me, probably the replies to the letter from a young woman who was afraid of the homeless camping next to her workplace. The commenters shred her to pieces.

  22. Oh I forgot about that one. On the one hand I'm very concerned about homelessness and think that more needs to be done to mitigate it, in every country. But on the other, I don't think it's wrong to acknowledge that very often a reason why someone is homeless is that they are too unstable or violent to fit in to conventional social norms. That's not to say that every homeless person is violent or dangerous, but I think it is prudent to be cautious.

  23. I was just thinking of that one. I mean, I don’t like to wake people up even if I know them, because lots of people are cranky and irrational immediately after waking up.

  24. This one was so bizarre. They scream “The Gift of Fear!” if they think maybe someone looked at them wrong, but have zero issues about this.

  25. I vaguely remember that one. I remember wondering how many of the commenters would actually follow what they were saying ("how dare you not feed and befriend the homeless living on your stoop!") and how much concern trolling.

  26. While not the biggest, I think the one where the woman asked her letter to be taken down because the commenters got derailed blaming her husband for all of her woes and she kept trying to explain that he wasn't. (I don't remember the exact circumstances behind it, just that she kind of stealth deleted it.)

  27. Was it the woman who’s husband called her job for her and told her boss that she wanted to quit or something? And everyone told her that’s not how it works and she got all pissy?

  28. Oh goodness. I vaguely remember that one; I want to say LW hated her job but for some reason having to do with her husband was unable to just quit at the time, or her husband wasn’t doing as much to help out at home. Not sure exactly, though.

  29. I think the one where the OP wrote in about an older white colleague who didn’t want to consider a candidate who used slang in an interview. Because the candidate was Black he wanted to defend his colleague against accusations of racism. The commentariat went nuts saying the OP was racist too even though he explained I think multiple times that he is also a Black man. It was so bad if I am remembering correctly that Alison locked the comments and no follow up was ever published even though I think there was an update to that situation.

  30. Also he called the interviewer dawg! (But as usual, this was only revealed in comments and at first everyone was guessing what slang he used.)

  31. I went ahead and hyperlinked the originals in the post. Alison apparently deleted some of the worst comments on the poop post, but there are a lot still up.

  32. I remember that one! If I remember right, it also had people making the “if you can’t predict in advance, and plan for, every possible change in life circumstances that might impact you in a significant way, you have no business having pets.” An argument you also hear with children, like, “the day care closed at the last minute, my regular babysitter was booked, and my mother is in Maui” and people are like “nobody else should have to accommodate you for your decision to have children, you’re deeply irresponsible for not having emergency babysitters lined up twelve deep.”

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