Weekly off-topic thread 5/23-5/29

  1. Ended up getting some good news yesterday. I decided to apply for a tech sales bootcamp, as the instructional design market is really flooded right now and I have some sales-related experience from past jobs that I felt I could leverage into a better career path. I had my interview on Wednesday and found out yesterday that I was accepted! It’s an eight-week free training program with no income share agreement and you learn about the skills you need for tech sales, can attend AMA sessions with guest speakers and get mentoring. At the end of the program you can choose which of their partner companies you want to interview with and the ultimate goal is for you to get placed within their employer network.

  2. Earlier today I walked into the office kitchen and someone used the printer to print out full color EVIDENCE pictures of: a small-ish water spill on the side of the sink, a pinch of sugar (?) on the counter. They taped these two pages to the walls in the kitchen. No note or anything. Just... lol.

  3. So I have a choice between staying in the boring booth or going back to my old job and despite what I said about it being so boring I feel my brain leaking at times, I’m tempted to stay. The pluses of returning to my old job are an easier commute (work 6-2 vs 8-4), getting off in time for jeopardy every day, and actually doing things during the day. The pluses of staying in the booth are not dealing with a huge asshole coworker, not having to do work I hated, not being responsible for the state of the department, and having time before work to walk my dog and go to classes at the Y. I’ll also be indoors in AC vs outside in a southern summer.

  4. My friend went through this same situation last year. She ended up taking the less-responsibilities job and is really glad she made the move. She doesn't make a whole lot more than she did before, but her QOL at work has improved a lot. If there isn't a drastic change in pay/title, you should really consider it - especially if you're feeling burned out and/or taken advantage of.

  5. Went into the office for face to face meetings last week, came home with Covid. 26 months of being careful and it sucks that this is how I got it. Wish it was at least something fun.

  6. Ugh I'm sorry that sucks. Same story over here. My husband just got back from his first work travel ever (travel was never part of his official job duties until this year) and of course tested positive a couple of days later. We've been so so careful this whole time and I'm so pissed that he got it from work. He didn't test positive/show symptoms until a couple days after he returned, so right now we're just kind of in a waiting game to see if I or our baby caught it.

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