Regular Wash Regimen/Product Recommendations

  1. Removing dirt without touching anything is mostly a lost cause. You won't be able to remove stuff that's stuck to the paint, which is what you're running into.

  2. Exactly, when I got the car a full paint correction was one of the first things I did. Then I applied a ceramic spray sealant and topped it off with a wax, keeping up with it seems to be the tough part for me. This spring I plan to strip it down, polish what needs to be done, and try to stick to a tight schedule

  3. My method seems close to yours. Pressure wash, foam, rinse, then I use a rinseless wash, clean microfiber rag. To dry I use the turtle wax hybrid solutions wet wax, season my microfiber drying towel, then as directed a spray or two per panel, except the hood and roof. My brother swears by this method too, he has polished all three of his vehicles to look like show cars. And he doesn't have to re-polish almost ever.

  4. For drying I’ve been using the Turtle Wax HS (yellow) but I’m moving to the Technician’s Choice 582. Nice reviews and lower cost per ounce.

  5. I use ONR year round. On hot days in the summer I’ll pull out the pressure washer with Meguiars Gold Class soap two bucket method. I rarely use a drying aid. I’m getting lazy.

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