Anyone here taking advantage of the class action lawsuit to gain back their losses ?

  1. Lawyers win in class action lawsuits.….no one else! Each participant will probably get a nickel. HODL on for dear life To whatever shares you have. There will be another run.

  2. What's your reason? " I had an opportunity to sell and chose not to. It's BBBY'S fault I didn't sell so give me my money back." That's not the way the world works. I think I can guess correctly what political party you affiliate with.

  3. Get the fuck off this sub with this dumb ass post. While your at it, your mother wants you to move out of the basement and and go find your balls.

  4. There is nothing to "take advantage of" they are still defining the classes and it's likely that the class will automatically include people who bought shares during the specified time. Automatic opt in. If there's a settlement they will contact you directly to notify you and ask if you want to your piece. At that point if you fail to reply the lead attorney gets to use that money to buy blow. This lawsuit has nothing to do with the share price at this point.

  5. Someone taking advantage of the class action lawsuit from squirrel bagel eagle f.u.c.k. Llc lawsuit to gain back their nuts? Grow some and HODL you sad animals

  6. No. I think these lawyers are scum of the earth. They are pushing the narrative that helps the hedge funds. It’s false. Misleading. Wrong. RC Ventures is very much “IN”, not ‘out’. There is an agreement in place between RC Venture and BBBY. The share price will be at 40 or more when hedge funds have to start closing their naked short positions.

  7. Lol would you like a refund for all your stock losses as well. I mean just about every stock is down from their ath and if you missed out on selling at the top think your well deserved those lost gains.

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