After 2 years and literally hundreds of dollars wasted on failed attempts - I finally passed the finger drape test 😊

  1. A pitmaster once said, "In barbeque, we eat our mistakes." And it's pretty much true: Seldom is the cook a total loss.

  2. Very true. I've had some cooks that didn't go well, but still definitely edible. If I ever need a confidence boost I just go to a BBQ restaurant here in central PA and remind myself of the quality of food that people actually pay for.

  3. Until you try and smoke a london broil and realize eating it is like trying to eat a shoe... I ended up cutting it into little chunks and sticking it in the pressure cooking to make beef stew. Fucking delicious.

  4. As others have stated, unless it's a total shitshow charcoaled dumpster fire, failed attempts equal edible education. There's sauce and sides for that.

  5. Is this why i don't like brisket? I've cooked it twice and the second time was considerably better, but.. man, it's a hard mistake to swallow

  6. I still cant get it right. Im using an electric smoker and my internal temp is spot on 225 but the meat temp seems to stall at 145Β°. 3lb brisket was in there for 4 hours and never got over 145. Finally just wrapped it and cranked the heat. Still only got to 180. 7 hours on a 3lb seems like i messed up somewhere.

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