poor woman whose hand and face was cut off while alive.

  1. I saw this video on another website maybe a few months ago, it’s been replaying in my head ever since. It’s one of the most horrifying, I hope she’s resting easy in heaven that looks incredibly painful.

  2. This happened in Guatamala. This woman had told her husband she was going to her sisters but he watched her get into a pickup truck and when she got back she wasn't wearing panties so he immediately hacked her up with a machete cutting her face in half horizontally. The neighbours heard the screaming and this video was taken by the neighbours upon entering the flat. The screams are from another neighbour in the background who is witnessing the horror.

  3. Im interested how long someone can survive in this state, her hands looked like they stopped bleeding as much but her face is literally in half and gurgling up her blood and suffocating in it.. is it minutes, hours or maybe even days?

  4. You know that’s a thing that a lot of people don’t understand, many people think losing a little bit of blood can instantly kill you but that is far from the truth. Your heart is pumping blood throughout your body and producing very fast so unless the wound is still actively GUSHING blood you can live for 10-20 minutes. In this case she would likely die from choking on her own blood before dying of blood loss.

  5. There are even ways to manipulate this further If you have heard of “funkytown” you would know. You can inject drugs into a person (or blood) and make them live for a very long time (hours-days) with horrible injuries

  6. On top of what others have said about the blood less, she could have survived an agonizingly long time. None of her vital organs were really harmed. Her heart and lungs weren’t targeted. The facial injury missed her brain. Her airway wasn’t severely compromised. She could have lived for a lot longer than one may think possible with the extent of her injuries. She probably would have drown in her own blood before anything else

  7. Also, because she is laying on her back and the cut is on the upper part of her head not much blood is actually getting out of it, most of the bleeding would be from her hands.

  8. There's a podcast called Obscura: A True Crime Podcast that covered this incident, as well as others found on subreddits like these. It gives a lot of context. It was their May 14th episode "Machete"

  9. It’s interesting. Her mouth isn’t moving so that cut in her face has opened down to her throat so her voice is going through the cut and not her mouth also her breathing is going through both holes

  10. Putting her on her back was so sadistic… blood was dropping right in her throat , suffocating her even more and pretty much making sure she won’t make it.

  11. I feel sorry for her… can anyone try to find 2013 man killed in shoot out puerto rico he is in a van with a shit tone of bullet wounds I wanna see how my cousin looked (I was a lil kid when this happened so I’m not gonna pretend that I care, I literally don’t remember ever seeing him I remember my uncle on the news)

  12. She’s in no pain, those chops literally severed her nervous system where it’s in no activity anymore, she’s just really uncomfortable and confused, scared, and choking on her blood

  13. It’s crazy how a machete can cut through a skull like this such a clean cut but I could imagine how it would feel to be in this woman’s position the horror hard to breath..gees man

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