This is a tidy countdown.

  1. This is sped up. The performance wasn't fake, but it was sped up to make it look more impressive than it actually is.

  2. The person standing in the stands was moving in a jerking fashion that looked unnatural. Makes sense if it’s sped up.

  3. Not exactly surprised, since this is celebrating the 70th anniversary of when the communists overthrew the nationalists and established the People's Republic of China. So of course they're gonna make propaganda out of it like "Look at our soldiers; they're so much faster than those American pigs." Or some shit like that.

  4. 不忘, short for 不忘初心, meaning “never forget (keeping true to) our original aspirations”. It’s a widely used slogan for the political platform of China under Xi. One interpretation is an emphasis on human-based ecological developmental policies, a shift from the former GDP-focused policies.

  5. "I can't suffer through the London Olympics -- we're not prepared, Liz. Did you see the Beijing Opening Ceremonies? We don't have control over our people like that!"

  6. Have you ever stood up from a squat position? They do it too fast. I mean they also went down too quick... hard to not notice lol

  7. Every individual is given their own tempo/timing to follow. You aren't timing your moves based on the person next to you. You are timing your own moves based on your own timing. If every individual gets their own timing right then the whole group will be in sync.

  8. You mess up during this band practice, you'll get a visit from the chairmen in your room at night. If you speak out about the little "consensual" romp you guys have, you will be re-educated. Remember Peng Shuai

  9. This is why the Chinese will win. They have citizens that can assemble into super structures like the fucking power rangers, while we westerners spend our time fighting over pronouns and conspiracy theories.

  10. Read that as "tiddy" countdown and expected them all to show their boobs once the countdown hit 0 lol.

  11. imagine being in that 3x3 square at the bottom middle that just has tp hold tbeir aign up for 30 secs and nothing more

  12. I feel sad for that one guy on the corner, who was so bad at his job that he was selected to just sit during the entire countdown.

  13. This is from North Coreea. I see a red flag on a building, plus, only those guys are hungry and scared enough to do this kind of shit.

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