Does anybody know why I am missing B&B seasons and episodes on Paramount+ ?

  1. They don’t have them all, I wouldn’t expect to ever see the first two or three seasons but more episodes are supposed to be added over time.

  2. There’s also a google drive with most of the music videos and episodes (only missing two versions of a season 1 episodes in full (only music videos have been found for them) that’s in at least watchable quality)

  3. So frustrating. Was super excited to revisit the entire series the way it was intended after all these years. Paramount can suck it for not coming through. I check every few weeks and it's been more than a month or two since any new episodes have been added.

  4. Because they’re greedy assholes who have realised that if they put everything on there, people would just sign up for a month, watch all the stuff they signed up for, and then cancel.

  5. Once the new season was done I wound up canceling my paramount+ account. They said everything would be up there eventually but it's been so long. If it all actually makes its way up they're I'll sign up again but considering I didn't really watch anything on the app it wasn't worth it for me.

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