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  1. Yeah for listeners outside of the US who really don't give 2 shits about American sports, the sports chat goes completely over our heads. Tbh I wish it was at least time stamped so that you could skip it, because the rest of the podcast is so great and I really love Bill.

  2. I’m in the US and don’t give 2 shits about American sports. I just skip forward until he’s on another topic but sometimes it’s legit like 30-45 mins of sports

  3. Sports chat is one thing. But the “let me see if I can list all Super Bowl champions from 1969-1979” is another

  4. I find it hilarious and I remain envious at his memory. I can’t even remember who played in last year’s super bowl and I watched the whole thing!

  5. These days I tend to prefer the repeats of 2012/2013 podcasts that he sticks on the end of the Thursday podcasts. They always have better emails about whacky stuff.

  6. He's just doing what he wants to do, I don't think he'd listen if anyone told him to change it up (which has been done before, I believe). I thought he expressed it clear enough whenever someone tells him how to do his thing, be it feedback on his stand-up or the podcast. He'd just trash you and move on. Just accept what this podcast is and decide if you enjoy it as-is because I'm 100% sure he ain't changing it because some people from the internet told him to.

  7. I like the sports talk and I hate sports. But yeah I kinda wish he did a third podcast a week that’s just question reads

  8. Same here. Not a sports fan by any means and typically skip that part. However he is quite knowledgable on some historial sports facts which are sometimes interesting, sometimes not. I'd love to hear him read more fan emails.

  9. They're largely the same fake people that Andrew picks. Emails are the worst part of the show and brings me out of whatever vibe he had going.

  10. I honestly do think he ran out of steam and shit to talk about. I have been listen for years and in my personal opinion he should do a bit less for his own sanity. This will also make it a bit more special

  11. Yeah and how he can’t follow because he has 2 kids. Like Jesus Bill we fuckin get it. I’m glad he’s happy, but I just really don’t care.

  12. As a big sports fan, I love the sports talk, especially during football season. But I could see folks who don’t enjoy sports being a little bored with it.

  13. This is how I feel as well. I understand if people aren’t into sports talk but I fucking looooove it.

  14. I don't give a fuck about sports, wasn't raised on them like a lot of people were. It's weird that I don't usually skip through his ads, but I always skip past his sports talks. I guess he's just extremely passionate about it, especially with Football - that's pretty much how I get that he talks about sports so much on the MMP & a lot more with Paul.

  15. Aside from the fact they indeed filter emails for him and his reading skills are about as good as his daughter's - I don't think he wants to read them more than necessary anymore.

  16. On Monday's podcast when he was reading off BetMGMs sponsorship he had to include all the 1-800-GAMBLER numbers from different states as its required by law. He just got mad and said something like "I AM NOT READING ALL OF THIS. DON'T BET YOUR HOUSE. HAVE FUN WITH THIS SHIT"

  17. Agreed… It’s an awkward position to be in. I’m talking out of my ass here, but I think the user emails are what garnered a lot of attention for bill’s podcast in the first place

  18. I love the sports but whenever I hear him say "When I was younger you couldn't say things that you felt and that's why I'm fucked up" I just skip for 5 minutes. Every 3rd episode he has to go on a rant about how he grew up in a different time and it was abusive and mushrooms helped him realize it yada yada. Love the pod though and I agree the emails are usually the best part.

  19. I just fast forward through a lot of the sports talk and the gambling shit with Virzi is unbearable. The rest is awesome though.

  20. I was amazed listening to one the other day where he advertised 4-5 different products. Seems pretty excessive. Not to mention not a fan of him promoting gambling, but whatever however you need to make your money I guess.

  21. He must get soooo many emails, I sent one in that would be great for him to read. I wonder how Andrew (who is in this sub) decides?

  22. Yeah, I totally agree. I most look forward to the fan emails. I've been listening for several years and dropped off due to the points you've made. I used to never miss an episode and now I almost only listrn to the Monday eps, because of the email portion.

  23. As a Bostonian, I love the sports stuff. On the other hand I can completely understand your point and it’s actually a good one

  24. I literally binge his fan email bits on YouTube. I feel shit because I know he’s not getting any coin from it (3rd party compilations) but I just can’t get enough!

  25. Depends on the emails. Everyone likes different stuff, but personally I'd rather listen to a Bert kreischer Joe DeRosa 4 hour podcast than the boring relationship drama emails. They're rarely funny, and even ole billderburrg struggles to squeeze any funny out of them.

  26. I've been feeling this way the last couple years. When there's no mmpc out, I usually listen to older stuff, from 2011 onwards, the fan mail and advice were often the highlight. As well as funny segments like "Is this racist?". I don't get why he checks in on Thursday and has not much to say. For a dude that openly shits on cancel culture, I'm skeptical that this holds him back from reading more, either way, would be funnier with more reading and less rambling about what this or that person in the audience of one of his shows said.

  27. Damn I'm the opposite, I usually listen up to when the ad reads are done then turn it off because I get so tired of hearing these lonely people writing in to Bill basically begging him to agree with their shitty opinions, only for him to completely disagree and shit on them.

  28. Yeah how dare he talk about things that interest him on his own podcast. Maybe he oughta hear ideas from some focus groups while we're at it.

  29. Don’t listen then!! Or better yet, write in with your suggestion for less sports talk. I bet ole Billy Red Nuts’ reaction will be gold!!

  30. So if I understand the sentiment here, you listen to Bill's podcast to hear what's on his mind and then complain that he doesn't read what's on your mind? That said, I wouldn't mind hearing his reaction to listener mail occasionally, but I also like listening to him ramble about sports.

  31. I wish Andrew would get the emailers on the phone with Bill. He always has questions for writers that never get answered.

  32. The emails are always just people complaining about their relationships, id rather Bill just spend more time talking about whatever he did over the past few days

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