What hurts more - his pride or his ankles?

  1. Tbf he actually takes his own shoe off in the clip, not taking away from the ankle breaker though lil girl got handles

  2. It's ok. He was faking it anyway, because his pride was so hurt. Love that it was in slow mo to really see that his ankle was not nearly as hurt as he makes it out to be. Did he feel a sting? Sure, maybe.. but he is acting like it broke. And it certainly did not break. Worst case, it was like stubbing a toe, because he slammed his back heel down hard. Tops!

  3. seems pretty scripted, specially the waving away the camera bit. i blew my ankle playing sports, wouldn't have been able to just forget about the pain for a second and do a semi-comical wave like come on don't film this.

  4. This looked fake af to me. I can't even see his foot get caught or his body jerk like you'd usually see when you twist your ankle like this.

  5. I twisted my ankle falling off my longboard. It hurt like a motherfucker but I was still up on my other foot trying to walk on it right away. And laughing at my own stupidity (don’t try learning how to ride a longboard after 30, kids)

  6. Wait, is that a thing? I've played in everything from barefoot to astronaut boots. Do basketball shoes actually help your game?

  7. I forgot what the movie was called but I remember watching a scene similar to this where a young boy embarrassed a older dude and he just took out a gun and shot down the young man. I was like 13 when I saw that movie and I think I shed a tear lool I was so shook, someone please lemme know the name of this movie if you do know which film it is.

  8. I grew up in the Red Hook projects and used to play ball at ps15s schoolyard in the mid to late 90s. I was also tall for my age. I beat some older dude in a game and he beat me so bad I had to go to the hospital. Never really played basketball again after that.

  9. My boy ain’t never bein allowed back on that court. You can just hear the hurt and shame. Every time he start talking shit they gonna have little girl on speed dial to shut him up.

  10. The whole thing is obviously fake, they made it to go viral. Enter Reddit, who doesn't question anything, or at least nothing that they want to be real

  11. Sometimes I just want to see these at regular speed, so I can see how quick that exchange was. Probably be more impressive than seeing it broken down in slow motion. I like having to watch a few times just to figure out what happened.

  12. Reminds me of a young Vince Carter, the way those ankles just folded under at the most critical time.

  13. I would have a moving truck loaded up with mu stuff and a new identity for myself before I hit the ground.

  14. Rule #1... if you guarding someone with laced up balling sneaks YOU also should probably lace up... I witnessed exactly this too damn much !

  15. Yo this court is like two blocks away from my crib. I gotta go over there and get my ankles snapped by a celebrity

  16. I can’t see any moment in there where his feet would be in any position to be injured. He was completely outplayed and tried to fake an injury as an excuse lul

  17. I would have actually hunted down and killed the kid that slapped my ankle like that when sprained or rolled... that shit hurts when blood moves in the foot and you're slapping it? Die. Nice layup and Irving ankle breaker from lil shorty tho

  18. Honestly, thats looks fake as hell. He jumped out to body block her from getting to the rim (leaving his feet) in a way that someone that much bigger wouldn't do. He wasn't reaching either, this is fake.

  19. Well no wonder he lost, he's in the wrong sport! He should have learned soccer with such a talented dive.

  20. Real shit, he grabbed is ankles to make it look like that was the reason he went down, Naw my guy she crossed you out of your shoes. Look at how clean his fall was.

  21. She might be a monster and have nice hands, but this over the top soap opera performance just makes it look like she did that cross 400 times just to get the perfect transition into the act. I'm pretty below average at basketball, but if you played my 30 second highlight reel I'd look like Jason kid too.

  22. Damn the girl is good, but it’s fake as hell. The dude twists in the other directs when he falls.

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