Imagine not liking him

  1. I think all people like Denzel. Denzel is very charismatic and he is an amazing actor. Russell Crowe is another favorite of mine so American Gangster was like next level for me.

  2. Malcolm X for me as well. One my older cousins (she more like an aunt because of the age difference) made us watch it. We cried when they shot him.

  3. We sneaked into this movie after some Arnold movie and my friend ruined it for us. He kept doing Arnold impressions as a desperate father trying to save his son. Shit was funny and we had to leave

  4. I dont think its too late for a marvel appearance.He'd Be perfect for Blue Marvel. If he's going to show up in Star Wars I hope its on The Mandalorian.

  5. Love the final fight in Equalizer 1 when he comes around the corner. The walk, the nail gun in hand, the sprinklers raining down on him, and that badass theme. Boss.

  6. “ A man can be an artist... in anything, food, whatever. It depends on how good he is at it. Creasey's art is death. He's about to paint his masterpiece.” -Christopher Walken, Man on Fire.

  7. I thought being a Denzel fan was inherited for all people. If you don't like Denzel and his movies, there's something wrong with you!

  8. I remember being his fan for as long as I've been able to know actor names. I remember being excited for Training Day because of him, but I don't actually remember what the first movie I saw him in was.

  9. Crazy to say with his resume, but first one that made me a fan was Fallen. Shown on TBS or some similar network on a boring weekday night, after that I was all about checking out his movies.

  10. Not my first movie with Denzel of course, but my favorite has to be Book of Eli. I know it got a lot of smoke for the greenscreen effects, but once you know the twist at the end and then you rewatch it again, it becomes so obvious yet you can see how it's so well hidden.

  11. I dunno. I heard the film flight isn't very good. Equaliser and equaliser 2, Deja vu. Some of my favourite Denzel films.

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