Rest In Paradise Kobe Bryant

  1. It just got so much worse. They're now reporting his 13 year old daughter was on board. They were on their way to Kobe's basketball academy in Thousand Oaks for a practice.

  2. I’m calling it now, the apocalypse is gonna happen this year. We already have all four horsemen. I think the Mayans just forgot to carry the one or something when they calculated 2012.

  3. The Man was literally congratulating LeBron less then 24 hours ago on his milestone, now this. Kobe was supposed to be untouchable...

  4. My sentiments exactly. He was too young. Beautiful family. In terrific physical shape. How can Magic continue to outlive everyone. I don’t think anyone ever thought Kobe would pass.

  5. I'm not even a basketball fan, but I remember hearing about him just the other day. It's insane how fast life can change like that.

  6. This wack as hell man . Dug my Jersey out a box now I'm just sitting here like a sad nigga . The weed shops happy hour isnt for 4 hours .rip

  7. Enjoy that weed and grieve, but consider donating some of your time to volunteering at after school sports programs in memory of Kobe and the work he was doing with some of his charities.

  8. Decided to randomly drop into a shop while I was out running errands and they had some Black Mamba oil I decided I needed to get. The guy at the counter didn't even know :(

  9. Out with the fam for my cousin’s bday lunch. We all lost our appetites. As filipinos, yall know we bandwagoned the Lakers so hard here and back home. My uncles were teary eyed ffs.

  10. I feel like I just heard Superman died. Fuck dude this man was a hero to so many people, myself included growing up. Damn dude. Damn. 2020 starting to be such a bullshit year.

  11. Great comparison. The dude was indestructible for so long. Played on his left hand when his right got injured, put off surgery for months, made free throws after tearing an Achilles. Kobe was fucking superman and did amazing shit on the regular.

  12. I didn’t know who he was but checked this thread out of curiosity. Saw a gif of him talking to his daughter who also died and now I’m crying. This shit sucks.

  13. 2020 already fucking sucks. There’s fires and viruses and Kobe and Gigi died, and niggas was talking about WW3 and shit and everything that’s just fucking sad and bullshit is happening.

  14. don't forget the farce of an impeachment, DNC/media smearing Bernie, and the inevitable shitstorm of a 2020 election

  15. Bruh I just had to google this shit. Apparently there was a helicopter crash in Calabasas and 5 people died... holy shit bruh...

  16. I just said these exact words to my husband and our kids overheard. Now they are hysterical. I didn’t mean for them to hear it like that.

  17. Idk if this had anything to do with it, but I live in LA and it was foggy as shit last night & this morning. Couldn't see more than a block down the road.

  18. I am not a big sports fan at all but this is so upsetting and to read that his daughter was with them. It’s heartbreaking.

  19. People don’t even know how big this really is... just wait for tomorrow, a Monday morning. I can see this being close to MJ, and just as big as Robin Williams. Simply based on him still being a celebrity, and arguably able to make some team still if he wanted to, easily.

  20. Here in LA people are trying to get to Staples Center to pay their respects but they're holding the Grammys there today so they're not letting anyone get close. It's a clusterfuck.

  21. Today reminds me so much of the day MJ passed everything was going good until blam, notification on my phone telling me Kobe passed. Like I didn’t have a serious connection to either but like it hurts just the same as it did back then.

  22. I’m not even a basketball fan and even I know this is going to be a major impact. This celebrity death is absolutely devastating.

  23. No doubt, once the morning news cycle gets it tomorrow morning, it's going to blow up again. It's going to lead CBS This Morning, Today, and GMA barring something like WW3.

  24. Robin Williams was depressed, this was completely tragic because it a total accident including kids who were in the helicopter.

  25. You're exactly right. I think it's the shock factor of the youth of a person on top of how beloved they are.

  26. Locust swarms in East Africa are thick enough that a plane flew through a swarm and had to make an emergency landing.

  27. We STILL have a corrupt lying president that tried to sell out America, almost started a war with Iran, is corrupting the impeachment process, and a cult of dumb people who follow him unquestioning.

  28. Yo this guy predicted that Kobe would die in a helicopter. Like who just says random things like that? He’s a fan btw but it’s weird.

  29. Same bro I was just watching his comparison to mj right before I went to bed lastnight... I woke up to seeing this, I have no words and it feels so surreal... every time I loaded up nba 2k blacktop I always picked Kobe... shit I even bought his jersey. Rip to the goat

  30. Listening closer it sounds like she said “Nakers” like she mixed up Knicks and Lakers. Unfortunate slip up but it happens.

  31. Holy shit?!!? Dude she must refer to them that way usually or something- how would that slip out if you don’t usually say that word?!

  32. Jesus Christ. How could you even confuse Lakers for the N word unless it's already part of your personal vocabulary.

  33. IIRC this was shortly after he married his current wife Vanessa, which caused him to become estranged with his parents as they did not approve of her heritage (Latina).

  34. Really sad - he won an Oscar for his short film "Dear Basketball" in 2018. You can catch it on YouTube:

  35. When you roll up that piece of paper and throw that into the trash, and yell out KOBE! That shit gunna hit different :(

  36. Let’s not forget to pay respect to his daughter or anyone else on the helicopter for that matter everyone is important to someone.

  37. Dang, I came on for a laugh & to convince myself that 2020 isn't straight trash & got sucker punched by this. I was telling myself that I'm not reading this right, Kobe really isn't dead but after a moment I fact checked. I'm not even into sports and the news is hitting me hard.

  38. What pisses me off now is that now that he can't respond, news outlets are running that old accusation story without any kind of respect at all Hasn't even been 24 hours..

  39. I am not a sports person or follow Kobe's career at all, but this feels super heavy to me. Especially considering his daughter perished along with him and the others. This is such a tragedy. I don't even know who to hug about this, but I wanna give everyone a hug right now. I'm sad.

  40. I’m still in disbelief. Life just doesn’t give a shit who you are. Stay safe everyone. My condolences to his wife and remaining daughters. RIP KOBE.

  41. I bet Bill Burr is rethinking him continuing flying helicopters. He just had a daughter not to long ago as well and that's what makes this so much worse. Not just Kobe but his daughter and her best friend and her friends dad who was a manager for a triple A Mets team. He helped to create all of the Mets current stars. This hit fans of both sports and even just everyday people who have families. RIP. Hope they find themselves somewhere in paradise on the other side.

  42. I was too young to really appreciate the Showtime Lakers. Kobe and Shaq were my Magic and Worthy. Kobe was a villain in the NBA. Kobe was the antagonist that gave the storyline substance. Kobe kept the plot thickening. Kobe brought drama and excitement to the game. He dedicated all of his life to the progress of the sport. He was a champion and will always be a legend. Los Angeles mourns for you Kobe Bryant and thanks you for your work ethic and loyalty. May you find peace.

  43. This is surreal. His game was extraordinary that as time went on I learned to truly respect it. At first I hated him because he would smash on my Spurs but then I started to cherish those battles because they were heavyweight battles that for a while it determined who would ultimately go on to win the 'chip. His game can only be classified as 'Kobe doing Kobe things'. The only question is where in the top 10 will he forever stand. He was a global icon that elevated the game. As a fan thank you and as a man alot of people who knew him speak highly of him so thank you. May you rest in peace and in power.

  44. Still can't believe he's gone, I feel horrible. Let all send Our Love,Our Prayers and Our Amazing Memories to his family. They need us now and in the future more then ever. Good night Black Mamba and Thank you for all the memories.

  45. January always holds a lot of sad and unexpected (celebrity) deaths. May you all Rest In Peace, you’ll live on in our memories.

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