It’s a hard knock life

  1. 4 bedroom apartment leased per room. You share the kitchen and probably share a bathroom. It’s popular around universities or high cost of living cities.

  2. I see ads for places in my area $1,000 for a room in a shared home. You get a private bedroom and shared everything (bathroom, kitchen, etc.) else for $1k. And the conditions: No smoking, no vaping, no parties. etc.

  3. tried lookin it up, is POD those kinda apartments where they're really small and really close together? and why she saying 4 pods? I'm a lil confused about that

  4. Think of it like two bunk beds in one small room, they have a lot of these in LA especially in the more expensive areas. She may be referring to them as pods because in places like Hostiles they are built into the wall and may have a shell-like feature where you can close your “pod” for privacy.

  5. $700 to rent a room aint that bad if it includes all the essentials. I paid more about the same in London.

  6. Pod implies this is an apartment modified to create more rooms. If it was 4 rooms he woulda just said that.

  7. "Yeah, just landed at LAX and this is my first real meal here! I finally decided that life is too short to not pursue my dreams."

  8. Moved to LA from New England 5 years ago. Shit is expansive AF, but I’m having the time of my life. Would rather pay this crazy amount of rent and have access of beaches, concerts, mountains, Vegas, Mexico, etc etc etc than sit 5 months out of each year in snowy miserable Connecticut. Stay home and be comfortable is fine - but don’t come at us who are trying to live a little.

  9. Class separation is a helluva drug lmaoooo nobody is coming for you and if you can afford that lifestyle you're a clown for tryna be the persecuted party in this scenario 😂🤡😭

  10. Man fuck all that. I’ll stick to my modest 1000 sq ft house for 800. They living in spots smaller than a studio apartment still waiting on their big break.

  11. I lived in one of these setups in San Francisco but mine was 5-6 rooms per pod and some had two people in a room. I’m a guy and was sharing a bathroom with 7 girls. I was the clean one. One full chefs kitchen for the whole 5 floor building. 5-6 pods per floor.

  12. Why would people put themselves through this sort of mess. Cities are a joke in the US. They're not sustainable for a quality of life.

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