"Right back at ya buddy"

  1. My favorite is hit them with this. I agree a persons race in a story shouldn’t be changed it’s horrible and disregards the original work. Finish with so you agree Jesus wasn’t white? Watch them get so damn pissed.

  2. Equating this to the Jesus thing kinda goes against the point tho, right? We think that Jesus being white is dumb and wrong, so comparing the two gives them the opportunity to say "yes, both of those things are dumb and wrong" and you're back to square one lol.

  3. I'm sorry, what "race" are mermaids, elves, orcs, angels, and all these other MF MYTHICAL creatures?

  4. If we're going to be analytical and base it on myth, she's greek or of mediterranean descent. Ariel is the daughter of Triton a Greek minor God. So his myth was created by ancient Greek people so they must have imagined him looking Greek or with mediterranean features. It goes then that Ariel would look of mediterranean descent.

  5. I kinda miss working in my previous department cuz one dude was a full on Q follower. I used to say shit like this all the time. He was fuming when they did the black spiderman thing and I said "Isnt that supposed to be in another universe? maybe it's one where jesus was actually white?"

  6. Why is everyone pretending like this movie is gonna be ruined because of what race the character is when we all know it’s gonna be bad regardless of what race the character is, just like the rest of the live action Disney cartoons!

  7. I legit have said this to someone. Minutes before they said "I was raised not to see color" and then they said something specific about a racial group. "How you know Matthew? You don't see color"... ..

  8. The director has gone on record multiple times saying that Halle had the best audition out of anyone. As the first to audition for the role, she set the bar so high that nobody else crossed it. Yet people are saying this is a “hand me down” casting simply because of her race. Get real. Watch Rob Marshall’s interview

  9. Honestly she's so princess like and has very interesting features. I can believe this coupled with her amazing voice. People are just to busy being racist lol. She literally looks like a mythical character

  10. Not to mention they announced she was Ariel like 3 YEARS AGO?!?, I been keeping up with the Baileys for a minute… honestly these people don’t even care about black casting, only when it’s mainstream or affects their white fragility, like get real 🙄

  11. Brah these folks had John Wayne play Genghis Khan, a real fucking person. Don't entertain their nonsense about a fucking mermaid.

  12. That’s what I usually say. People complain about “blackwashing”but that only happens with fictional characters. Actual PoC get their stories told but are played by white actors and none of y’all complained then

  13. Or when Mickey Rooney played an Asian man in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Fucking cracks me up with all the effort they went through to look like a man that just exists already.

  14. They'll complain that the story was written by a Danish author. But I've never heard anyone complain about the movie for inserting a made up Jamaican character named Sebastian... who is a crab... that talks.

  15. Moreover their fear, anger and hatred of black folk is irrational and illogical so logic and reason will not work. In my opinion, their very minds and souls are damaged beyond repair.

  16. Ya when you fundamentally are inept at logical arguments, you’re just gonna say whatever you think sounds good.

  17. I didn’t notice there was a black Aerial until I saw little black girls reacting to it. I felt pure joy and the comments were all in support. Feels good when the algorithm works right

  18. it really doesn't matter what race Ariel is. Her race isn't integral to the plot in any way and she's not a real historical person so it doesn't matter in that sense either. And I say this as a white person.

  19. The problem is that they have been trained to believe that a white person HAS to be the most qualified, and that anyone else is a token hire. They believe this for every situation except maybe sports, although they do believe it for coaching positions and up.

  20. The thing that annoys me is there are way better black actresses that can do this part as well.. like Scarlett Johansson

  21. Love this. Also white Jesus never existed but apparently brown Jesus is offensive? The great thing is she WAS the best one that auditioned. Disney didn’t set out to make The Little Mermaid starring Black Ariel. They set out to make live action The Little Mermaid. Halle was the first person who auditioned and she (obviously) blew them away. They went through the rest of the auditions anyway but Halle had the job from the moment she started to sing 👏🏻👏🏻

  22. "I can't believe they would change the race of a mermaid!", they screeched referring to a movie about a woman overcoming a racial boundary for love.

  23. No logic needed. Just lob them with, “why do you people have to to talk about race all the time?!”. They’ll change their focus from fretting about mermaid shades with a quickness.

  24. I enjoy pointing out that Disney is amoral, soulless corporation who doesn't actually have a social conscience and in reality it's plain ole' capitalism: overall, audiences want this and being racist is just a minority position/racists are largely too broke to afford Disney anymore.

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