Praying and fasting

  1. I've always logged on using Google based auth for any service I can because Google has yet to leak my passwords out of all the services I use. I have a unique password for Google I use nowhere else though for this reason.

  2. I've been thinking the same thing. I don't have an account so I don't know what kind of information you need to give up when you sign on, but im sure they're a huge target at the moment. I wouldn't want any of my info on there.

  3. Newtons law of motion. This train will keep chugging on until it runs into a problem that needs fixing. That’s when the fun begins

  4. I don’t think twitters gonna die lmao. If Facebook can make it this long then twitters gonna be here to stay too

  5. Twitters not gonna disappear overnight, people are just being dramatic. It’s like if you stopped all funding and maintenance for a bridge it wouldn’t collapse overnight. It will collapse or become completely unusable at some point in the future, but there’s no way of predicting when, and it will likely happen slowly.

  6. Some people like to talk about this as if engineers are literally at the datacenter hacking their ass off to keep the servers up. Imo it's better to think of the system as a human body and the engineers like doctors. If nothing happens, if it doesn't sprain it's ankle, get an infection, get cancer, get sick, it can go a long time without needing any help, especially if it was given excellent care before the doctors left. If it was put on proper medication, and taught how to care for itself for minor issues then doctors aren't really needed....... the problem arises when something happens that was not foreseen by it's preparation and is not fixable on it's own, like an outside bad actor, or an internal mistake, like a huge bug making it's way to prod (read: getting shot / accidentally eating rotten sushi: to keep with the body metaphor).

  7. Because there was another mass exodus, and so many people left that they actually locked the doors at twitter and didn't let anyone in because they couldn't tell if it was someone who was leaving and might sabotage, or someone still on payroll.

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