when the tip options are 20%, 25%, or 30%

  1. Today I got a 10 minute oil change in my 2019 Hyundai with regular oil for $75 and they hit me with the tip option.

  2. DO NOT TIP IF ITS NOT A TIPPED JOB! Those tips will not go to the worker but to the owner, new POS systems seem to all ask for a tip

  3. What are tipped jobs? I always tip at restaurants cuz ik here in America we don’t include wages in the price of our food so people in food service survive off of tips.

  4. Be sure you know whether it's a tipped job though. I recently learned that the cashiers handing out take-out at restaurants get server wages even though they aren't waiting tables. You have to tip on take-out.

  5. That’s not how it works at my job, those tips go to the whole team. And it shows on our check. I’m a cashier at a chain restaurant.

  6. Yeah, at my job no one gets those tips, we only get the cash in the tip jar. We use toast’s system and I also can’t see if someone’s tipped or not tipped either way.

  7. That's illegal in most states. They usually state that tips can only be shared among the people that interact with the customer.

  8. I mean that’s not true everywhere. Had a job in a non tipped industry and our pos had a tip option and we got 100% of it

  9. I'm glad I'm not the only one annoyed by this trend. I'll happily tip my server at a sit down restaurant or my delivery driver. However, I'm not tipping anyone to pull my stuff off a shelf and set it on the counter.

  10. As someone who works in a restaurant and usually tips excessively, I too hate when I get prompted for tip on very basic cashier services. If I call in a pizza order and go pick it up, there is absolutely no reason to tip. I've just started paying cash at most places to avoid it.

  11. Your cashier at the supermarket is doing a heck of a lot more with your trolley of groceries and handling your sheet of coupons. Its arbitrary.

  12. They be trying to guilt trip the customers for not tipping either like it’s the customers fault the employees don’t get paid enough directly as a result of them not tipping. Not only that but they been slowly increasing the asked tipping amounts too, I don’t ever see no option to tip less than 18% anymore unless it requires a custom input to be put in by the customer.

  13. “All prices include 18% service tax” or “service tip” or “service fee” or smth, then they hit you with the tip option on top…

  14. I feel like random places leave out tip jars because they know some people will tip due to the pressure. It's an effed up mind game/manipulation!

  15. People throwing tip options for everything. Why should I tip 18% at a dispensary when all you did was reach into a drawer? And if it's a preroll I know that money not going to roller

  16. You say this, but if I point out that pouring me a glass of scotch or a beer required no effort, I get fucking crucified in the comments. Bro, you poured liquid into a glass. And I had to fight to get your attention.

  17. Bro I JUST got asked to tip for an online order… this stuff getting ridiculous, like I just need a container for my dogs food, ain’t nobody rich over here 🥲

  18. Guy at the vape shop had the gall to ask for a tip for pumping some flavorings into a $8 bottle of nicotine-free house juice (they sell nicotine seperately. I did a 15% tip which was like, $1.20.

  19. This. I've stopped because now I'll now only order pick-up or ONLY tip delivery. And no, I am not tipping you for finding stuff and picking it on a shelf with my name on it, Best Buy does the same thing for free.

  20. The dispensary! Sometimes I get a really good bud tender who spends time helping me find the best flavors. I'm definitely tipping them 🍃

  21. Yea I’m ngl I had a cashier make a side comment when I didn’t tip after all I ordered were two bottled drinks. Must have been having a bad day and some other shit cause ain’t no way I was getting to them like that lmao

  22. I went to a Subway where the workers were a bit standoffish. When I went to pay the tip option came up and they said you can select no tip in a sarcastic voice. Don't know what the heck was up

  23. Tipping in the US has gotten way out of control. Soon, doctors are going to hand you an iPad asking if you'd like to tip them for the mammogram you received.

  24. Tipping your proctologist for fingering your asshole. Good job doc! I actually enjoyed that, here’s an extra $20!

  25. You'll never convince me that making the customer responsible for the sustainability of your business model isn't unethical. It's sad that tipping is becoming more and more common place and sometimes even expected in Australia. The Americanisation of life, I guess.

  26. Tipping culture is so confusing for us Europeans. I’m omw to the US right now and, despite going many times, I still don’t know when and how much to tip. On top of only finding out the tax are checkout I also need to tip for someone giving me a drink from behind the counter? It’s sad.

  27. At Crumbl cookie they legit ask you ALOUD in front of other customers IF YOU’D LIKE TO TIP THE BAKERS. I’ve never experienced anything else like that before or since.

  28. I started doing the calculations on these tip percentages and Let me tell you… they are blatantly challenging our intelligence; went to Texas Roadhouse the other day and a $34 bill listed a “15%” tip as being $9.99…

  29. The worst is my hairdresser ... She's self employed, sets the price. Raise the fucking price if you want more. And why do I feel like a stingy pos for choosing no tip!?? Well I don't ... cuz I always tip ... cuz I don't want to feel like a pos.

  30. I thought this was one of the specific cases in which you don’t tip - if your hairdresser is self employed or owns the shop, you don’t tip. Because they set the price for the service and it goes directly to them.

  31. Tip culture is getting ridiculous in the states. Now, I know that these food industry people don’t make no real money, but forcing these tips doesn’t get to the root of the problem. It’s just footing the responsibility of a livable wage on the customers when it should be turned around on the greedy businesses that refuse to raise wages for these hardworking people.

  32. What gets me are tips for already expensive services i.e., doggy daycare. 20% tip = nearly $850….why do I have to tip extra for a pre-paid service if that makes sense?

  33. Recently my favorite Mexican place i've been going for 5 years just started asking tips for the drive thru. It caught me off guard, since I didn't know what the tip was even supposed to be for. So I said "okay.. let's do 10%?"

  34. Business owners figured out that people are inherently kind and generous and have trouble saying no to a request. Toggling on the tipping option is literally just free money for them, a bogus perk to offer employees, with supposedly no downsides.

  35. tip culture is so dumb. don't expect the people paying for your service/product to also pay your employees paychecks too

  36. When they hit you with the tip option but also the “you wanna donate to starving albino gingers in Madagascar?”

  37. One time it was 15%, 18%, and 22% and I was like you know what I was going to pay 20%, you know the standardly accepted number, but just because I think this is ridiculous… 18%

  38. You know if the person that’s helping me literally goes out of their way to help me and I have some cash on me, I’ll give them a little something.

  39. Drive through Chinese. Had to drive around the building twice because they don't let you in to order. Receipt asked for a tip.

  40. Yeah, I don’t tip cashiers who are literally just ringing me up. If they’re doing multiple jobs because they’re short staffed, I might consider it

  41. First time in Toronto today. Went to a dispensary where I got 3.5g for $60, told the guy exactly what I wanted so he didn’t really get his chance to do the sommelier thing they like to do. Still got hit with the tip options

  42. I scream and laugh internally when I see that color coding on the 0% or no tip button on POS machines is about faded to non existence due to how many ppl have pressed it, lol. At my fave burrito place, I tend to tip, but sometimes my finger just defaults to the ol’ nah button.

  43. There’s a jersey mikes right next to my job that I go to, and it’s a very elaborate exercise to pay for my food - I never tip, but it’s like - I’m already paying 10 bucks for a sandwich. It’s just always funny to think that they have to roll that screen towards me and then back to sign off on it and it’s like - thank god I can watch you guys do everything because I am not tipping lol

  44. I always tip them I know I shouldn't but I do. The only reason I do is because I feel like most people don't and if I worked there and my company said they're going to implement tips and nobody tipped it would feel bad. So I do just because maybe it makes their day a little better and maybe they stick around their job longer and that means I get better quality service over time.

  45. The tip option is built into the POS programs used at many restaurant establishments in particular. Tipping is demeaning (and is historically tied to slavery), but I now leave at least 10% -- so many service employees do not even make regular minimum wage. I don't like acting outside of myself, so why make another person do so when I have the economic upper hand?

  46. Tipping culture is shit, it used to be something earned because an extra service was actually provided. It's been abused by entitlement.

  47. The companies do this so they can justify how they pay their workers, the tip doesn't really go to a specific person, its mainly shared amongst the employees. Employers will tell you that the starting pay is something unbelievably low like 10-12$ an hour, and say but with tip share youll be making 16-20$ an hour which is unrealistic. The companies then try to guilt trip the customers into paying wages for employees. Its a really uncomfortable spot for the cashier who is well aware of whats going on. Just be nice to the cashier and the staff they aren't the reason for the implemented tipping option it is the greedy companies. They could completely avoid this buy paying employees a decent wage but why do that when they have the customers to do it for them.

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