And the celebration begins. Businessman Sohail to Marry his Side Chick Hansika on Dec 4! The first event of the wedding ceremony is Mata Ki Chowki and it is taking place at her home in Mumbai.

  1. It’s crazy how I used to think what a downgrade simbu (given his problematic /poor work ethic past) was for her. Now the tables have completely turned and seems to be that simbhu dodged a major bullet

  2. No not really. Simbu is downgrade for any girl, even Hansika. Simbu released private pictures of Natantara; we can both agree Hansika and all his other exes dodged a bullet

  3. Why would you ever trust a man who cheats on his wife?? That too with your bestfriend? Both of these people deserve each other . They have no morals.

  4. Hume kya pta kya kaise tha unme. Maybe they expressed their guilt maybe they decided to tell the truth and settle it like adults

  5. Home wreaker does mata ki chowki prayer before marriage….I’ve seen it all lmao 🤣🤣🤣 That still won’t absolve your homewreaking karma tho 🤷🏽‍♀️

  6. kurta aside, my brother literally looks like the most avg delhi boy who maybe runs a tuition centre. prolly cause he got them big $$$. meh Hansika could've done way better donno why people settle for less just bec of money

  7. kurta aside, my brother literally looks like the most avg delhi boy who maybe runs a tuition centre. prolly cause he got them big $$$. meh Hansika could've done way better donno why people settle for less just bec of money

  8. Karma is going to bite both hansika and Sohail. They both will suffer a lot. Ofcourse i am damn sure hansikas pimp mother must have already got some properties signed on her name from Sohail. This guy has no morals or ethics. His parents have not taught him any good values. Characterless scumbags. Hansikas mother used to pimp her out to rich industrialists, politicians, producers for money. She gave steroids to her child . Universe is balanced. Sluts found eachother and are going to marry eachother.

  9. This comment made me look up both of them and their common friends online. This is what I found on Facebook from way back in 2015. Looks like Hansika and Sohail were close way before the wedding. He was definitely cheating around for a long time. (Rinky is in white) H + S look more like a couple than childhood friends here.

  10. thanks for the reference!! what happened to rinky is surely sad!! marrying your best friend's fiancee is the worst thing, I can't even imagine.... ladka bhi bahut bada wala C hai

  11. she’s still blocking anyone on IG who mentions this 😂😂 on one hand i don’t blame her but on the other hand i’m glad she’s aware of her new reputation

  12. We have to blame her too lol. She's as responsible for this as he is. Why should she be exempted? She literally back stabbed her "best friend" by cheating with her husband! She deserves that reputation. Also, This guy is gonna cheat on hansika too. Just a matter of time.

  13. That’s so messed up. How do you even date your friends ex? It goes against every rule of the friend code. Not to mention it’s just morally freaking wrong. And then to actually go on and marry them. I’m cringing so hard. Hope the ex wife meets someone truly worthy of her. She obviously hasn’t lost anything of value.

  14. This is horrible.I hope karma bites them both in the ass badly.I can’t imagine what his ex is going through.Hope she gets trolled massively for this

  15. Looks shouldn’t matter when there are cheating situations. People said the same when Adam Levine cheated. “His wife is a literal model, why cheat?” Well, if she was average looking and not a model, does she deserve to be cheated on? This guy is not good looking, does his wife deserve to lose him?

  16. She had an affair with him for his money. Hansika is fair but her features are not at all nice. Her face doesn't have any attraction. At the end of the day...these 2 whores deserve eachother.

  17. She said they were dating for only two months before her CA exams… so they were not dating from school like the OG poster said?

  18. Oh gosh! I hope the ex-bestie is doing okay. I would have major trust issues if I was betrayed by my husband and bestie. May God give her strength.

  19. One would think that as an absolute minimum, if you're going to be selfish and hurt someone else, you'd keep it out of their face and be as discreet as possible. This is life, shit happens but flaunting your lack of loyalty so brazenly has got to be the bottom of the barrel stuff.

  20. Hansika and her husband-to-be were having an extra-marital affair while he was married to her bestfriend. Rumours are that , Hansika was the side chick right after he married her bestie🤦🏽‍♀️

  21. When she was a child actor, I thought she would make it big someday but I think her parents are also responsible for the sexualized roles she picked up when she was barely 15/16 like the ones opposite himesh and stuff. It must have fucked her up.

  22. Which movie was cheered for infidelity? Infact it's the opposite, happened with both KANK and Gehraiyan. People involved in infidelity in these movies were called out for the POS they were.

  23. Man, the moral superiority on this thread. It’s nobody’s business, this is between the people involved - regardless of right or wrong.

  24. So, the groom is actually the ex husband of hansika's bestie. Hansika and the groom started a relationship during his marriage with the bestie. For more details, you'll have to search hansika motwani in this sub, but this is the gist of the matter. Also, she has been blocking the insta accounts calling her out on this

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