Rythaze the beast master, caller of the Avian titans

  1. I massive goose would be so much worse than q dragon. Dragons are intelligent creatures that fight to defend themselves, geese are hell spawned biomass that only think of chaos and dismay as soon as their eyes open from sleeping and dreaming of destroying anything that moves

  2. Fun fact, the image on the left is how the Canadian/British army weaponized one of many giant geese to defeat the American troops in the battle of 1812 and burn the white house down.

  3. WOW, they added a new civilization in age of mythology? and every god wil have their own titan? i want to play that game now

  4. Giant attacking birds are totally scary. When Hopper gets eaten by the bird at the end of A Bugs Life it was a holy shit moment for me. It was just a regular sized bird, but because Hopper is a bug, that bird looked huge and terrifying as hell.

  5. The giant Canada goose is a bit of overkill. A regular sized Canada goose could get the job done just fine. Source: am Canadian, these things are demons

  6. Imagine he summons his strongest and most vicious monster bird, a Canadian Geese, but with a twist, it's just a normal sized Canadian Geese.

  7. For some reason the right pic reminds me of this video of a bird mimicking it's owner say "who's a pretty bird? " .. just imagine your army being slaughtered in front of you by an enormous bird who wants to know if they are a pretty bird. I'm rolling.

  8. How do you draw it so when you look at the bird it’s cool, accurate, normal, etc and then once you view the whole picture it somehow automatically turns dark and evil and terrifying? I Absolutely love it

  9. That Canadian goose has replaced all gods of malice, torture and fear from my mind. Since it's inception nothing has filled a man with more dread than that goose.

  10. I can imagine the commanders before the battle trying to find a way to explain that they’re going to have to fight a giant bird

  11. The mighty perotia bird of paradise dances on the graves of the army’s hes killed his perfectly groomed territory will attract a female to watch him dance

  12. in this universe if normal sized birds exist and they're not protected by the big ones they're essentially fucked lolöö

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