Wealth at BU as a low income student

  1. I really needed to hear that. I had such an identity crisis in my freshman year at BU just because I felt discourage about my financial and family background (Orphaned and Homeless) and it made it really hard adjusting to this new lifestyle and let alone connecting with other people. But I remind myself that I am doing this to help myself advance further into and to proudly say I worked myself to get where I needed to be at.

  2. This is how I got through it too, recognizing that we’re all in the same place. Like, I’m a product of a public high school in rural Ohio that doesn’t even offer AP but I’ve ended up with people who have had so much money pumped into them to get to this point.

  3. CS major with 9 YOE I hope you’re making like ~500k and helping your parents, what a come up story

  4. Yep! My first weekend of freshmen year, I went out to lunch off Newbury with two international students. We ended up at a steakhouse, they each dropped $100. I wasn't ready for that lol back to the west dining hall for me

  5. Man I really do wish I could be one of those international kids you're talking about, I'm here on a government financial support and I always thought it was only americans who could afford schools like that, so yea seeing the crazy rich intl kids was even more of a surprise lol. For me, I have a friend group where I dont know how much their parents make and no one ever asks which works best I think

  6. I was a grad student here and for whatever reason a lot of undergrads from lower income backgrounds felt safe confiding in me about this sort of thing during office hours or hanging around after class when I was a TF. You aren't alone. A lot of students feel like this including grad students (we got 20k/yr as our fellowship & were forbidden to work a second job - you quickly discovered the reason some grad students weren't having panic attacks about rent was because their parents were covering it all.)

  7. wait how do they enforce not having a second job, my friend did his masters at UT and he was actually working the night shift at a 24/7 CVS just to help pay for rent

  8. Even coming into BU from a fairly wealthy family (By Texas standards which is 1 house with a pool and semi regular vacations staying in america) I was absolutely shocked by the way people throw around money here. I met people who refused to eat at the dining halls and bought all their meals even after paying for the meal plan. My parents made it very clear that I was going to use the dining plan cuz they weren’t going to waste money on that. Also the amount of people who just casually have a second home or go on international vacations is crazy. I take notes on paper in class and multiple people have asked me why I don’t just get a ipad as if that’s something everyone can do on a whim. I really hope BU gets their act together to help out lower income students. It’s very discouraging to see how prohibitive it is to go to BU and similarly discouraging to see how few people know how lucky they are to be able to go.

  9. Stuyvesant is actually a very unique place, it is overwhelmingly white and Asian but it is a public school in NYC, and so most kids there actually are lower middle class to middle class to best with some upper middle class.

  10. I totally agree that BU is expensive with limited financial aids. I’m an international student who still has to rely heavily on my parents to attend BU, even though I’d worked my a** off to save money for grad school in the US. Most of the international students are probably wealthy, but I think some of them also bear the shame of living off their families’ money despite being a fully-functional adults. Now I only hope the investment pays off when I return to my country.

  11. Dude, such a coincidence, but I'm planning to transfer to GTech my second year too from BU. My parents and older brother think it's a good call to do so and convinced me to do so. They're pretty successful in general so I follow their advice. I got into Gtech for second year transfer, not from the first year, which is also why I didn't go there in the first place.

  12. Came to BU years ago and experienced the ultra wealth around us (new BMW's and Ferrari's parked on Comm Ave., top apt's in Copley, etc.) but if you find your activities, get into your routine of studying and extracurriculars, and don't get concerned about what others have, it is fine.

  13. What a bunch of losers judge others by their family income? It is never your loss to not hang out with students like that.

  14. I left BU with 50k in student loans for a 1.5 year master's program. That was with a 75k scholarship. It's insanity to me that people go there for four years

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