people who came to bowdoin from a city, what are the pros and cons of a more isolated campus/small college town?

  1. Hey! hello from Bowdoin in the middle of exam szn! I come from a suburb that's like 30 minutes outside of a big city so I can't directly speak to your question. But, i can say I wasn't one of those people who knew a more rural LAC was right for me.

  2. I came from a mid sized city and while it can feel small at times, overall I’d say the size of the town isn’t a huge issue. College is busy and there’s so much to do I wouldn’t leave campus much even in a larger city. That being said, we have access to Portland, which is a decently sized town. You can go as much as you want, or choose not to.

  3. Just out of curiosity what schools are you considering in Boston for comparison sake? Same scenerio here.

  4. tufts is my other top choice, then i've got boston college. not as big a fan of bu and northeastern as I like having a real campus

  5. A bit late to the party here but maybe you haven't settled on your final choice yet. Anywho, I was one of those people you referenced who knew they wanted a small, rural college (I still applied to some urban schools) experience despite having grown up in/around NYC. I found Bowdoin to be a great place to make friends. Hopefully it hasn't changed in the 13 years since I graduated, but when I was there the student population was incredibly welcoming and friendly. The key is the common ground. Everyone who ends up in at Bowdoin BUSTED THEIR ASSES to get there. Everyone wants to work, wants to do well, and most importantly wants their fellow students to do well too.

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