The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills S12 - E10 - So You Say - Live Episode Discussion

  1. I wish everyone would say this all the time. Kyle never knows when to butt out and shut the eff up. Where’s Brandi when you need her

  2. I did too! It reminded me of the time I went on my first vacation with the boyfriends family in college (he was only son/only child).

  3. I was listening to the WWC podcast and Ronnie mentioned that the producer that was buddy buddy with Kyle was fired and that’s probably why there’s a change in her editing Not sure if it’s true or not but makes sense.

  4. From Ronnie's mouth to God's ears! Please, please, please let it be true. It would definitely jive with Kyle earlier in the season saying she was wondering if she should step back (ha! as if she would voluntarily), with them shopping Mo's stupid show to Netflix, and with her latest clamoring that it is the editing's fault. Interesting how Rinna also slammed editing today. Perhaps this producer isn't firmly lodged in the FF5's collective asses.

  5. Once again, calling someone “soulless” and a “mother fucker” is not passive aggressive, rinna! It’s just agressive 😂

  6. Right I don’t get it. Saying what you feel straight to someone’s face is passive aggressive but talking shit behind their backs and never having the balls to say it to the person face to face isn’t??? These bitches really can’t stand and try to take down everyone who has the guts to do what they can’t because they know how it makes them look. Can we have Andy read these bitches the meaning of passive aggressive from the dictionary on the reunion so they can shut up about it when someone behaves in a manner that doesn’t suit them???? Same with gaslighting.

  7. If someone asked Farrah for a 3some and then told Portia to fuck off they would immediately insist the person cease filming RHOBH

  8. Kyle is rewriting the narrative in a way that is concerning. Outside of maybe Erika's very first season, she has been quite consistently aggressive compared to the other women on BH.

  9. “I didn’t hear the two miscarriages, I heard the soulless.” Yeah, Rinna. You didn’t hear the part that made Diana look like the devil.

  10. Diana totally watched all the housewives episodes and took sentences she heard from different fights and is now repeating them however she feels lol

  11. Diana is such a strange Individual. She’s saying she’s deeply hurt and offended, but then smirking, rolling her eyes, acting like she’s trying to mess with Sutton. Diana’s body language vs. the supposed immense emotions she’s feeling don’t line up

  12. I hate people like Diana. Don't say you have an issue with someone and then when they give you an opportunity to speak your truth you don't want to participate fully.

  13. Diana is ridiculously superficial so she doesn’t have the capability to speak her truth. Unless someone is equal to her (in her own mind) she won’t acknowledge they exist.

  14. I keep did this ridiculous woman manage to scam, swindle and schmooze with so many high rollers when she seems so boring and not all that bright????

  15. Right. It's even worse in the Never Before Scene. I feel like Bravo's scraping the bottom of their leftover clips to villianize Kyle even more and I'm here for it. She looked out of her mind on something and her lame apology to Sutton is merely so she can be included in her wealth. She sooo loves a private showing! I hope the villian edit continues. Let's manifest her demise!

  16. “What’s one of the craziest things to happen at your parties?” I’d say the models being pawned off to the highest bidder would be wild.

  17. She’s been doing her a disservice for the past few episodes saying that her mixing meds and alcohol is a good thing. That’s not a friend I would want

  18. It's mind-boggling that they looked at this footage and decided to give the diamond to Diana instead of Sheree. But it's also not mind-boggling because they make the stupid choice so very often.

  19. Before the cameras showed up Diana was like "Here's what we're talking about on camera. Hit these subjects." It felt extremely fake

  20. Kyle would never be saying it was two times if someone tried to f*** one of her older daughters and then told her younger ones to get the f*** out of there.

  21. Kyle’s never seen Erika snap? We’ve seen that woman snarl and bare her teeth like a fighting dog multiple times during her tenure. Liar.

  22. That’s what I said! Like is she really trying to say Erika has never acted like this? She’s acted like this the whole time she’s been on the show 😬

  23. This hat on Diana looks cheap AF. It looks like she got a Gucci sticker for being a good girl at her doctor visit and she stuck it on her hat.

  24. Garcelle asking what these shoes do for those prices is absolutely something my own mother would say. ❤️

  25. I love that Garcelle knows she is a boss with or without the labels. The fact that she is instilling that in her kids also is admirable. I can't imagine how much pressure people in those environments feel to keep up with the Joneses.

  26. I feel my brain cells actively escaping me because of this Diana and Sutton discussion. I would edit Diana out of the show if I were Andy

  27. Is it too much to ask for any one of these bitches to get their comeuppance finally? It's just horrible, episode after episode, the way they treat Crystal, Garcelle, and Sutton.

  28. Sutton can be a bit much at times, but I appreciate that she seems to know who she is and owns it (and apologizes when she is out of line). At the dinner with Diana she said yes, I am reactionary and can be a hot head, but I am a loyal friend. I think that is very true. She can be reactionary at times (“jealous of what, your ugly leather pants?”) but I do think she would drop anything to be there for her close friends. Not just to write a check but to listen and console.

  29. another fucking diana scene?!?! I don't care about her dresses and where she wore them and how much they cost idon'tcareidon'tcareidon'tcareidon'tcareidon'tcare

  30. It’s so nice having a housewife calling out another housewife on the show. It’s so much more satisfying than social media posts and interviews after the fact.

  31. I’m pretty sure the girl dating Diana’s son is Damon Dash’s daughter with Rachel Roy ( aka Becky with the good hair allegedly 👀)

  32. Okay her children grew up incredibly wealthy, plz calm down. (Cut to her daughter living abroad to ride horses)

  33. WWC talked about Diana’s tongue having a tiny head like the chest burster from Alien and that’s all I can think about now

  34. Time to take a break from studying for the bar to watch middle aged women bicker and be horrible to each other. Stress relief!

  35. Ugh I loathe Diana. I wish Sutton would recenter the fact that Diana’s nasty passive aggressive message to the group putting down Garcelle was what prompted Sutton to be like, yeah it’s odd you’re here after going on about being on bed rest and using that to insult Garcelle...

  36. THIS! I hate the editing taking Sutton's words out of context. Diana made a huge deal about medical bedrest and being forced to share these private details of her life because "Garcelle thinks she is rude". Thus making Garcelle seem like an insensitive a-hole. But then she shows up to the event like nothing happened. While Sutton's words were pretty cut-throat, it's only right to call out Diana for trying to paint this narrative.

  37. Bravo, why have you cut the Sutton-Sheree scene? It would’ve been so good to see them have a conversation. Cut the Bosnian sex trafficker’s scenes.

  38. Erika in the confessional saying that she isn’t jealous and she can’t only place value in material goods vs Erika in the scene salivating over every single shitty garment in Diana’s closet is tucking hysterical.

  39. Garcelle’s scene with her son’s shopping is like old school housewives episodes that I love. Seeing them do regular things with their families is the best.

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