Next Pregnancy Announcement

  1. I vote Erin will have another miracle. There’s no way they are preventing and they are apparently extremely fertile.

  2. I was torn between Josie and Katie, and voted Katie. I believe Travis will be pushed hard by her, and she won’t willingly wait one minute past whenever he is agreeable. Josie was at a spa getaway with Kelton, and I just am speculating they will be announcing 3 months from now. I can see Tiffany being happy to wait while Lawson’s music “career” expands 😂 Edit for incorrect name.

  3. travis has changed his tune from “babies in a while” to “babies when katie wants it”. he said it in his latest q&a on insta stories i think

  4. If Erin got pregnant with all she had going on there is absolutely no doubt Carlin wouldn’t get pregnant if she wanted to. But I can bet she uses birth control or something. My vote is Whitney tho

  5. Yes, Carlin could get pregnant but they have alluded to family planning in the past and they spaced out Zade and Layla in a way that I don't think that pregnancy is likely.

  6. I think it will be Katie trying to "cure" her boredom with Travis and his family. Hopefully, if she is, she'll get her head out of her butt over Carlin's illness! (Carlin is my pet because she's very much like my irl daughter).

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