Which is the best first picture to show on my Bumble profile?

  1. 2 feels more personal, yes one is the same but different angle. If had one to keep on my phone to show people who you are it would be 2.

  2. Perfect advice for the duck face pic. Reminds me of my favourite exchange from the show spaced. Brian: Do you think I should lose the waistcoat? Tim: I think you should burn it. Because if you lose it, you might find it again.

  3. I like 1, it should be your profile pic, number 2 is cute so I would keep that too, but I agree absolutely no duck face, it’s like throwing a bucket of paint on a masterpiece. So replace 3 and 4 with different photos so they don’t all seem like they were taken in one sitting at the same place.

  4. DELETE the duck face. I hate that pose with a passion. Every picture with that pose should be scrubbed from the internet and hard print.

  5. First two, the kissy face, as the kids say nowdays is a bit cringe. Fourth also not for something serious. If its casual you are looking for then fourth is ok.

  6. 1 is the best. 2 you can probably delete because it’s almost the same as 1. 3 has duck face so I’d recommend removing that. 4 is good too.

  7. Honestly all of them! Maybe 1 for profile pic though and the rest for the guy or girl to see on your profile

  8. When i look into your eyes the first one makes me feel like I'm the only person you see and you are staring into my soul.....so im gonna have to say 1

  9. First one. You have a very pretty face and that picture shows it off the best. But please don't take that as the others ones are bad, because all your pictures show that you are good looking.

  10. I like 1, personally. But really they all are good as they show different angles/faces. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  11. Honestly it depends what you're looking for, serious relationship? Probably 1st one. (It gives a comforting vibe) If you're looking to have fun, 4th one.(it gives a flirty vibe)

  12. First: lemme qualify that by saying I've not been on Bumble yet, but if I had a shot at hooking up with you I'm sold on any of the 3

  13. I'm thinking the 1st photo it shows the least amount of breast. Let them like you for the smile and not the rack. Nice rack by the way

  14. The last one cause that’s what you look like. First ones good but it’s a pose if that makes any sense. I think candid shots are the best. A little bit of personality comes through.

  15. I think 2 is the best. 4 is also lovely but runs the risk that people might get distracted from looking at your face (which I think would be a shame). EDIT: Agree with certain other comments re duckface; judging by your other pics, you're better than that.

  16. I think ones the best in my opinion, 4 is also a lovely picture, 3 made me smile definitely not for bumble but wouldn’t mind receiving that photo

  17. I personally think the first one is cute and is the best option the others feel forced and not as natural but like always my opinion is only an opinion. These opinions should only be taken as so and if you have a gut feeling to go with the others then they are probably the best option. I only feels this way cause the others best attract to me.

  18. Just commenting to let you know, its okay to do the kissy face if you like it. Not everyone likes to see if but not everyone minds it either.

  19. Picture one is my favorite. You have gorgeous eyes and I feel like they’re a definite hook! I’d recommend that the other pictures on your profile to have a wider variety, full body, day light, hobby etc. You want pictures that represent how fantastic you are!

  20. Use one as a profile picture if possible or add one and two to your page somehow. Get rid of three and four in my opinion. You’re gorgeous wishing you the best!!

  21. There needs to be more diversity in photos. Try to use some that others have taken of you, or if you can set up a tripod. Different outfits, different locations, etc. maybe make a day out of it, but all selfies isn’t a good idea

  22. Ditch the duck face and never take a new selfies with a duckface (unless as a joke). They aren't cute or flattering. You are so beautiful, accentuate your beauty with good pics!

  23. 1st one, then trash the rest. Only use one type of photo once. So selfie? Only one. Get some photos of you doing things

  24. Think of online dating as advertising. You have to show what you have, and that it matches up with what you're looking for. If you want casual hookups, then post sexy bikini pictures. If you're looking for a serious, monogamous, long term relationship, then pictures like your first one are better.

  25. 1 is great. They are all great imo. The last one will definitely get the hornys to the front line quicker tho, and based on your responses, that's not what you want.

  26. I would avoid photo 4 because Honestly, and im in the minority here, but as a man I find photos that go out of their way to show a ton of cleavage to be the equivalent of the man’s 6 pack abs gym selfie. They kind of scream “choose me based on this and ignore everything else”

  27. I would honestly think this is a fake profile since you're wearing the same outfit in your different sets. That's a dead giveaway in a lot of scam accounts.

  28. 1 for bumble. I would only do one with the striped shirt. Skip the duck lips one. #4 is more of a Tinder shot. You are very attractive!

  29. I’d go with 1. Avoid duck face and the last one shows a lot of cleavage which might be good for tinder/hookups if that’s what you’re looking for. Good Luck!

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