Bunny started thumping her feet out of nowhere

  1. Bunnies have much more sensitive hearing than us so probably heard something you couldn't that upset them. One of our boys does it every now and again seemingly at nothing

  2. Well, it seems clear to me that you deserved these bouts of thumping and it also seems to me, you haven’t learned your lesson as this continues to happen. I sure hope for your sake that you wise up and start catering to your bunny’s every whim from now on. 😂

  3. Omg, this happened to my daughters bun last night! We keep her in a pen in her room at night- she can’t be trusted not to eat the house- and at 1am she just started thumping! We had to go in a comfort her for about 20 minutes. I moved some things around ans she finally calmed down. Couldn’t be mad at her, she’s so sweet, and she was clearly scared of… who knows?

  4. My bun this morning was snuggling with me, receiving pets and all was well. Then I touched his foot and he stood up and thumped. That was that lol. They just have personalities of their own.

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