End of season Heisman views. Where does everyone stand?

  1. My hot take on the Heisman is that they should invite the top vote getting defensive player every year, no matter where they finish, in order to normalize seeing defensive guys in the spotlight and to set benchmarks for what outstanding defensive play is.

  2. My first real memory of the Heisman is thinking "Ndamukong Suh got snubbed!" and I've had a vague disdain for the whole ceremony since

  3. Like the year that chase young was up for the Heisman although we all knew he wasn't going to win it, it was nice to see a defensive player there

  4. I’m probably going to downvoted into oblivion but I think it’s safe to say this will be the worst year for the Heisman since Troy Smith won it. Also, I’m giving 2020 a pass because half of the country played 6 games.

  5. Even despite the circumstances of last year Smith just played like a Heisman winner. I don't know if anyone in the Pac-12 and B1G could have legitimately challenged him provided they played an almost-full schedule like the SEC.

  6. I think this is the consensus for most fans. A few guys looked good not great, but they wouldn't even be considered in other years. Down year will probably result in giving it to the Alabama guy as default.

  7. A lot better defensive play might be attributed to that, I dunno. Maybe the year of the covid affected athletes more than anticipated? It’s been a lot more interesting to watch that’s for damn sure.

  8. Seeing how dominant Michigan has been all season outside of KW3 eviscerating their defence in that second half, I’m gonna go with Walker. I’m not biased at all though. Hutchinson and Pickett are both up there as well for me.

  9. Yeah Will Anderson is putting up better numbers than Manti Teo or Suh did when they got invited to New York. The only person ahead of him on Alabama's school records for sacks and TFLs is Derrick Thomas for christsake. He is a monster, but is getting no hype in a clear down year for the Heisman.

  10. I’m genuinely curious why Hutchinson should win over Will Anderson, who has better stats in every category and some otherworldly performances and numbers

  11. Spot on. I hope Hutch can go crazy this weekend and Georgia stifles Young. Walker should win, but he won't, so I want Hutch.

  12. Has anyone seen this years Bama team? Young is carrying the team absolutely. Eveyrije pretending like it’s 2020 Bama and not the worst line in the division. We don’t have OSUs receiving core wither. Young has literally carried the team with negative rushing yards through multiple wins.

  13. Bama went without a Heisman winner until 2009. I don't think it would hurt to give it to another Bama player, especially when he's proven to be the best in the country.

  14. Feel like it should be a defensive player, but yeah can be hard to choose one between Hutchinson, Anderson and Davis. All have their arguments.

  15. Will Anderson is still not getting much love for most part as far as voters. and is having an absurd, ridiculous season. He has nearly single handedly kept us from losing multiple games this year where we won by 1 score.

  16. Y’all might be memeing, but this is Young and nobody. Maybe the Georgia game is just a total disaster that keeps it away, but his season was the best so far. He has better players around him than like Pitt, but his O-line and run game have been a liability the last half of the season, and it’s not like BOB is just making life easy for him. Hurts me, but that last Auburn drive was all him after getting obliterated all game, and that’s his Heisman moment. 🤷‍♂️

  17. Homer take I'm sure, but I feel like Pickett added the most to his team. Take Pickett out of the equation this year and its likely Pitt would have been around 6-6 or 7-5. Take Young or Stroud out of their teams and they are still playoff contenders.

  18. Still feel like if any offensive player deserves it it's Walker, and honestly I'm sick of QBs winning it most years so I wouldn't mind him winning. Would love to see Anderson and Hutch invited.

  19. Hutch has close to 10 sacks combined against Penn St, Ohio St, and Washington, folks with NFL projected OL. Will has 4 against Mercer, NMSU, and Southern Miss.

  20. OP's user name is spot on, he's on the sub a lot and usually has terrible fucking takes regarding UM. He was very, very upset about the CFP weekly rankings lol.

  21. Why would Hutchinson deserve it when Chase Young didn’t even get invited? Because of the weak field this season? Genuinely curious

  22. If Joe Burrow, Tua, Jalen Hurts and Justin fields and TLawrence were all playing this year then Hutchinson wouldn't even in the conversation. This year is a weak hiesman year

  23. Alabama fans seemingly think they have some sort of patch work O-line and reciever corps and it is fucking hilarious. It's not elite but don't lie to yourselves.

  24. Bryce Young has been putting up amazing stats behind an offensive line that has allowed more sacks than 111 other teams in the country. They've allowed 135 pressures through 12 games. They've allowed more unblocked pressure than literally any other P5 team.

  25. I would love to see Hutchinson invited. At least remind people that defensive play can be outstanding, too. If Anderson is there that criteria would be met too.

  26. I would like to see Pickett get it if Pitt beats Wake this weekend but I’m pretty on board with the people calling for a defensive player to win it. Another monster game from Hutch + M beating Iowa and then we’re cooking with gas.

  27. "Bryce young has been great as well, but does anyone really wanna see more Bama players born on 3rd win?"

  28. I’m definitely biased but Walker shouldn’t even win the Doak Walker let alone the Heisman. Breece has more yards from scrimmage and more touchdowns. He’s the better back.

  29. Walker has singlehandedly won 3 games for us we should have lost to get us to 10 win. How has Breece changed your season? What are his yards after contact? How many broken tackles?

  30. If we aren’t going to give defensive players a shot then let’s skip this entire year. No one is “heisman” worthy like most years.

  31. Bryce Young without a doubt. What he did in a minute left and OT against Auburn, despite his O-Line, was pure magic. That sealed it I believe.

  32. A defensive player should definitely win it this year imo. But everybody has a chance to prove their case this weekend to win it.

  33. Have any of you watched Desmond Ridder play? He's the best QB out there. Guy can flat out ball, and he is going to make some NFL team better if they draft him. He's a winner.

  34. Hutchinson won't get it unless he has a monster game in the B1G Championship. Defensive player and Heisman is a counting stats award since I doubt many voters actually watch the games in any detail. A lot of what he does doesn't show up on a stat sheet, especially in the B1G where they'll only call holding when you are yanked to the ground. He's one of those guys that erases whole sections from an opponent's playbook.

  35. How would a loss hurt a Heisman candidates status for all I care the Heisman winner can go winless as long as he plays like a Heisman.

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