What long historic rivalries do you think could end within the next 1-2 decades?

  1. I feel like that one could easily continue even if the Huskies move on although it could get pretty skewed over time.....think the Boise State - Idaho rivalry.

  2. I just want us to win the last one. UW may have won it more often, but I want to bolt down the trophy in Pullman and have it remain there until the heat death of the universe.

  3. It's remarkable one of the best public universities for academics in the country doesn't have a bigger college football presence.

  4. As long as there are non conference games Navy and Notre Dame will probably stick around. Mainly because Notre Dame gets to play them at home or a neutral site. So it would still serve as a "cupcake" game.

  5. Is there some smoke around the SEC going to nine games? Last I heard was the straw poll from a couple years ago where all of the coaches except Saban and Malzahn were vehemently against that option.

  6. Tobacco Road if the predicted realignment stuff happens. I don't see Wake or Duke being able to leave for any of the other major conferences if the ACC collapses and I think NC State's best bet is the Big 12. UNC probably goes to one of the B1G or SEC and that will essentially kill the rivalries for at least a while.

  7. The ACC seems like it’s in a precarious spot but it would be so lame if the NC schools/older conference members like UVA all get split up when the dust settles.

  8. Definitely agree with all of this, especially State-UNC football and Duke-UNC basketball finding a way to stick around, with Wake getting absolutely left out to dry. And if the ACC doesn't survive it'll be a damn shame for the disintegration of these rivalries.

  9. The Big 12 would be such a disappointment. I'd rather be in a fucking G7 conference if it meant playing more former ACC teams

  10. It absolutely is. Cincy has a potential rival in the BXII with WVU who they have some history with in the Big East and are geographically pretty close, and out of conference, I think the Keg of Nails with Louisville has to be looking way more attractive to have on the schedule year in and year out as a fellow P5, as opposed to… a MAC team.

  11. Is the all time series tied or did UC take the lead last victory? Of it does end I would like UC to keep the hardware at least

  12. I bet Cincy keeps that one. Y'all will have to dump some scheduled OOCs, since the AAC plays eight conference games and the XII plays nine, but I'd be shocked if Cincy wanted to dump a profitable rivalry with a G5 that y'all will consistently beat.

  13. When Pitt goes to the B1G and Syracuse gets relegated to High School football, that will be the end of a rivalry that’s never been a rivalry, but it’s the closest thing Syracuse has to a rivalry.

  14. If Notre Dame doesn't join the B1G, once we go to super conferences I think the Megaphone trophy will start to collect more dust than it already has.

  15. As an MSU fan, I hate that we aren't the biggest rival of our biggest rival. It would take time, but Notre Dame being in the B1G could correct that with us and them becoming big rivals.

  16. It sucks. I'd rather regularly schedule State than Michigan. I hate Michigan more, but I respect the history with State more. Ideally I would alternate so we play Michigan or Sparty every year, but if I had to pick, I'd take Sparty.

  17. You and Purdue are definitely in our top 5 rivalries. I think we will do whatever we can on our end to keep that game going. Fucking ACC tie-in ruined everything. I wish everyone would just go independent at this point so we could stop losing so many historical rivalries.

  18. I still maintain that was legitimate inside information. Along with a bunch of other wild teams. Because it makes just enough sense to be plausible, yet it makes no sense at all if you aren't trying to get the latest insider information out.

  19. Yes, but I wouldn’t mind beating them so badly they decide to give up entirely because they finally realize their continued existence in football is frankly an absurdity.

  20. Yuuuuup. Nerds wanted to talk shit after 2014 and 2016. They can show up every November while we unleash record breaking asskickings on them now that the ship has been righted.

  21. I... sniffles I hate you to. I hate you more than any other team, and if I were to lose that game I couldn't be a college football fan anymore.

  22. I think people out side of the Georgia, Georgia Tech rivalry misunderstand Georgia’s feelings. Your right it has lost some of the furious hate, and we see the game as a win. However if tech were to win the game we would not take it well, and it would not be like loosing to SC or Ark. Some fans might feel lackluster to the game, but we don’t want it taken away. My brother is a tech fan, he says he isn’t into watching football that much anymore (work). I guaranty if Tech beats Georgia this year I’ll hear about it.

  23. The biggest problem is that we're no longer playing the same game, and probably really haven't since Richt came in. PJ could cover that up occasionally (3 wins in 11 seasons is only matched by O'Leary since Dodd left, and Paul had good chances at a few others), but the difference in spending when Smart came in is impossible to overcome. Without our budget tripling, plus getting a great coach that can use under-rated talent (Chadwell, please), I don't see anything changing in the near future.

  24. As someone who grew up outside of Georgia, went to Uga and now does not live in Georgia - I have a really hard time still caring about this rivalry. I feel that I used to know tech people and cared a lot but now personally I really wouldn’t care if we never play them again. I would much rather play Clemson every year.

  25. I have family on both sides of the rivalry. I just see the direction Tech is headed Athletics wise, with such a high percentage of students that don’t care about the football team, and the die-hard older crowd continually aging. I think that if it dies it’ll be on Tech

  26. Wake and NC State have played every year since 1909. The ACC has already ruined that by keeping us in different pods, but there's a good chance the fracturing of the ACC will kill it off completely.

  27. I hope we never, ever drop the Tech game. I’d also argue that, in a way, your assessment isn’t correct. We may not care about them (we don’t. No one I know does. They’re the definition of “irrelevant” and it’s just another snoozer of a game lately). On their side, back to my point, the students may not love football, but the Yellow Jacket faithful do. And they hate us like we slapped their mothers for some reason. It’s an irrational, rabid, inexplicable hate and the rivalry is completely one-sided. I’ve said this here before and I’ve actually had Tech fans tell this: they would rather go 1-11 and beat Georgia than go 11-1 and have the 1 loss be Georgia.

  28. I’m basing my opinion of my family who are Southern, UGA, and Tech grads and current students. As well as what I’ve heard from friends at UGA and Tech. I know that people still do care a LOT about that rivalry. But the Tech faithful aren’t growing in numbers and without passion from new Tech fans, the game will continue to be less and less important. Not completely gone, but will become more of a shell of the hatred it once was.

  29. Pitt is Notre Dame’s 5th most common opponent, but it’s already been decreased from yearly and I’m worried it may further deteriorate.

  30. Pitt is like a secondary rival. They dont really pop in my head when im dreaming up the perfect ND schedule until later in the process

  31. Unless Notre Dame decides to join the B1G, the Stanford-USC rivalry ends. USC will keep 1 consistent non-conference rival, and that'll be Notre Dame.

  32. As much of the saber rattling there is from an oddly over pretentious sect of Iowa fans who claim ISU stands in the way of them scheduling bigger brand name non-con games, I think El Assico survives much to the delight of

  33. BC(Before Campbell) the ISU game was more often than not a no win situation for Iowa in national perception and in the rankings. If we beat you it meant nothing because you guys weren’t good. If we lost we lost to a bad team. With Gary Barta’s scheduling philosophy of scheduling only 1 out of conference P5 game a year the game was in many was a waste. To be clear I prefer playing you guys but from a program standpoint the game didn’t usually help Iowa.

  34. I actually completely disagree. There’s some fan apathy on Cyclone Alert and Cyclone Fanatic, along with apathy on the Iowa boards as well. There seems to be a serious desire to at least turn the series into an “every other year” or “two on two off” situation at most.

  35. Depending on how realignment plays out, Notre Dame-USC, and Stanford-Cal could be in jeopardy. I think that when we do end up with superconferences non-conference games will go away.

  36. Even with currently playing 9-conf games USC doesn’t let play playing Notre Dame annually affect their non-conf scheduling. Last 6 years they have had BYU/Notre Dame 2019/2021, Bama/Notre Dame 2016/2020 pre Covid cancellations, and Texas/Notre Dame 2017/2018. They might not play two tough teams in non-conf as often moving forward (and they aren’t 2022-2023 even if Fresno State won’t be easy this year), but moving to the Big Ten shouldn’t change anything given USC’s current non-conf scheduling and how they’ve never wavered in their annual commitment to playing Notre Dame (73 straight years until Covid cancellation).

  37. Non-conference games will never go away entirely. Some G5 and FCS schools cannot survive without the payouts they receive from playing P5 schools, and having some big non con games is important for the sport. I don't think we get past 10 conference games for many, many years.

  38. Penn State inclusion in the Big Ten killed Illinois' nearly continuous series with Ohio State and Michigan, thus I hate the Nittany Lions for all time.

  39. The black diamond trophy was a rivalry that realignment killed. I don’t know anyone who went to VT after 2004, without parents who are alumni, that get animated for WVU games

  40. Texas vs Texas A&M. Once the rivalry renews in a couple years there will be a brawl mid-way between the 3rd quarter that will include both school presidents. The fight will get so heated that the 4th quarter will get cancelled. Then Texas A&M will announce that they are going independent to form the Aggie Network and UT will go back to the Big 12.

  41. Honestly, El Assico could end depending on how the B1G conference schedule changes. It’s not currently scheduled beyond 2025 and both fan bases seem to have an apathy about the game because of the way it’s played out and “other events” have occurred over the past decade or so.

  42. I'd rather play Utah on Thanksgiving weekend every year again, whether they are PAC 10, Big 12, or MWC. USU I do like playing on Conference weekend, but I don't like that they keep hurting our QBs, so I'm ok with giving that game the axe for a while. BSU should only be played in Provo so I don't have to look at that ugly field.

  43. I think we’ll keep BC, Purdue, Michigan State, Pitt, and Miami on the schedule juuuuust enough for them to keep hating us.

  44. I think Bedlam might be dead with the Sooners move to the SEC. Which is sad because Bedlam is huge in the realms of basketball, baseball, and wrestling as well!

  45. Idk if the game will stop. It’s an easy w for UGA and they’re fans still hate us jackets even though they won’t admit it. You can see it leak out of them whenever they talk about us.

  46. If FSU and Miami wind up in separate conferences, I feel like either FSU vs Miami or FSU vs UF could go away.

  47. I think even in the toughest scenario, FSU would do everything it could to keep both. There was a period after joining the ACC where FSU only had 3 nonconference games and still kept UM and UF as 2 of them. We still managed to get some good matchups scheduled even with the limited space; Notre Dame twice, USC twice, Texas A&M, Louisville, BYU, and Auburn (who canceled, but we still got it scheduled) all in less than a decade.

  48. Michigan/Ohio State. I mean, how long can we continue to call this a “rivalry” when we’ve only won one game a decade for the past twenty years?

  49. If you believe this rivalry is in danger, I'd strongly encourage you to go to Ohio and realize that the feelings there run muuuuuch deeper than you could even imagine

  50. No way that’s going anywhere anytime soon. It’s arguably the biggest rivalry if not definitely the biggest

  51. Holy toledo. I didn't think any michigan fans like you existed. All I've heard the last nine months is 42-27 and 900+ days and crap like that.

  52. I see Oklahoma/Oklahoma state going away or going to an every other year scenario. Oklahoma will be in a different conference. I think Oklahoma State will soon be in the Big 10 (I have no proof and have heard no rumors, but it just makes sense)

  53. Hopefully Iowa/Iowa State. It's a bad rivalry, bad for Iowa, and bad for the state. Everybody would be better off if it went away forever.

  54. I wouldn't mind a break from CyHawk, and no it's not because we lose all the time lol. I just want (and I think Iowa fans agree) to schedule other major programs.....what I'd do to get back the Nebraska or Mizzou games..or even maybe a home and home with an SEC school of some sort.

  55. In the next 20 years? BYU/Utah. BYU and the Mormon church could start to get more pressure to change their policies with the LGBTQ community. They will either make changes as a church/institution or teams could stop playing them. Maybe it's because I'm out here in Utah and it's some wishful thinking, but the chatter about this seems to be increasing. The BYU/Utah rivalry goes beyond just sports for a lot of the fans. There is a true culture clash around this game.

  56. I don’t think UGA will ever drop the Hate game : but I think everyone in Athens sort of wishes Tech would just do the sensible thing and drop us so we could both move on.

  57. I hope they don’t get rid of the Tech game, but part of that relies on Tech rebuilding their program, which I think will be difficult.

  58. If Florida State goes to the SEC and Miami goes to like the Big 12 that would be the end of a highly contested rivalry that has 66 entries

  59. Cincinnati - Miami. They're resting their best players during our game in order to avoid injuries and have a better chance in the MAC. If they're not even going to try, why even play the game?

  60. I don’t think UGA fans have anymore room in their hearts to hate GT anymore with the disdain they have for Auburn, Florida, and Tennessee.

  61. I'm pretty sure USC doesn't consider that a rivalry and if they do, I doubt they rank the game higher than 5th on the schedule (ND, UCLA, Stanford, and Cal all ahead of it) unless both teams are good.

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