List the top 3 QBs from your school since 2000.

  1. I don't think you can leave out Kellen Clemens. If talking college only I would arguebly put him above Harrington and in 3rd (better college stats), if talking both college and NFL then yeah your list.

  2. The 3 QBs we had drafted in the top 6 is hard to argue with, but we had so many good college QBs along the way. Dennis Dixon and Darron Thomas might have both been better college QBs than Herbert and Harrington, even though they weren't NFL QBs of note.

  3. Dennis Dixon was actually the reason I started consistently keeping up with college football when I was a kid. He was just so fun to watch, I had never seen a player like that at that point

  4. Darron Thomas is low key #3. His 2010/11 stretch was some of the best single seasons in Oregon History. Had he not seen the writing on the wall with Mariota in 2012, I think it likely he'd have eclipsed 9k yards and 100tds sticking around a 3rd year.

  5. F'ing Ehlinger. Dude still gives me nightmares more than any other Texas QB in the last two decades. Dude was just tough as nails.

  6. I’ll never forget watching Colt McCoy lead Texas to win against Sam Bradford during the 2008 Shootout. Him and Shipley were unstoppable and were impressive to watch even if we lost. Those were good years when both programs were excellent on both sides of the ball.

  7. Lol. If someone asked me who the quarterback at Nebraska was, I'd say Taylor Martinez. I feel like that guy played ball up there for a decade.

  8. How do we feel about Willy G’s tenure? Yeah, the finger injury was gross and unfortunate, but in year 2 they were a few plays away from being in the B12 championship game… That said, several of those few plays were Grier getting strip sacked and a scoop n scored on…

  9. Interestingly enough, the argument exists that Grier is on our list too. It's a double edged sword: hate it that Swamp Donkey let him get away, but yet, had he not he might still be here.

  10. We’ve been kinda spoiled by great QB play. I’d probably give the edge to third place edge to Brohm, just based off more high profile wins, but man it’s been a good run of Louisville QBs. Malik has a chance to end up as top 2 in both passing and rushing yards and TDs with a great year this year.

  11. Was thinking of arguing Godfrey, Gabriel has the stats but Godfrey has the accolades of winning our first conference championship and that Liberty Bowl win over UGA feels like setting the foundation for 2013 on imo. Not even sure Gabriel has a signature win.

  12. Godfrey was a blast to watch. But I think if I had to pick a starter between he and Gabriel, I’d go w the later.

  13. Mettenberger at 3 for me probably. I’m trying to think of someone else, but I think he came in and made me not feel miserable about the quarterback position for a little

  14. Leinart and Palmer for sure. That third spot is tough though. Sanchez, Barkley, and Darnold all have legit arguments.

  15. Carson Palmer. What a guy. There was a 4 year stretch where he was the best value QB. I was picking him up for like $8 in my auction league and he was a guaranteed 20 PPG. Underrated NFL quarterback,.

  16. Murray, Shockley, Greene. Stafford was obviously the best quarterback, but did nothing for us. If Shockley wasn't injured for the Florida game we might have played in and won the title his one year at the helm.

  17. I tend to agree, but I put Ainge at 3 just because Hooker has such a small sample size. Definitely opportunity to move up if he lives up to the hype this year.

  18. Totally forgot about Grossman!! I commented elsewhere Grier could arguably be in our top 3 had we an alternate timeline but I forgot about the Sex Cannon. Fsr, he lives in the 90s part of my brain.

  19. 100% agree, those 3 years of Ponder were huge for setting the program up for a revival. Definitely more meaningful than Chris Rix. I think Ponder gave the program the confidence to make the change from Bowden.

  20. RIP Boykin’s career. If he could’ve been a decent human and kept himself out of trouble, he had a hell of a shot to be the successor in Seattle. Or at the minimum a utility/trick guy similar to Taysom Hill.

  21. I have Reggie McNeal in there for A&M, too! His legacy as a great QB is kinda buried by the fact that the coach made the team suck. Thanks, Fran!

  22. I didn't see Boller while he was here, so I would have gone with pre-injury Longshore. Such a disconnect between QB quality and win-loss record...

  23. I don't really see an argument for Huntley over Johnson. Huntley was more of a weapon but last time our passing game was really consistently dangerous was with Johnson. Johnson was also clutch as fuck

  24. Rising has only 1 real season so I'm hesitant to rank him. But he's def top 3 if he continues doing what he's done. If you don't include him I'd go Smith > Johnson > Huntley. Gotta respect Brian Johnson making the cover of NCAA football.

  25. Career-wise, it's RGIII, Bryce Petty, and Chuckie Brewer. Single season it's RGIII, Nick Florence, and Petty

  26. Honestly I'd still put Florence's one season and Russell's two half seasons above Brewer's whole career. Brewer had a good half of a freshman season but reaaaaally struggled after that and was carried by the defense. I'm not sure he ever had a signature moment of his own, whereas Florence's K-State upset is an all-time game in the history of the program, and he was a cornerstone of it. And Russell was just an absolute god among men playing QB before his injuries. You will never convince those of us that were on campus in 2015 that we weren't making the playoffs with a healthy Seth.

  27. Honorable mention to Devin Gardner, who deserved a better team around him. Despite that, he did what he could before his body gave out lol

  28. TECHNICALLY, Brady's last game as a Wolverine was beating Alabama in the Orange Bowl on January 1, 2000, so we can sneak him on there.

  29. I’d already put Cade #2. Denard was obviously the better athlete, playmaker. Just not a winner (outside of Brady hoke poops gold sugar bowl win)

  30. I will take Jake Rudock over Navarre here. Jake only played one season but he did very well. At least an honorable mention.

  31. Controversial, but I'd put Dantzler 3. His problem was he was about 15 years too early. Put him in our offense now and he gets ridiculous numbers.

  32. I can agree with these three. I'd probably put Robinson at two and Clark at three though just due to toughness and universal skill.

  33. First 3 names I thought of, and the order I’d put them in. HM Chris Relf. His gator bowl against Michigan is one of the funnest games I’ve ever attended.

  34. My nephew played at Arizona with Khalil apparently there were legit concerns that he was throwing games for money.

  35. For a team that's only had 1 double-digit win season since 2000, to have 3 NFL QBs not make our top 3(Brissett, Glennon, Finley), that's so ridiculous, haha.

  36. I struggle to put Leary over Glennon until this season is done. The injury two years ago drops him down a bit. If Leary stays healthy and has a season like last year then he is solidly #3.

  37. I love Stanzi, but you need to replace him with Drew Tate here. Stanzi had a really good senior season, but Tate won Big Ten player of the year

  38. I think Cupito could be in there over Abdul-Khaliq. If you want to bring in Abdul-Khaliq’s rushing stats then we need to also talk about Mitch Leidner, but I really have no interest in talking about Mitch Leidner.

  39. I've got to give at least an honorable mention to Ty Storey. The man was ran out of here by the worst coach in the history of football, but still loved this program enough to come back with a G5 team and beat the shit out of us so badly that it broke the Morris curse. Yes, that sucked but it was necessary. Sometimes you've got to hit rock bottom before you get better. Like when your alcoholic friend wouldn't get help until you covered the front of his truck with blood after he drunkenly stumbled to his door. Also, whoever the guy was that was a few rows down from me that kept yelling "Storey Time!!!" every time he would score was one of the few good things during that game. I went from annoyed the first time he yelled it to laughing a bit each time by the end. The whole thing was just surreal.

  40. Yeah that 3rd slot is tough. DG would’ve been the obvious choice if he hadn’t let in such a douchey manner.

  41. This is super easy for UVA. Matt Schaub, Bryce Perkins, Brennan Armstrong (order depends on which UVA fan you ask).

  42. I’m rating on peak performance, not on overall statistics. The three best QB seasons we’ve had since 2000 imo are.

  43. Tolzien was sneaky good. Fun piece of trivia is that Wisconsin only had one Davey O'Brien award winner in the '10s and it wasn't Russell Wilson.

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