If every football playing university in your state played in a single elimination tournament who would win and why?

  1. It would be interesting to see who all us non-Texans would choose to fight for in this interstate civil war

  2. Several 6A high schools will decry their exclusion, claiming to be more talented than some of the lower universities that competed... And they'll be right.

  3. That's exactly what I was thinking. Honestly right now, either NC State or App State. But, any given saturday.

  4. As a current NC resident whose only allegiance to any school in the state even through family is UNCG (which doesn't have a football team) I would watch the shit out of a Carolina tournament. Every single game would be fun as hell

  5. All media attention would be on us and Texas. 90% of the shit talking would be between us and Texas. Then we both lose in the first round and Baylor wins

  6. As a Nebraska fan, I choose to ignore the question. The possible outcomes are too terrible to contemplate at this point in the program.

  7. For sure the Dukes would own the commonwealth…I was thinking the rise of JMU and ODU are probably responsible for Tech kind of being underwhelming in recent years

  8. I feel like it would come down to how the bracket was formed. Tech is not able to beat ODU while I have given up hope with UVA beating Tech

  9. It'd be Grand Valley because we would find a way to lose to State in the rain and then they'd blow out State somehow.

  10. I mean there’s always a chance that one them in any given year can seriously ruin a day (or a season…). But a bracket with all of them?

  11. Given the absurdity we’ve seen on cfb in the past few years and in the world in general, I’m just gonna say WSU with the surprise upset.

  12. 10 years ago we probably would've finished like 4th in the state because Gophers football lol. Now I have no doubt we own MN and the Dakotas. With our defense we'd handily beat NDSU by 3 TDs (probs more), no doubt in my mind. We're basically the exact style of team NDSU strives to be, but at a much higher level at this point. Praise Rossi and praise Ciarrocca

  13. Either Penn State or Pitt. The other teams don't come close. I like Penn State's chances if we play now, but it'd be a toss up if Pitt could heal up its players. Either way, the game would be awesome

  14. It's a shame they never could get it to be a home and home every cycle. Would be such a good game to build tradition.

  15. It would be Mizzou. Unless it wasn’t. Southwest might contend, this year. Lindenwood is working on being like Southwest. No one else has a shot.

  16. Air Force, and 10 people would be watching. Remember when cu was good, csu was decent, and unc was winning d2 national championships? It’s been a long time

  17. I think Oregon can get it done vs Oregon state in a close game real question is can Portland state finish in third place or do they loss to a team like Linfield

  18. I think Western Oregon would be Portland States closer competition, not Linfield…. George Fox and Linfield fighting for that D3 top spot though haha

  19. Ok, then what if we changed the question to: which school in Georgia, when given UGA's second string to deploy, would beat UGA's first and third string.

  20. URI. We don't really have anybody else here. Brown maybe holds it close for a bit but Bryant isn't competing and then Salve Regina get blown out bad.

  21. So are we talking about the football game or the press conference? I really have to choose amongst the Lane Train (Ole Miss), Air Raid (Mississippi State), and Coach Prime (Jackson State)?

  22. Tough to argue Ok St wouldn’t after this weeks game. They have a QB that can move the ball well and a defense that’s not as great as last year, but it doesn’t need to be.

  23. BYU and Utah could go either way, Weber state would take 3rd quite easily. Utah state 4th if they can beat SUU

  24. I want to say us. Drake and UNI shouldn't have much of a fighting chance, although everytime we play either they prove otherwise. We already beat Iowa.

  25. Ironically the last time you played both UNI and Drake those games were way too close for comfort. Iowa’s weird. I’ll give you guys the 2022 tournament since you won El Assico.

  26. I’m terms of talent, probably notre dame, but I’m not confident in any indiana team to keep it together for 4 quarters and pull off consecutive wins in a single elimination tournament. Ball State might win in the most chaotic tourney in states not named Texas.

  27. Most likely bama would soundly defeat uab in the final. Dont think harsin has what it takes to get there currently

  28. Michigan would win. Then CMU, GVSU, WMU, Eastern, some D3 colleges, then msu would come in last after northern Michigan throws 350yds on their DBs (does northern Michigan have a team? Idk, but some kid on campus will torch them. It’s ok though cuz Mel tucker looks cool smoking cigars)

  29. Because I have too much free time I went ahead and set up the tournament for Texas. Seeded based off results through week 4 as well as my own personal bias added to it. 12 teams, top 4 get a Bye, future CFP-style:

  30. In this, both TAMU and Tech could easily win depending on which version of either team showed up. Or we get another cancer 7OT game where everyone loses wins

  31. Notre Dame would probably win most years, the real intrigue would be how far some of the D3 schools like Wabash or Franklin would go, and I know St. Francis would scare the bejesus out of the D1 schools some years.

  32. Which states would have the most lopsided and worst-to-watch tournaments? I guess Hawaii but my home state of NJ might be near the top of that list too. Princeton and Monmouth have had some good seasons the last decade but I'm not sure they could compete with Rutgers other than an "any given Saturday" moment. And then after those two I think it's a pretty steep drop to the D3 teams. Honestly, a bunch of the parochial and group 1 high schools would be better entrants to the tournament.

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