Ole Miss officially has a waffle house as of today.

  1. There was an "all star special" clause that wasnt being fulfilled in his original contract. That's why he was interested in the Auburn job.

  2. Kiffin is the quintessential sly southern gentleman. I know there were rumors he might leave for elsewhere in the country, but I can't see the coach of Tennessee, FAU, and now Old Miss being a good fit for (say) a West coast college or pro team.

  3. As a southwest Florida resident, I kept my eye on the local Waffle Houses as Ian rolled in. I knew I was fine because none near me closed.

  4. My wife moved here from the south and the nearest Waffle House is an hour away. Her son keeps trying to convince her it would be worth the trip, but she is just mad they won't open one here.

  5. There was a road in Macon GA, called riverside drive which parallels I-75 through town, and there were like 6 or 7 waffle houses on/just off that one road when I was growing up.

  6. I am on the west coast, so we don't have these establishments, but don't waffle houses have like the worst quality food possible?

  7. The rumor is that Huddle House, which is more locally owned similar style place lobbied the chamber of commerce for years to keep a franchise from being opened. I guess they finally told them to go pound sand. Good!

  8. Now we know the real reason why GT never played at Ole Miss or MSU while they were all in the Southern Conference and SEC together.

  9. uhhhhhh yea. how is that possible. what kind of sec school doesnt have a waffle house....i mean cmon. Just to be clear though, we can claim Houston locations right?

  10. Now the rest of the country will be able to tell how bad the damage is in Oxford when the next hurricane/storm rolls through.

  11. Now we’re a College Station away from having full participation in the SEC. Honestly think we should exclude A&M until they get one

  12. Fun fact. San Antonio, the 7th most populated city in the country, has no waffle house. Supposedly 99 waffle houses in Texas and not a single one it's it's second most populated city.

  13. I don't know if the D/FW Waffle Houses are representative of the whole chain or not, but to eat there regularly I'm going to have to get used to my food being seasoned with cigarette ash.

  14. The SEC Championship Game should be played in the parking lot of a WH, on a rotating location basis, and broadcasted via a collective of personal cell phones. I will not be persuaded otherwise.

  15. I thought every state school south of the Mason Dixon and east of the Mississippi needed to have a Waffle House on campus

  16. We have George Webb up here in Wisco. It's totally like...the same. Right guys? Guys? Sad trumpet...

  17. They’re started building it when there was fear of Lane leaving so they could give Gus a 2nd shot in the SEC.

  18. Spent so many drunken undergrad nights going to Huddle House thinking something was just off about the whole experience. Didn't even have a Denny's back then either.

  19. Like there was one just off campus already but now there’s one one campus? This can’t be the first one in Oxford right?

  20. Something has rubbed me wrong about Waffle House ever since a tragic murder of one of their servers occurred in my hometown and they reopened the same day. That kind of stuck in my craw. She was shot in the head inside of the store after telling a customer there was no smoking allowed after he lit a cigarette.

  21. Don’t get the hype about Waffle House shits nasty as fuck lmao the one by my house was closed for months for health code violations

  22. Its more of the legend then the food. Being open 24 hrs helps it especially for the college and regular drunks when the bar closes and they don't want to go home.

  23. Sucks that they get one before Seattle. That isn’t fair. We are a much better place with smarter people. Most college educated city in the entire world. We would love to stay up late and have waffle house, but instead this shit hole stole it from us.

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