Call of Duty®: Next: Call of Duty®: Warzone™ 2.0 – An All-New Call of Duty: Warzone for a new era of Call of Duty® continues November 16

  1. I think they made the decision to keep it last gen because just a year ago it was still very very difficult to obtain a PS5. Hell, I have not seen a PS5 in-stores ready to buy yet. I'm sure the next COD game will most likely be next gen only and who knows it might only be Xbox only.

  2. It all sounds great tbh. I'm not the biggest fan of loadouts so the way it will be in 2 seems better to me. I'm guessing I'd have to prioritise what gun to buy, then save for perks and equipment etc. Much more like a normal BR, instead of a loadout 5 mins into a match giving me everything.

  3. Actually the blog post specifically mentions the only thing you can get from your loadout is the custom weapons. There won't be any perks in the game at all, which is a huge mistake.

  4. Change the loot system back and remove the 3rd person spectator view and I'm happy. The 3rd person view not only is annoying, but it prevents you from seeing what they're seeing (therefore harder to see if they're cheating... but maybe that was the point), but it also gives an unfair advantage to peaking corners on that side if your teammates can see around them when you can't.

  5. Holy shit I never thought of the cheating aspect. That’s a good point. I think they will change it for Warzone at least. It isn’t going to go down well with content creators. I love watching spectating solos.

  6. I don’t see this game being ready by mid November. Looks so unpolished so many things warzone did to make them successful are totally abandoned in this game. At least judging from what we saw.

  7. And it’s going to coincide with MWII’s release player count and pre-holiday sales. Like, buy this game, but wait a month and this one’s free? Split the base that quickly seems detrimental.

  8. The release game will be exactly like the beta (or alpha as they are falsely calling it). There's 2 months to launch. 100% of their dev resources will be dedicated to fixing bugs.

  9. It's hilarious when you really think about why. They did it to protect the fragility of grown men so that they spend more money lmao. Fucking peak comedy.

  10. Hot take : this will flop simply because of how fast it gets boring- Warzone was slow as fuck to add shit other than cosmetics. It took them almost 2 y to make a new map and the only real changes they made at that point were limited time modes. This game will follow suit and essentially get 1 major update a year. What sets this game apart from the real br winners is faster update cycles.

  11. Another COD journey and era is about to begin, you will see content you have never seen before, because we made a new game that no one has yet seen before. Launch will be soon. Stay tuned. See you in a couple years. Preregister and get 2 old operators for rent.

  12. “Prior to a match, your main preparation is focused on creating a number of custom weapons for your next match in Al Mazrah.”

  13. Splatoon is rocking like 14 hz I think. Battlefield 2042 field felt like 10, but I haven’t played that for like a year.


  15. Looks like PUBG Apex and BF more than COD. Not sure why they changed a winning formula. Verdansk was peak to me and there wasn't mcuh to really improve on except giving us a better map and more weapon variety.

  16. Looks absolutely awful. They had a winning formula that people really enjoyed. Just make Warzone again but with all the QoL things that people want, new guns, updated graphics - that’s what people want. Not whatever this is.

  17. Nope if you played blackout it was so fun just never had the player counts this game will be a hit ! Absolutely love it can't wait

  18. They wanted to reinvent the wheel and failed. I was hyped as fuck before the event. Now I’m depressed.

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