If you HAD to get another player jersey from a different NHL team who would it be and why?

  1. Jarome Iginla on an avs jersey. I know they absolutely sucked while he was there, but it’s iggy and I like the avs logo and colour scheme

  2. I actually have an subset of Iginla jerseys in my collection. Some of them are neat like a black Stars jersey with only 95 on it and the Winnipeg Falcons jersey with CANADA 12 on it from the ‘04 WCOH

  3. Same. I actually have one headed to my house in the mail now. I also really like the Canucks current reverse retro.

  4. Igor Shesterkin. Rangers are my second favourite team, and Shesty is one my favourite goalies (up there with Marky and Otter)

  5. Crosby penguins jersey, my favorite non flame of all time. Either that or a Curtis Lazar jersey from any of the other teams he's played for. Love that boy

  6. Jonathan Quick. Has been one of Mt favourite goalies forever and for some reason I like the kings. Except for doughty 🤣

  7. Caps/Ovi because they’re my Eastern Conference team (I used to live in the DC area), and Ovi is a GOAT

  8. Trevor Kidd on the canes, used to read and reread this hockey book as a kid he was in. The flames traded him cause he would turn around to much when the puck was behind him.

  9. Had a Trevor Kidd McDonalds kids goalie mask for years from a happy meal In the 90’s. Lost it recently. Sad days.

  10. I wanted a Teemu Selanne on the old Winnipeg Jets logo when I was a kid. Otherwise I'd have to say Cale Makar. AVS became my team after the Jets left.

  11. Favourite non-flame is Kyle Connor so probably him. Too bad their reverse retros aren’t great because I’m not really a fan of their normal uniforms either.

  12. McKinnon in a 3rd jersey that incorporates the Colorado flag in a triangle on the front. Best looking jersey, absolute stud of a player

  13. Bought a RR Ovechkin jersey over the weekend, just because that jersey is so nice! First time buying a jersey of a player from another team not named Iginla...felt a bit wrong lol

  14. I have a theo fluery NYR lady liberty jersey from back in the day. I think it's sick. I love the Arizona jersey but I donno who is get. Just blank!

  15. there's some plug in the league that switches teams every year and is up and down with the AHL, but his last name is same as my small, home town. And not a common name, like at all. But it's such a small town that I don't wanna say who because I like being anonymous on reddit..

  16. Probably an Eichel knights jersey. He is very fun to watch (the entire team is) and still IMO incredibly underrated, definitely think he is a top 10 player in the league currently.

  17. Even after that smug ass interview? Not trying to sound angry lol. Honest question. My only flames jersey is chucky and I don't like it as much now

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