Maple WiFi - Legit or Scam

  1. I'm in Northen Gatineau and I just received my device (Fedex was the sloweest factor in delivery times). MapleWifi sent me a confirmation email with tracking. Support has answered my questions within the next hour (email). Advices were great how to set it up optimally. I was able to set up the router on Bell towers as they are closer. Speed are 65/15Mbs.

  2. Well I'm going to order it and try it in my RV at the start of next month .. And I'll let u guys know what I think . I'm new to yll this stuff , I'm 61 years old and going ring for the first time ... So I hope this thing is easy to set up and use . But all I got was they said it's a plug and play. Well I'll let u folks know lol . Here goes nothing lol . Thanks Doc

  3. Two weeks update: I finally have the best bandwidth with Telus (Rogers just doesn't give me any). I've tried locking down band region with no difference. Changing the DNSs to

  4. Just an update for you guys, It took 3 weeks for them to cancel my first order due to lack of routers in stock. After 4 emails over 3 weeks, the only email I got was telling me my order had been cancelled due to lack of supplies and that I could reorder the new router if I wanted too.

  5. This is the exact same experience I received with another company called rural Canadian wireless. I believe it the same company and has just rebranded. I had 3 separate nighthawks all of which were bricked!

  6. I really need high speed Internet so I gave it a try (and my credit card number).I first wrote and asked if my location is covered, I already have Rogers Network so the answer was positive but I wanted to make sure. They also wrote me it's 2-4 days delivery with FedEx.

  7. Still didn't receive anything. I ordered the hub on december 14th. I have a tracking number but my package didn't travel since december 18th. I don't know what to do anymore.

  8. Just received the device today (Jan 11) the device I ordred December 14th. I guess I've been unlucky with the border agency.

  9. I ordered the hub on Dec 17th 2020, today is December 30th and I still have nothing from them except tracking numbers that don't work! I hope my desperation for wifi has not lead me down a dark miserable road of unhappiness :-(

  10. Works GREAT! After 1.6 MPS for years I now get 40MPS DL 8MPS UP… it's not cheap but it is unlimited. Just a note, I am getting the internet from AT&T LTE maybe because I am so close to US boarder.

  11. Did you email them for the tracking numbers? I ordered Jan 10, have not received any communication from them other than a confirmation that they got my payment/order number. I haven't received a shipped email, any shipping numbers, nothing. I have emailed them SEVERAL times with radio silence from them. Starting to get real worried this is a scam.

  12. Guarantee they using AT&T sims just like all the other fly by nighters. I’m sure it’s same guys, just with a new name. Search Rural Canada Wireless in here, and you’ll have your answers.

  13. I searched and I guess the issue is that those are a bit of a gray area and their are subject to being shut down by the larger companies (AT&T, Rogers, etc) or have downtime that they can't control, is that the concern?

  14. While I haven't heard of these guys before, selling mobile hotspots connected to LTE isn't new. Wineguard is another company that sells the exact same service. Latency is sometimes an issue and it would depend on where cell towers are located, if your traveling, then it's a non issue. It's like the slightly cheaper version of satellite internet or services in rural areas. Pretty sure Telus and Rogers/Fido still sell mobile hotspots as well but the price is rather high and they still have caps on data, but YMMV. $120 for the hardware and $190/ month isn't

  15. Just came here myself to figure it out. Looks like they piggy back off of Rogers. I contacted Rogers and the CS had no clue about the company. I have googled it and checked Facebook. The only thing that comes up is their site and this post...Doesn't make me very comfortable sending a credit card. We are just getting desperate. Nothing available in our rural area...we need to be 1km this way or 1km that way. Very annoying.

  16. How/why would you expect a phone rep to know anything other than Rogers products? Rogers completely owns fido but it's not a phone reps job to any anything about fido or their relationship with Rogers.

  17. I wish they would just sent the device with FedEx as discussed and advertised on their website but they didn't.

  18. Yeah just looked into them as well, they say I would have a great connection since I'm beside a rogers tower. Inquired about bulk purchasing to change a bunch of our xplornet plans but rethinking that now.

  19. Has anyone found new information? Making a move to a Rural area (just barely rural) and the best option there is the Bell Wireless Home Internet. However when I was there I was getting good speeds on my rogers phone.

  20. I haven't tried it. I have Bell Wireless Home Internet at my place, but was posting for a friend. I think they are going to wait and hope for Starlink.

  21. The website looks exactly like RCW. I would guess they are the same company. Mind you at this time I am still using RCW!

  22. I bit the bullet because I was insanely desperate for internet as I will be working for home for a few weeks.

  23. another request, would you be able to open look at the SIM card inside the unit to see if it's AT&T?

  24. I’m so happy these companies keep popping up. They are like the Robin Hood of the Canadian internet world. The Canadian government has been dragging their ass on fixing the rural internet issue for so long!! My RCW is still going wrong and I plan on keeping it until I get a Starlink invite.

  25. As it's an AT&T sim card, it seems like it uses a US connexion so I can't watch anything on Crave or

  26. Yep VPN is the option. We’ve just learned to deal with American Netflix... I never had Crave TV to begin with so it wasn’t a big deal for us.

  27. I thought this was a scam. After I paid I didn’t receive any type of confirmation. I waited a few days and then emailed them saying I would cancel through my credit card. I promptly got an email with a fedex tracking number. After 5 days of “information sent to fedex” it finally updating saying it was picked up. Suprisingly it came from California to my place in BC in a day.

  28. Other users have gotten much better latency, from your description of the problem I'd say you needed to improve your antenna setup somehow. I would have tried an external LTE antenna.

  29. See how hard it is to give them your money. Wait until something goes wrong and you have to figure out how to contact them. Don’t waste your time and money.

  30. Hi there I just wanted to say that I do believe this product to good to be true . I tried to cancel right after I ordered but was advised I had to wait until I received the product. I received the product quickly about 4 days later ( very impressive) I set it up to give them a chance since their customer service was so good but then low and behold I could only get 16mbps download speed and for $159 a month that just isn’t sufficient for 4 of us . They were super quick at responding to my technical questions but the moment I asked to cancel they ghosted me. I have emailed them four times to cancel and request a refund . I threatened to write a bad review if they did not respond to me so hear we are unfortunately. I’ve given them until the end of the week before I seek compensation from my credit card company. Please do not waste your time , money and efforts on this product but completely understand if you have no other option.

  31. Just received my m1 in the mail today, wasn’t impressed with the lack of packaging & instructions. I work in I.T and it’s straight forward but I feel bad for less tech savvy people.

  32. Although happy the router and sim work in Mexico and hoping for equal success while traveling in US and back home in Canada, customer service is terrible.

  33. I received my Maple Wifi netgear hotspot 3 days ago, still trying to get it to recognize that I live in Canada. Support has said that it uses an IP address from Texas so my Canadian services may not work, such as Prime and Canadian network TV.

  34. Thats the same thing I'm going through atm. Been two weeks since the shipping label was created and hasn't shipped

  35. I used their service in Florida and it was great. HOWEVER, their customer service is AWFUL! Emailed them for 3 weeks trying to get a new sim card and to activate one of two months free service i had for referring others. You can not call them because there is not phone number to reach them. So that leaves email and customer service. AWFUL! Getting them to answer an email let alone answer questions about their service is "hit and miss." Seems like they have one person in their customer service and they only work part time. Proceed with caution. If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is!!

  36. I just went through a purchase and use experience with MapleWifi in June 2022. I personally believe it is a SCAM and they are reselling AT&T devices and SIM cards that will get shut down shortly after activation and use in Canada. The person selling this service will reply fast to pre-order emails, and you'll get your device quickly, but you'll never get support or refunds after that. The MapleWifi portal gives you NO way to cancel your account or remove your credit card info.

  37. If you like being just out if town with 5g service and get between 100kb-2mb download speeds then you'll love spending 600 dollars on this device and monthly plan

  38. Stay away from these guys I returned the modem before the 7 day trial because it didn't work at my summer residence now I'm fighting with them to get my money back.

  39. Well, they certainly are TERRIBLE communicators. I paid for the equipment and 1 month service 5 days ago. They say it will be shipped in 2 business days and I have heard nothing. I sent 2 emails and no answer. I needed a solution fast so thought this would be it. Just hoping I did not make a big mistake!

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