Is my car totaled? Curtain airbags deployed. Brand new car ):

  1. It depends on your location and insurance company. They go based off the value of the car. Here in California the damage has to be more the 80% of the car value.

  2. Yeah a few grand to replace the airbags. Hope you're ok. They're made for that so consider a small price for safety.

  3. Gonna need bag, seatbelt retractor, airbag module door and maybe pull the door post a bit. Probably not totaled unless door post is really bad.

  4. Not sure why these conversations always get posted here. Nobody on here knows. You have to take it to a repair shop and they tear down the car and give you a detailed estimate. Everyone on here is just guessing. It doesn’t look like it should total, but that’s just a guess. Your insurance and repair shop will tell you if it will total or not.

  5. 80% is the norm for a total loss on the value of the vehicle. Airbags replacement is the most expensive part of this repair. But I would figure the highest quote to repair your vehicle isn’t 80% of the value. So not a total loss.

  6. Your rocker panel is dented, which counts as frame damage, so yes, this is a total loss. However, I strongly recommend taking an insurance buyout and keeping the car as you will profit greatly from getting the repairs done yourself. The rocker panel will never be perfect again, but it’ll still be functional. 👍

  7. Oh God, I hope you're all right! The blow is strong, the door must be either replaced or restored, as well as the wing. In my opinion, the car can be restored. What do you have with insurance? I'm just wondering if this is an insured event, if not then you flew for good money, especially because of the airbags. I talked to my friend through wxchat, he says from 5k, because the airbugs worked, and it's difficult, and for your model they are damn expensive (((It's a pity, of course, the machine, so guys, I advise you to drive more carefully! Because so much work on the car to then break it is somehow not ... appropriate.

  8. Doubtful. Car is worth a pretty penny. I'm in the same boat. Hit a deer 5 weeks ago and car is still a minimum of 3 weeks away from being finished. Parts are hard to come by.

  9. Yup. When all the airbags deploy in the vehicle, that’s about a $10-$15,000 repair. It’s not just the airbags that they have to replace so no insurance company is going to pay that

  10. This looks remarkably similar to the damage to my Passport last November. It had 3000 miles on it. My estimate from the shop was $30k before they started getting into mechanical problems. It was totaled on a purchase price of $43k (Ohio). Turned out ok for me, I actually made a profit on the wreck due to the insane car market. Took me a few weeks to find a replacement.

  11. The current market has a higher value on used vs new. Sheet metal and body parts can be acquired really normal (time wise). Airbag and or anything with electronics will take at least 6 months as a minimum. If insurance does not total it. Be sure to request a rental.

  12. I'd rather have my car totaled and replaced than have a car with a crash on it's record, lower resale when you trade it later

  13. If your policy coverage includes new car replacement, the other person’s insurance should have to offer the same. Or claim it on your own and let them chase the other company. This is how it works in my state, YMMV

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