Can someone explain to me what thanksgiving is all about?

  1. The traditions and roots mostly are not good. But essentially it's a time to hangout with your family or friends, eat good food, and be thankful for all the good people and things in your life. I don't like to dwell on the "history" of it

  2. Agreed, the origins are ugly underneath the prettifying legends. Native Americans ensured that newcomer Europeans maladapted to the local environment didn't starve and die. Later, the Europeans waged war on their erstwhile rescuers.

  3. It’s supposed to be a recreation of the meal shared between the US settlers in Massachusetts and the Native Americans in the 1600s. (Of course we know, in reality, Native Americans have not been treated very well) It is a day to give thanks. Also usually people get together with their family and eat lots of food (turkey, potatoes, yams, bread, stuffing, cranberry sauce, green beans, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, apple pie) and watch American football. Also lots of retail deals and shopping.

  4. For me it's evolved in meaning over the years as I've grown up but personally Thanksgiving generally has the same sentiment as Christmas.

  5. It's a nice holiday based on a bullshit story. For most Americans, Thanksgiving is about getting together with family, sharing a mediocre meal featuring a perennially overcooked turkey, arguing over politics, watching football, and succumbing to an eventual food coma.

  6. Honestly, as an American with no family or significant other, Thanksgiving doesn't mean shit to me. Historically, it was a day used to give thanks and just generally be thankful for all the things that we've been through, as a people and as individuals. But in actuality, it's just a day to get together with your family and eat a lot of food.

  7. The point of Thanksgiving mostly is gather up the extended family, in my opinion. It's when everyone comes home from college and most people have the day off work. If your family is spread out (my cousin lives like 6 hours away and we're only 2 states apart- america is so big that most people have some relatives that are at least a few hours away), this is when people come in from out of town and try to meet up.

  8. Today’s Google doodle will take you to links about the history of thanksgiving. If you have a VPN access Google from the US and click on the doodle.

  9. Yah,Google works, but I think OP wants different perspectives. For some it's mostly sharing the special turkey day with just immediate family, for others they fill their house with extended family and friends.

  10. It's the dumbest holiday.. honestly should be replaced with something else. It's basically celebrating genocide in North America.

  11. It is a time for Americans to gather and thank god for their family, health and the lovely lives we have here thanks to the genius of our Founding Fathers who dared to bring forth a free nation based upon individualism and liberty.

  12. Was that an actual tradition in your house growing up? We just got together and feasted, no Founding Fathers or politics at all.

  13. In 1620 a group of people from England wanted religious freedom, so they traveled to the “new world” to start a new life. They had a tough time, their trip was delayed, they hit storms. When they arrived, it was much later than expected and they weren’t really where they expected to be. They slept on the ship through that first winter. About half of them died. When spring arrived they continued to struggle as the seeds they brought weren’t successful at growing in the new climate. A Native American group helped them survive. By the time the autumn came and they actually had a harvest they were very thankful. A multi day celebrate occurred, during which the natives actually brought a bunch of food. Those two groups lived in peace for about 50 years until more colonists arrived and mucked everything up.

  14. It’s essentially just a holiday where you acknowledge all the things that you’re grateful for that happened in the last year and have a feast of a dinner whilst hanging out with whoever you’re closest to. Football is a big staple, along with the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade.

  15. Thanksgiving was not an official national holiday in the US until during the civil war in the 1860’s. It doesn’t have much to do with pilgrims and natives. You can read about the history.

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