What gaming accomplishments are you most proud of?

  1. Beating Dark Souls. Granted it took me four months in total to beat the game (three month gap between my first and second attempt at beating the game), so I suppose it took me one month? Now that I beat that game, I truly feel like I have improved as a gamer

  2. This for me too. Sixth months give or take I stopped playing it for, albeit because I had just gone to university but I started it again while there and it all just clicked.

  3. That's funny because I had the same thing happen, kind of. Dude confronted me about being a cheater on GTA Online because I was level 450 but have a terrible KDR, 55mil I don't spend, and am a pacifist, so he assumed I was modding. He told me he was gonna report me unless I could come up with conclusive evidence that I was a real level 450 player. I eventually screenshotted my stats that showed, over my time on the game, I've played a total of 310 non-consecutive days.

  4. Ooooooo 100% on Lego Star Wars GBA sounds AWFUL. I'll say my proudest gaming achievement was my first time beating the first Risk of Rain, that game kicked my ass for like a year before I beat it

  5. Oof yeah, that game seems like it'd be really difficult even without any additional challenges like completing all side quests or content. It's hard enough managing and planning my time in real life, I can't do that in a game.

  6. I have a pass on Through the Fire and the Flames by DragonForce on Guitar Hero 3. Worked on it for a long time and finally one day just did it a couple years after I'd more-or-less given up on it.

  7. When I was Playing Battlefield 5, I was operating an Anti Tank Gun, and it was looking down a street. Well, All the infantry that tried that route, I absolutely slaughtered. And, not only that, but I managed to GET A FUCKING HEADSHOT ON ONE OF THOSE GERMANS WHILE USING THE AT GUN! I was ecstatic to see that pop up. But then right after, a Tiger Tank turned the corner and blew me up

  8. In Battlefield 4, I had a MLRS that was stolen from me. I tracked it down (don't even know how, I just assumed they took it back to their base) and destroyed it.

  9. I used to play a lot of Fortnite with my ex. He got me into the game and even long after we broke up we remained friends and spent time together on a Sunday, playing fortnite each time. I always felt a little too comfortable and yet insecure in the game so I always left it up to him to carry us both through the game for fear of confrontation, making silly mistakes, etc. anyways we stopped being friends right before the new year and I didn’t play the game for a while.

  10. I don't have any of my own that I'm proud of, but my son beat Hollow Knight (including White Palace, Radiance, and Nightmare King Grimm) when he was 7, and now that he's 8, he beat Metroid Dread in Dread Mode.

  11. A bit over 3 years ago I hit 4100 SR solo q on Overwatch. It took a lot of grinding and I've never been better than average at most games so I was really proud about that. Shot calling those games as the tank also unironically helped my self-confidence quite a bit

  12. I COMPLETELY whiffed the beginning of Dishonored - didn’t use stealth, killed everybody flamboyantly, made a ton of noise. Didn’t even register that stealth gave you a better outcome.

  13. It's close between becoming a Dark Souls 2 OneBro and completing CoD4 Mile High Club on Veteran difficulty. One was resourcefulness and patience to the max. The other was flawless reflexes and many, many tries.

  14. Getting 99% on God Of War (2018). Even though I've been gaming 2 hours or more a day since I was 6, in terms of skill level, I'm still considered by most people to be casual. God Of War is definitely not a casual game, in fact, it's one of the most difficult games I've played and I beat everything....well, except Sigrun. And, if PS5s ever get manufactured again, I'm gonna be getting Ragnarok.

  15. Since my love and I are together, we spent playing games either together or took turns. And if there was a co-op opportunity, we'd play through the whole game together.

  16. Halo 2 laso is a thing so I'm skeptical, but if it's true.. god damn, congrats. That's probably harder than almost anything else anyone could mention.

  17. My cousin and I beat chopper command on Christmas vacation decades ago. Our thumbs were so raw. We took a polaroid of our score and sent it in to Activision because we thought we would get free T-shirts. Alas, we never did get the T-shirts. We still talk about it. Fun times!

  18. Managing to get a perfect on the Dragun from Enter the Gungeon, and managing to get a perfect with 2 bosses in DeadCells on the nightmare difficulty.

  19. Really none that I am proud of. I know I'm not the best at games and play them for fun. It's almost like asking what movie I'm the most proud I watched. There are memorable moments but I'm not shooting for world records or anything and I'm Ok with that.

  20. Being accused of being an admin for winning a bunch of fashion contests in a row. They accused me of getting special treatment from the judges who were admins.

  21. I beat Deerclop in DST for the first time ever just a few days ago! It's not much since Deerclop is the easiest boss of the game but as a noob I'm still very happy that I beat him

  22. I’m usually a try hard in every game lol my favorite accomplishments is hitting number 1 in pubg on Xbox in the world leaderboards and my total war playthroughs and some fun clutches I have on gears of war

  23. I’m going to get majorly downvoted for this… but isn’t asking about gaming accomplishments like asking about… candy-eating accomplishments? Like, it’s just something that was enjoyable at the time, made you feel happy and in the end wasn’t really an accomplishment at all?

  24. 100% achievements of the game Cinderella Phenomenon. "Guided by intuition" was hard to get, I legit had a plan on my wall for every option of every route... crazy but so satisfying to get!

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