So there’s been Victorian, Edwardian, Georgian, Elizabethan…what are we now? Carolingians?

  1. With King Charles I being Caroline Era and King Charles II being Carolean Era does it not make sense to have another variation for King Charles III?

  2. Some have been bandying around Carolean. Others have offered Windsor as a catch-all going forward. Christ knows, really.

  3. Mount Batten era seems a good way to differentiate it from the 20th century Windsors and avoid any confusion with the Duke of Windsor

  4. Mountbattenics? Or maybe it's just the Windsorian era and the second Elizabethan age is just a sub set of that (like how the first Elizabethan age was a sub set of the Tudor era)

  5. How a period is defined depends not just on the monarch or their house but also the duration and significance of the reign

  6. However other countries have had Kings Charles, which Latinises to Carolus, and their subjects were called Caroleans.

  7. Traditionally in England when a long named Charles either ascends to the throne, or is in line for the throne, either has been historically accepted, we have a civil war. Do whilst your question is still relevant, we'd probably be historically known more for that

  8. Carolean probably. Carolingian means relating to the people of Charles, or Charlesfolk, as in his descendants. The -ing suffix shows that. Such as the Carolingian dynasty of France meaning the descendants of Charlemagne (which itself comes from Carolus Magnus, or Charles the Great.)

  9. Is it time that we reconsider that? Just that the modernist movement was over a hundred years ago now. Hell, we've even gone past the post-modernist movement these days. And are moving into the regenerative movement. Architecturally speaking.

  10. Likely, we'll refer to last 100 and on as the Windsor period, akin to Tudor. The Queen's rule will be the second Elizabethan age due to its longevity. We probably won't have a period which would last long enough to have a name until George. Possibly William but most likely not until George depending on if Charles lasts 20 years or less.

  11. Second Carolingian Age, just as the age of the late Queen was the Second Elizabethan Age (Charles I and Charles II reigned consecutively, so theirs is one age)

  12. I think that historians will end up calling it the Reformation Era. Charles has been very keen on shaking things up, having less pomp and slimming down the working royals. He wasn't overly keen on the idea of living at Buckingham Palace either, but that's such a national asset that I don't think he'll be able to avoid it. I guess we'll see. Windsor era works too, though, as distinct from the second Elizabethan Era.

  13. Well with only one Charles and he won't be on the throne as long as one may expect from his advance years I'm not sure the era would be named after him specifically more like the Tudors and it be the royal house name of a Windsor period starting from the late great queen Elizabeth 2 although I can see her rain being seen as something else historical like the Victorian era

  14. I actually read the answer in some news - we’ve just finished the ‘Second Elizabethan Age’ and we enter ‘The third Carolean age’

  15. Could be the “long-Elizabethan” era until William comes to the throne. Kind of how we have the Long-Edwardian era up to the outbreak of WW1, even though Edward himself died four years earlier.

  16. The name gets latinised. Carol being the latin form of Charles. For similar reasons you get "Jacobean" for kings named James.

  17. Well the other previous two King Charles' Reign went by the Stuart Era, as Stuart was their surname. So perhaps we'll go by his Surname?

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