All essential connections between Vancouver, BC and the rest of Canada currently severed after catastrophic rains (HWY 1 at the top is like the I-5 of Canada)

  1. This storm was historic. For Merritt, one of the cities that was flooded, based on the current flow gauge data this flood had a 5000 year return period.

  2. The only route I know of right now from Vancouver to the rest of the country is north on highway 99, and that involves a one lane tunnel I can’t imagine a truck going through and a few unpaved one lane wood bridges.

  3. Crowsnest Highway #3 doesn't actually look bad at all, it looks like there's just some minor debris that needs to be cleared. I'm guessing by the angle of the photo (compared to the angles of the other photos showing clear damage) that it's intentional to spin drama

  4. Yes, I should have googled it, I only have experience driving down the states on the I-5 and for some reason was under the impression it was the largest and most known highway in the US but didn't really consider the fact that I had a memory bias of only ever going straight down and not west to east

  5. The picture also might have people think the road showing is Highway 1 but it’s actually just an overpass. Highway 1 is completely submerged in that photo passing underneath the overpass.

  6. My house and many of my friends houses were ruined in this event. Princeton BC and Merritt BC are destroyed. Merritt is nearly uninhabitable with the sewage getting into the water supply they evacuated all 7000 people, half to Kamloops BC the other half to Kelowna BC. Hwy 7 is open, and so is Hwy 3 in some areas but still cut off from Vancouver for the time being. I never thought Id live through something like this. I just want to go home.

  7. We travel through Merrit a few times a year to visit family and the last couple years making the stop to get gas we couldn't help but notice that the road crews were working on flooding in the lowest areas for so long. Probably 8, 10 months between visits and the same roads were still wet and cordoned off and being worked on.

  8. Sending you sooooo much love and strength from The Island!!!! I grew up in Burnaby and my heart is breaking for you all but thankful that only a handful of casualties have been called so far. These highways are the roads in just about every summer memory I have and the towns we've stopped and stayed at hundreds of times. I'm so sorry for your loss!

  9. I'm so sorry, my prayers are with you, your family and community. Feel free to reach out to me whenever if you need to talk or are in need of something!

  10. Message me if you need a virtual ear. I was born and raised in north central Florida. We lost everything three times before we moved west. The pain and trauma are not understood if you haven't been through it. Best wishes. 🖤

  11. Not gonna lie I'm excited to see any episodes of Highway Thru Hell that cover this, it's like the 1st thing I thought of when I heard about all the road closures.

  12. Jamey and his crew get called out to rescue 50 semees from the bottom of the canyon. As a sub plot Jamey just placed an order for a brand new $2M whiz bang rotator.

  13. As a Brit who fell in love with Vancouver and BC when I visited a few years ago, I genuinely feel awful for all the locals. I'm only looking at still pictures right now, but seeing this level of destruction is... truly horrifying.

  14. I’m pretty sure the only alternatives now are diverting through the United States which will probably add significant time and cost

  15. It's actually pretty funny when you mentioned Kent, because the district where the landslide in the OPs post is also called Kent, so I was confused

  16. Kent checkin' in. National Rail are notoriously shit though. Hopefully Vancouver can run more ferries in the meantime but it's going to require some real jiggling of the supply chain.

  17. And this is only three months after the heat dome and record highs that literally burst a small town into flames.

  18. I noticed that single photos had been on the front page here and there for days, but all from difference areas and scenes of one large disaster, so I figured I would nip this thing in the bud and encapsulate the situation in one image for the world to see to be more efficient and get it out of our system..

  19. My sympathies mate. We ew South Welsh felt the same a few years ago during the firestorms. I am sorry this is happening to you. Stay safe.

  20. I live on Vancouver Island, and by 5pm Wednesday every single gas station in a 30 mile radius from me was sold out of gasoline. Which sucks, because I'm running on empty and have to commute 70km every day. Guess I'm staying home this morning.

  21. Hey fellow south-islander. On the plus side of things, fuel supply hasn't actually been interrupted all that much. They're prioritizing supply lines over the Malahat. Actual fuel supply quantity is barely reduced (if at all), it was just briefly delayed. But the panic buying caused an artificial shortage. Hopefully people will get their fill by today or tomorrow so we can be back to regular operations after that.

  22. Not that it's critical for me, as I'm in Vancouver, but my fill light just came on in my car the other day. I haven't gone to get gas yet, and now I'm dreading the savage mark up that's likely to be. Luckily, I cycle to work and really only use my vehicle for groceries and leisure, so if I can't fill up right away, it's no big deal.

  23. Hey so I live in a suburb of Vancouver and there's a lot of misconceptions here. First, the actual City of Vancouver is pretty much unaffected by this. There was some washed out roads and some flooded parking garages, but the damage isn't too bad.

  24. Looks like Bell's fiber runs along the CP rail lines. They have had to reroute traffic east which is causing issues with communications and internet. Ping times are up 150%

  25. People have no idea the amount of rainfall we had. It was a continuous downpour for hours on end. I could see my garden fill with water and become mud. We generally do get alot of rain during this time of the year, and our infrastructure is designed to withstand it, but not to the scale we saw last week. In addition, this is not the entire story of how bad it is. A town call Hope, which is about 2 hrs drive from my house, is completely cut off from the entire province. No way in or out. From the last I heard, people are trying to call any and all helicopter companies they can to get a ride out. Many places are running off the hook. In addition, people are already starting to panic buy, and try to post pictures of empty shelves, which are not actually empty but rather Havnt been restocked during the morning setups. I honestly didn't think I would be in a disaster, of sorts.

  26. It is worse than pictured. The final pic of the Fraser canyon does not show the highway there, across the river, and a rail overpass there have also collapsed.

  27. Excuse me for asking, but did the pumps really fail? My last information was that they were still working, even though the situation remained "critical".

  28. Does it look like any of the roads can be quickly repaired after the flooding subsides? Or is this going to end up like the Nipigon River Bridge situation where cross country traffic is going to have to use alternate routes through the US for a while?

  29. This is terrible, thanks for the detailed explanation. It's difficult to get full details outside of Canada, here in UK there is very little news of this.

  30. Alberta tar sands cash cow comes back to bite Canada on the ass thanks to fossil fueled global warming. As they say, 'As ye sow so shall ye reap.'

  31. I'm on Vancouver Island and the only highway/roadway up the island was also damaged and had to close due to all the rain and wind from Mondays storm. It's slowly opening up but will be closing every night until the repairs are done. The amount of rain we got over those 3 days was absolutely bonkers then throw in a crazy wind storm... many lost power, traffic lights were out so traffic was a joke. Now people are panic buying gas causing gas stations to run out of gas and causing traffic nightmares because the lines for gas stations are so long. Crazy stuff. I've been on the island for over 30 years and this is definitely the worst I've seen. Going from the hottest summer on record to this?! Yikes. Luckily most of Victoria and surrounding areas were relatively okay compared to other very hard hit areas.

  32. Open 24 hours now, but one-way alternating. They’ve added ferries between victoria and Nanaimo to take some of the load.

  33. Freight is already being redirected through the US. Vancouver to Calgary through Washington Sate (and then to wherever else in Canada) is definitely a little longer, but for trucking and rail, it is already being utilized to redirect freight from Port of Vancouver into the rest of Canada, and for stuff (food, gas) from the rest of Canada into Vancouver area.

  34. How bad will this be for the Canadian supply chain? I'm in the US and our ports are backed up and our logistics networks are strained. I'd imagine Canada was in a similar place before this, and this looks really bad....

  35. Very. Vancouver is the country’s biggest port and its completely cut off by all in-country, overland routes including even rail. The Coquihalla, at least, is so severely damaged that it’s unlikely to reopen even partially until spring, with multiple large sections of road washed into waterways, large mudslides, and washed out bridges.

  36. I sell industrial products that are needed to keep mines going, roads built, farms farmed, etc. Based out of the Vancouver area with multiple large warehouses. Talking thousands of containers a year. We haven’t had a single outbound shipment this week. We can only supply the US right now. Also our warehouse is about to run out of space for inbound product from the port. This is going to be a big mess. And I’m only a small company in the grand scheme of things.

  37. Yea, it's bad, I think a lot of us that live on higher ground and haven't been directly affected yet besides lack of travel ability are starting to realize how much trouble the province is during what was already a very straining time

  38. Hopefully, this wakes BC up to how underdeveloped highway 1 is up to the Alberta side. I hope we can put measures in on all our highways to prevent anything like this from happening in the future

  39. I feel incredibly lucky living in Vancouver. We were relatively unaffected by this. The Fraser Valley, the Interior, and Island however, this damage is a lot to wrap my head around. It feels so far away where in reality people less than an hour away from me are having their lives ruined again by another "once in a lifetime" weather event.

  40. The bottom image is scary. I can only imagine the pilot being the first one to see the bridge is out way too late and feeling like theyre wile e coyote.

  41. Unfortunately being a train worker (I don't know what the correct technical term is) in Western Canada is pretty terrifying. This was in BC in 2019 and there have been more catastrophic derailments since:

  42. Seems like something you'd see in a disaster movie. Only it's really happening and is probably going to become more common.

  43. How's that quote go again? "Climate change is something everyone's going to experience through videos from other people's phones, until all of a sudden they're the ones holding the phones?"

  44. Yup, going to be one hell of a next season. Probably will have to have a new show about federal rescue teams rescuing the rescuers of HTH, knowing how they operate i'm sure they had units scattered all over the place that have all been cut off from their home base in Hope which is currently filled with stranded folk.

  45. I'm from the interior and my parents went down to Vancouver last Thursday just to get away for a few days. So they've been trapped for a week so far, with no end in sight right now. No one could have predicted anything so devastating. Makes you feel very small and powerless to see how much mother nature can do.

  46. It's an interstate in the United States that runs from Los Angeles (edit: Tijuana), all the way up the west coast, right to the border to Canada. It changes names as you pass through and heads straight into Vancouver.

  47. It's what West Coast people think is the most important highway in the USA because they haven't traveled enough to know its I-95.

  48. Reminds me of the stories my grandmother would tell about living at an army post with her husband in Anchorage Alaska in 1964 when it was rocked by a magnitude 9.2 earthquake, the largest recorded in North America. All of the supply lines were obliterated, and only means of communication that wasn’t also destroyed was the emergency hotline connecting the White House to the kremlin, which ran through their base. As if all that chaos wasn’t enough, my grandmother had been caring for my 2 year old uncle when it struck.

  49. We've severely underestimated how much infrastructure will be impacted by climate change. We have to keep updating our worst case projections on the fly.

  50. Yep, was out there Monday headed for the interior. Fortunately got turned around on the west side of the slide! Another 30 minutes earlier I could've been caught up in it.

  51. How long until they fall to cannibalism, slowly descending into a state of madness and cruelty, all their social graces forgotten as shelves run bare and civilization caves in on itself?

  52. Yeah but we can still get deliveries through Washington state. We literally have an international port. Vancouver is fine. It’s the people in Chilliwack that have it the worst as they are cut off from all sides

  53. It is almost like the whole world has been told weather would be changing and getting much worse yet the vast majority of country's governments do fuck all to prepare.

  54. Also note vancouver is the only port city on the west coast and the only way goods get into Canada. The roads and railways both got severed so there’s no way to get things to the rest of Canada right now and the port is filling up

  55. For perspective, Hurricane Katrina dropped ~7.8 inches, this "atmospheric river" dropped ~9 inches. Both are coastal cities, so somewhat low lying.

  56. Once in a generation storm, following once in a generation forest fires this summer which crossed the Coquihalla Highway and Fraser Canyon Highway at multiple points, destroying the forest cover and making way for erosion and slides. It’s a Climate Change issue.

  57. Canada has ONE highway which links the entire country together. In some places, that is the only link. It's incredibly difficult to get any kind of decent road system thought he Rockies, so there are no redundant links in the areas with mudslides.

  58. This same province saw a record setting heatwave this summer that was so extreme that a town literally burst into flames and burned to the ground. Once in a lifetime is more like several times per year.

  59. I got a friend who lives not far from this, he was posting videos about the floods n shit, was without power for a few days etc. Tough times.

  60. In the 19th century an arbitrary line was drawn between British North America and the United States. Economic and cultural ties between BC and the Oregon territory where much stronger than the ties to the Maritime provinces. The deal BC made to join the Dominion was that Canada would build transport links independent from United States territory.

  61. Unfortunately Jamie Davis only has about 2% of the Coq to work with as it's severed about five minutes from Highway Thru Hell's home base in Hope. In fact Hope is cut off from all directions, currently like a town from a bad horror/survival movie.

  62. i live on vancouver island, getting gas is fucked, just spent 30 minutes driving around town on fumes trying to find a gas station, now i’m in a lineup 20 cars long for the only one i found that isn’t out yet.

  63. That's gonna be a big deal when the current stock runs out on essentials like food and toiletries. It's gonna be an interesting hurdle to find the remaining access roads into the province

  64. I live a few minutes from the first picture in abbotsford, so weird to see my city making major news. havent been to the grocery store yet but im not excited to see empty shelves

  65. Well at least we’re not in the middle of a shipping issue from a pandemic over the past year. This won’t cause any sorts of continued problems.

  66. I live in Vancouver, thankfully there's no flooding here as it's all around us, it's raining unbelievably hard and it's super cold, hard to believe that a town burned down 3 months ago due to extreme heat

  67. I lived in canada for 5 years, and one thing that south park said that really rang true was the line in the song "follow the only road" that trans canada highway is the only manageable way to get across the rockies

  68. protocol 26 activated. all roads closed. we are now starting the defence barrier against the zombies in 3... 2... 1...

  69. Vancouver is Canada's largest port, though. Not having any domestic shipping lines out of Canada, no matter how temporary, is going to be a bit of a problem.

  70. Another thing to note is the rail lines are severed from the port of Vancouver to the rest of canada with this disaster.

  71. Our premier just got up and said "We live in a rainforest, we know we get wet in November." This man is an absolute legend of a moron. He waited two days after the flooding to declare and emergency.

  72. The weather conditions are made more extreme by global warming. It’s completely reasonable to say that this event has been caused by global warming.

  73. The world is literally falling apart, better keep working and doing absolutely nothing about it and focus on military budget instead

  74. With all these catastrophic events going on i seem to see a pattern among them. They seem to be very localised events. The german and north american situations seem to be the worst. In my eastern europe home country the climate has been basically the same for all of the 28 years ive lived, all these talks about climate change hasnt really hit us any way, altough news articles seem to think otherwise. Climate data tho is unchanged and with clear patterns that repeat. Its def. something that is being blown a lot out of proportion, but it is somewhat happening, man made or not. Most articles never write about the less populated or less rich regions tho so this internet age its tough to believe anything really.

  75. Please note this included a lot of our OC lines as well, if you have VoIP service from selectcom and are west of BC your service is super wonky at the moment.

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