I am having a faith crisis, an existential one, and a doubting one.

  1. That God knows what we will do, it does not follow that we have no free will. See Aristotle's discussion of future contingents and St. Thomas Aquinas' writings in the Prima Pars of the Summa on Predestination.

  2. When God creates us, he doesn't just see the one path we do end up taking, he sees every path; every path we had the chance to take, every path we did take, and every path we didn't--we were imbued with a truly free will, through which we, of our own volition, could have chosen any one of those. We truly could have; we didn't, but we could have. And the one we did choose, we did so in and of ourselves. It would be less loving of God to imbue a stunted will, by which we could only end up at His desired outcome (in my opinion).

  3. I hope this can help. Our destination after we die is not set at birth. God gave us free will and made a plan for us. If we use our free will to follow the plan which is using our talents for others and to be good, then we will not go to hell. We use our free will to seek reconciliation when we sin. We also use our free will to sin. God is all powerful, almighty, and all knowing, but he gave us free will so that we can choose to follow him. He wants us to be Catholic because we love him and want to be good, not because we are forced to by him.

  4. Not trying to debate just asking questions bc I am low-key freaking out but if he is all knowing he knows what people will and won't follow him in the end. Yet he allows these people to live and suffer eternally. That doesn't seem loving.

  5. God knows all that can and will happen, this means he knows whether we will come to him or not, whether we go to hell or heaven. He desires our salvation but knows if we can gain it or not.

  6. I should add that god-in-eternity may see all of time as a singleton of sorts, but this isn't the same as 'seeing the future'. And the eternal now of God in eternity doesn't and cannot relate to anything within time other than as setting the conditions of creation. Otherwise you end up with time paradoxes/contraditions.

  7. He has foreknowledge with your free will in mind. And he keeps you and everybody else in existence at every point of your life. That means he knows you. Intimately. And since God doesn't change while you do, he knows everything at once. That's how Scripture can say "The LORD knows those who are his" (2. Tim. 2:19).

  8. I think we can have free will but also have God knowing our decision. It does not affect our free will - but remember God is outside of time and we are constrained in time - that's how He knows our decision but then we can still choose freely. I was reading something on this but I forgot how the author phrase it - hope it helps

  9. You're mistaken in one part, we can all gain salvation. So the sentence should be, "He desires our salvation but knows if we would want it or not," instead of, "can gain it or not."

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