Is there a way to change the category for a transaction in the spending summary?

  1. Well thanks for posting this, as mentioned there's no way to currently do this. I mean we can't expect things like this to be addressed by a small indie company like Chase.

  2. No that is determined by the merchant and the card issuer (I.E. visa, MasterCard, ETC) some banks like USAA let you change for your own spending summary but on their end it shows it as whatever the merchant told card issuer what type of merchant they are

  3. Really confused. My company has a business cc and I can't even recategorize some expenses to things like dues or rent, etc. that don't fit into their dozen or so pre-determined categories, more than half of which we will likely never use. For a business product, this seems a little ridiculous. I'd like the transactions to be able to be sucked into quickbooks in the appropriate categories, but, nope. No way to do that. Have to manually enter each transaction in quickbooks as a split line item for each cc transaction for the cc transaction in qb. Makes me rethink getting the Chase business cc.

  4. If using quickbooks desktop you just have to go to chase and “download” the transactions and save as a .QBO file, then go to quickbooks and upload via the bank feed, this will import the transactions and automatically categorize the expenses once you make it memorize after it pulls the info through. This is how I do if for my clients so there ya go!

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