When I turn my a/c on, my rpm’s drop or rise slightly every 5-10 seconds, it also makes a snap clicking noise every 5-10 seconds, my a/c isn’t blowing very cold either regardless of a recharge I did last week, any advice would be much appreciated

  1. Probably didn't need to add any. If someone told me that manufacturers lobby to allow the sale of the recharge kits so that people wreck their systems and need to replace them, I'd believe it

  2. It may have moisture. It may not be enough. It may be too much. You need a set of Guages on it while its runing to check the presure. Those can guages are not rhe most accurate. The rpm goin uo and down is your compressor starting and stopping, either on high pressure or low pressure..

  3. I’m gonna do some work and see what’s going on when I can get some time off of work to fix it, we are running up to 90 degree days right now and it’s hell😂

  4. The compressor is cycling. Did you do the recharge through and a/c machine? If not I would definitely take it to a shop so the system can be vacuumed.

  5. The rpm changes are normal When the ac kicks on the rpm drops a little until the cpu compensates , and vice versa The problem with not to cold temperature maybe a leak Check the pressure with a manometer Or go to a autozone and get a free check

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