Good luck today and may the odds be ever in your favor

  1. Nah, today was absolutely fucked. I was on G2, nauseous to the point I had to constantly take slow deep breaths while working and keep a slow steady pace to my work speed. A little more than half way through my shift I shit my pants; walked away from my station, clocked out and left. ☠️ Fuck my life and fuck Chipotle De Mayo.

  2. Thankfully I work in a state where Chipotle doesn't have a liquor license. If we had Mexican beer and Margaritas we would be hopelessly slammed. As it is we had five catering orders today. I didn't make note of total sales but cash deposit for the AM shift was over $1600 when a typical Thursday AM shift might have $70-150 cash deposit.

  3. Today was my first day. And we had the local inspector people come in. I think it would’ve been way worse if I weren’t new because more would have been expected of me. But it wasn’t bad! A new restaurant is opening in my city this month so our workload and customer-load will be lowering soon 😃

  4. We don’t have a prep or line closer tonight, so I’m going in for the last few hours to help close. Rip my day off but I don’t want my coworkers to die closing.

  5. We had 3 catering last night as well as our FL his boss, his bosses boss, and his bosses bosses boss visited our store to do some kinda checkup

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