No way💀 15 years later!?

  1. You know I don’t really want this to happen because I don’t wanna bother them, but I kinda wished we could have people in Christory and ask them about their thoughts on this current situation like Megan, the voice of Clyde Cash, Liquid Chris, ABL, Michael Snyder, Rocket Shoemaker, and give us their thoughts. But like I said I don’t wanna force these people back into this clusterfuck.

  2. I still like checking every once and now what my childhood boyfriend is up to. I was afraid he suicided when his father kicked him out, but secretly watching him doing his best to improve his life makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Then I go back to reading shotacon doujins with my girlfriend.

  3. It’s funny because Chris could’ve just drawn a random girl in the “shecameforCWC” drawing but did Megan because of wish fulfillment. Then Chris knew they fucked up and tried to put out that fire by saying “if I didn’t drew that, I could’ve done something even worse” which only poured fuel on the fire because it made it sound like Chris would’ve raped someone (particularly Megan) for not doing a drawing, which Megan mentioned that and was the final straw with Chris.

  4. i wonder how Megan's doing now tbh. like she seemed like the most normal out of everyone besides gstekeeping my little pony when she was young lmaoo

  5. Probably because she was the closest person Chris came into actually loving someone. Don’t get me wrong I still think Chris just wanted a mommy, but I feel like Megan was the closest person Chris came to truly loving someone. Chris made a shrine after Megan cut ties with Chris, Chris never did that with any other sweetheart before.

  6. Nah, I bet Chris still hates women he finds attractive (Or it can be trans men, it doesn't matter, only that they have XX chromosomes and he finds them attractive) dating men (Or Trans woman probally too).

  7. This is from the distant alternate timeline where Chris won the Parappa the rappa contest and took Megan on a trip to Seattle

  8. Still dropping her full name in public when she hasn’t spoken to him out of fear and disgust for years. He truly is a brainless fucking retard.

  9. And people wonder why Megan might have a gun with her at all times. You don't wanna turn around and Chris is there getting ready to rape you and you dont have anything to defend yourself.

  10. I don’t think Chris truly loved anyone, but if I had to guess what girl in Christory was the closest to Chris actually loving someone, I feel like Megan was that person. Even then Megan was apparently using Chris as someone to get her stuff, idk the full story but Megan doesn’t sound like a girl you wanna have…

  11. I'd be more inclined to call it imprinting than love, to be honest. She may well have been the first genuine friend Chris ever had. Then Chris -like many in this situation- began to mistake the friendliness for romantic affection, and things spiraled downward from there.

  12. She was his first true friend, someone who wasnt paid off by his dad to be friends with him. He became friend with her all by himself. She might of used him after a while but she didn't go into the friendship already planning to use him like most of his troll friends.

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