Does the bible mean that your literally suppose kill them if adultery happens or am I taking this out of context?

  1. The Jewish legal code yes, although it is supposed to be interpreted through the oral tradition of the Pharisees/Rabbis and they dont seem to have interpreted it that way so maybe we are missing something. None the less the Jewish legal code only applies to those who are part of the Mosiac Covenant and the New Testament teaches that no one is under the laws of the Mosiac Covenant if they have died in Christ because a death releases the binds of a covenant, such as with a marriage.

  2. That’s part of the mosaic covenant. It specified civil laws for the nation of Israel. It’s been obsolete for 2000 years because of the new covenant. So yes, under the law adultery was punished by execution but the law is cancelled.

  3. I gotta say, good on you for actually trying to find out if you're taking something out of context instead of assuming that the way you understand it is correct.

  4. For the person to be put to death over this requires two witnesses who themselves will participate in the killing of this person. The Law does not mean to take this into your own hands. There is a whole judicial procedure to go through, moreover these were Laws given to Israel as a nation.

  5. This is written thousands of years ago in a far, far away place, in a culture that was different to today. Back then mixed fibres and eating shellfish were forbidden in that culture too.

  6. With the new covenant, forgive outsiders, but if someone from church is caught in sexual immorality, kick them out. It’s an embarrassment even before gentiles, don’t be like Corinthians who were proud of such!. In second letter however, that guy came back repenting, so Paul asks him to receive him.

  7. Yh, I don't know anything about world history to be honest. In school, we focused more on Caribbean history. Thanks for your reply

  8. God authorized the death penalty for certain crimes for the nation of Israel. They had law courts at the time that adjudicated crimes. It was a high bar to meet before they could carry out a death sentence.

  9. First of all you are citing more verses than rhe subject you talked about in the title. Most likely on purpose so you can sneak in a homosexuality verse in there too.

  10. It is important to understand that this law is not only the law of God, it was the legal system of a people.

  11. I believe to a large degree these laws were applied to Teach the severity of these crimes in a Spiritual way for both Jews & Christians since Christ Himself Spoke of severities such as "plucking our own eye out" or "cutting off our own hand" in regard to sin.

  12. There are some things, like the Eucharist, that Christ was very emphatically, repeatedly literal about. And then there are things like this...naaaah

  13. Oh that's Old Testament. In the New Testament, it doesn't say to kill them... only that they are "worthy of death". No better than a murderer.

  14. What you're reading was to the Israelite during their time under a theocracy. It isn't intended for 2022 you reading it, now if it was reinforced in the new testament, that would be another story. But it isn't, so no.

  15. The death penalty was the maximum punishment but lesser punishments were available for minor cases. It was part of a proper working legal code which applied to Israel

  16. No you have it correct but this law was for Jewish folks 4000 years ago. When Jesus came he demonstrated the New Covenant and forgave us.

  17. This is a Leviticus rule that gets changed when Jesus arrives. Jesus tells a crowd not to stone a women for committing adultery as everyone has sinned.

  18. Nope. These were cultural laws for a specific people and time, we’re called to a moral and ethical approach in our lives. Is cheating on your spouse bad? Absolutely. Is it a capital offence? Hard no.

  19. Look at the context the culture the times. It seems different from our experience. When anew culture is being established boundaries are vital for survival. Don't 4get the passage is from the old testament. We are commanded to love all the mentioned people's though. To many that's harder than putting them to death.

  20. Yea pick literall stone , stand in circle and throw them at the person with your whole village untill they die , that what's stoning means.

  21. Yes in the old testament. But then we lived under law. But now we live under Grace. But sin is sin having sex outside of marriage (between a husband and wife) is wrong .. God made Sex just for marriage between a Man and woman. But Jesus went even further then then old testament. Jesus Said if you look at any who is not your spouse with LUST you commited adultery in your heart. But Jesus said he WHO is with out SIN MAY CAST THE FIRST STONE when a woman was caught in adultry. But Jesus said GO AND SIN NO MORE (meaning don't do it again). But yes they did stone people for adultry blasphemy and a few more things but again that's in the OLD Testament not the New testament

  22. Yeah. You're supposed to kill them. We do not now because Israel used to be more of a righteous nation to even go through with the execution. Obviously it isn't now and the nations we have today aren't righteous enough of doing any righteous judgement

  23. What’s the problem? People just shouldn’t do this kind of thing. No one needs their wife sleeping with other men. Seems to me the world would be a better place.

  24. If you are a Jew and under the 613 laws given by Moses then yes the man and the woman are to be stoned for adultery. God wasn't playing around with sexual sin. Jesus said..

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