To Christians: watch which path you're taking

  1. Unfortunately Satan and his cronies don't always come at you with fire and pitchforks but rather waving a bible just so he can deceive you with false doctrine and blessings.

  2. Discernment is important. Satan quoted scripture to Jesus, but Jesus quoted scripture right back. God lets his word be used for evil, but in that God still puts things to the light. He shows who or what is willing to bend His word.

  3. I'm so done with religion at this point because it is constantly and consistently questioning if what I am doing is right and breaking my brain.

  4. Oh. I'm way past that point. I don't listen to Christian talk much because they usually talk about things related to very new walks with God, stuff that I've been over many many times in my 35 years with God.

  5. So true. This is why its important to be in prayer all the time, always giving thanks, repenting, talking with God. Our relationship with Jesus is going to be reflective of where we walk in life. The spiritual battle going on behind the scenes is obvious when you start to see the truth.

  6. This is one of those things that's hard for me to put into words, but I guess I would say it's made up of the focus/motivations, level of passion, and willingness behind your actions.

  7. Well, these days, it seems the Light Bearer's work have an unwanted success. Sadly, a lot in the christian community, seeing how many seem to have forgot the words of love and tolerance that spread the Christ.

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