I can’t stop masturbating.

  1. Galatians 5 16 is my go to verse as it is for many dealing with lust. I feel weak and as if I’m spitting the Lord in the face everytime i give into these worldly urges. I feel so guilty not just that I did it but that I lack so little self control in this area. Thank you for your words God bless and I wish you the best with your temptations as well!

  2. Additionally, while the goal is to not masturbate, let’s separate between masturbating daily (or god forbid, multiple times a day, when I was really bad it was over 5 a day for some days), and like once a week. Totally different levels, because the first will completely interfere with your ability to function as a social being (hormone changes from it will mess up your natural social reactions), motivation, determination for Bible study, physical and mental fitness, and fitness of virtues. The second will maybe have some effect during the day you do it.

  3. YOU CAN, but you must be willing to stop. It is harder than any drug addiction in my perspective. I have quit drugs, but the hardest thing to quit is porn

  4. Sorry yes can’t as in I am yet to do it despite my effort. It seems as though i will go days to even weeks with ignoring temptation, I will consistently pray for the Lords power in fighting self control. But eventually it seems I always end up being overrun by my lust. And i begin to give into it and partake and feel so guilty that I feel so helpless even though realistically I’m not. I think its a mental battle that I can’t seem to understand how to break. If you don’t mind could you tell me about how breaking this wordly habit was for you? (Of course don’t if you’re not comfortable with sharing) God bless and thank you for the inspiration.

  5. There are resources to help you quit porn! Exoduscry is a Christian organization that exposes Porn and sex-trafficking and provides resources on it! Hope this helps everyone!

  6. You're being controlled by the little dopamine you're receiving. It's a bad trade off. Don't let the enemy win. Let the flesh be nothing compared to your spiritual body.

  7. You have to distract yourself by doing something else. Don’t know the details but maybe go the library or the beach/park. Go out to public places. Be around people. Most importantly read your Bible and give that time you would masturbate to the Lord. Not sure if you attend a church but join a bible study group. There may be times you give in and still do it but the important thing is to try not to. God understands we are sexual beings because He made us that way but only to our spouse. Ask the Lord to help you because you can’t do it alone. It’s too great of a temptation. I’ll be praying for you too. God bless you.

  8. I really want to get involved with a church it seems as though I have no one (except of course God himself) that can relate/understand to my worldly issues. I lack self control and I feel that’s because I enable myself and wish I didn’t. I don’t know how to stop. I genuinely want to stop and I feel so weak whenever I give in.

  9. Don’t worry about it. The worst thing you need in this life is shame. It’s normal and you’ll be fine. Maybe get some exercise. ✌️

  10. Forgive yourself!!! God loves and forgives us. Jesus did not die on the cross for us to live constantly in shame. That is no life. We are not perfect and as Christians we tend to put more emphasis on sexual “sins.”

  11. Fight your flesh. Ask the Lord for deliverance and fast! He never said it was possible to do it on our own but relying on him alone

  12. Not gunna lie to you I prayed about it and I focused on hobbies I enjoyed and since I haven’t had this issue thanks to God

  13. Concentrate on the positive. Study and confess who you are as a new creature in Christ. Confessing who I am in Christ gave me a new perspective on what I do and why. I, as a married man, have had very low self-esteem tough circumstances in Marriage I am dealing with and this for me drives habits like this. This for me has been a sort of comfort thing. We are working on the problems and I see us differently. My self-esteem is higher and it doesn't have the appeal it did. We are making positive steps with the help of a professional Christian counselor. Your circumstances may be entirely different. Try to turn around what negative self-image or circumstances you may have and work on your prayer life and give any negatives to God. I'm sure you'll find the assurance and strength to conquer anything you face.

  14. It wont be gone until you actually want it gone you have to delete that shortcut to that porn site and delete your account if you actually want this addiction gone you have to delete that account on that site you have to remove that shortcut and read some bible verses and you have to spend more time with Jesus that that site where the devil lays.

  15. It sounds like you need deliverance. Check out Vlad Savauk on YouTube, he does a great sermon on masturbating, which is considered a sin, but no shame if you are struggling with that. God can set you free from the lust. Don’t listen to the lies of the emery that you’ll always be stuck in it. I’ve seen many people get free from it. Fill yourself with other activities, avoid reading or watching overtly sexual content. Remove the stumbling blocks and try to find people in the faith to hold you accountable. Be honest with yourself but don’t listen to the voice of condemnation, remember even when you are stuck in sin, God still loves you. Speaking bible verses over yourself and getting a consistent prayer life will help massively.

  16. Serious question: Do you always have to look at porn to masturbate? If someone is not sexually active and say waiting until marriage, is it a sin to have that release? I understand the lustful part and to how it can be interpreted but is the act of it an actual sin, if you’re not “over doing” it and want that physical release?

  17. Are you looking at pornography? That would be my first question for you. Second the bible says that by reading the bible and studying it you will be transformed and have your mind renewed. If you spend more time lusting or looking at pornography than you do reading and studying Gods word I dont know how you could have any other outcome. The way to defeat it is to feed yourself more of Gods word than you do things that cultivate your lust and lustful behavior. Its just that simple you starve it of stimuli and DISPLACE it with the things of God and you overcome it. You need your mind renewed. The word of God will do that. So many interesting things and wonderful things to read and study. My wife just did Nehemiah. I hadn't done Nehemiah in forever. Was such a good story. It would encourage you. They were rebuilding the walls and the temple and every single person that gave God a hand and purposed himself to the work on Gods behalf was recorded and remembered forever? Have you ever helped God? I'm sure you have if you care this much about your sin and are willing to name it sin and ask for help. I pray for you now in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ that he give you a LOVE for His word like youve never had before,and feed you from his table to deliver you from your flesh. AMEN? thats the wait out man. Purpose yourself to reading and studying your bible. It will change you its immutable !!!! --Isaiah 55:11 so is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.

  18. Genuinely repent. Ensure you really are a blood-bought, spiritually-alive believer in and disciple of Jesus (Yeshua). Then ask for a Godly prayer language and pray in tongues every time you’re tempted. The Lord WILL help you, there is no sin so bleak that cannot be forgiven (except unbelief in Jesus’ blood sacrifice) and He tells us to be anxious about nothing but to pray about EVERYTHING!

  19. Use Leechblocker on your computer and find a content app for your phone or use the built in content filters on iPhone

  20. I'm tempted to masturbate right now 😣 sexual sin is definitely going to be my down fall. I haven't masturbated for months but I keep playing past sexual encounters in my head and I keep praying for God to release those thought out my head and ive been so good about not acting on it. It's so hard to go from having sex to no having sex or masturbating at all. I was celibate once upon a time but when I was tempted would masturbate to keep me from having sex. And I'm not addicted I just have sexual urges that wants to be release. Anyways sorry I guess I used your post to vent.

  21. Sibling in Christ, I will pray for you to stop this sin. Please pray for me to help me stop this sin too. Remember Gods strength is made perfect in your weakness.

  22. This is a daily struggle for all men, I can recommend two practical sources that can help you with that issue. The first source it was a success for me, only until I stoped, the second source I have no experience, but I feel it is something good that can help you as well.

  23. I understand (: firstly don’t beat yourself up about things understand that yes you are a human which means that you’re prone to fallacy and making mistakes. Maybe it’s apart of a much deeper issue. Usually people have these problems due to depression or even low feelings of self worth. So, I’d suggest acknowledge your purpose in Christ keep yourself occupied and to change your view around sex and the human body. It’s not a sexual object. But, a living one that deserves love. A realisation that helped me was, lust is quite bad because we should be treating our own body as though it belonged to Christ which helped me bring a lot of things into perspective. When we sin against Him we also sin against and betray ourselves. And doing it to ourselves is basically the exact same as doing it to Him. Hope that helped ! Also some Godly affirmations : I am loved by God, I was created in God own image and much more you might be able to find online and reciting the psalms for a but I ’d try not to repress that energy but to channel it into something else. Breathing really helps aswell for a quick fix. Calm breaths in and out and reassuring yourself saying it will be fine, it will pass.

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