1. If you have Christ in your heart and believe that He is your savior, I promise you my friend you need have no fear of hell. If you’re safe in Christ He’s already paid for your way into Heaven with His blood. In Christ you gain a friend that will never abandon you. Take real heart in that you’re making the best decision and most important one of your life. Welcome to the family of Christ :)

  2. I will watch Dr.David Wood for a reference..also thanks brother/sister..i just started bible and on exodus chapter rn..i think jesus is truly guided me

  3. The “Allah” in the Quran has no power over you, he’s false. Converting to the truth isn’t a sin, it’s actually what will forgive your sins and give you everlasting life

  4. 2 wonderfull books for your situation are written by Nabeel Qureshi. He had lots of questions about islam and christianity and wrote his story down. Very easy to understand. David Woods (who was mentioned here) was a good friend of his.

  5. I encourage you to find the support of other Christians who converted from Islam. They can pray with you and give you guidance. I'm sure there are organizations out there which can help you, but how much they can help may depend on where you are located.

  6. I live in Malaysia,in my region..i think theres none of muslim who convert christian..and so i do seek for help in this community

  7. "Converting" to Christianity is not a mental decision. Make sure you come to God his way, not your way or some way you heard from some man.

  8. Only those who reject Yeshua Hamashiach (Jesus) and all that His blood did for them -(cleansing them from their filth and making them righteous forever in God’s eyes) - go to hell. WHOSOEVER calls out to Him WILL be saved from default hell (hell is eternal separation from God (Yhwh) and all that is good, forever)

  9. You are on a very good path! Read the Bible, let it speak to you. You will find that the Christian God of the Bible I’d a loving God who operates not on fear but on pure love and holiness!

  10. Christianity is the answer. Jesus is leaving you in the right path. Read the Bible and you will know. Call on the name of the Lord and you will be saved and go to heaven

  11. Have you read the book of Romans? It's hard to get through, but I am convinced that you will find comfort in it. Especially Romans chapter 3. I have prayed for you now. The life of a Jesus follower is not easy, but it is joyful. Praise God you have joined the flock of Jesus, the good shepherd.

  12. Thanks,may God bless you..atm i read exodus chapter 4 because i dont know where to start..and also using YouVersion..i pray for Christ to guide me on my way through my new life

  13. God bless you on your walk with Jesus! He will keep you walking with him and keep you in the faith. Praying for a fruitful faith in Jesus for you, friend.

  14. Question, were you converted to Christianity by the threat of hell? Why should the threat of hell be what changes your mind then?

  15. Thinking of your word,your right..but i scare that the devil may trick me into going hell..but of course i will pray to God to guided me and bless me through my life..Thanks bro

  16. Congrats brother. I have seen you mention you are reading the Old Testament. That is important. If you want to learn more about Jesus, I recommend reading the Gospel of John in the New Testament. All the books of the Bible are important, but as a new Christian you will want to become familiar first with the story of Jesus Christ and branch out from there!

  17. I would say to download the Bible app and select a language you’re most comfortable with and start with reading the book of John. It’s a short book in the Bible and it is beautifully written. Sometimes people start from genesis but I started with John because it was easier to understand and when I started reading the Old Testament I saw all the things that lead to Jesus and prophecy being fulfilled. I would also encourage you to watch a YouTube video on how to read the Bible or how to start it because it explains it a lot better than I can.

  18. Yes,i just started reading bible on YouVersion but i dont know where to start,so i started with genesis first because it was the frst one i think(i dont know)..but sure i will read book of John..Thanks,God bless you

  19. God Bless You Friend. You know that God's holy spirit is coming to you. I couldn't imagine this fear, but Jesus Christ is the path you know you need and that path will only lead you heaven. God Bless You!

  20. You should look for an Antiochian or Coptic Orthodox parish near you, if you speak Arabic. Sharing a language with your priest will help you understand so much more, and better.

  21. Welcome! This is beautiful. I did want to say that you don’t have to be baptized to be saved or to be a Christian. You only need to tell the Lord you are surrendering to him, ask him for forgiveness of your sins and to come into your heart. Sending you love!

  22. Thanks,but does baptism make all your sins go away?beside i want to be baptized to feel like i born for a new life but anyway Thanks,God bless you

  23. I think the best way to reach your family is to have them read the Quran because the Quran speaks better about Jesus than about Muhammad so what we need to do is gather all the verses that talk about Jesus and all of the verses that speak about Muhammad. Is Muhammad the one they want to follow?

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